The Deleted Millennium Falcon Gunners From Return of The Jedi

We had no idea about the existence of these gunners that were cut from Return of the Jedi!

Much like how the female pilots were cut, so were these Rebels taking part in the Battle of Endor onboard the Millenium Falcon.

cut gunners from Return of the Jedi

The older one is called General Airen Cracken, and the other, like all good Star Wars characters, these two players were eventually given backstories and were part of the bigger Star Wars universe now known as Legends.

This video shows footage of the cut female pilots and the two men above who were cut from the ROTJ film, including a delightful sequence with an unnamed Calamari pilot and a Sullustan:

There's probably no feeling that's more bittersweet than being an actor who was in the original Star Wars trilogy who filmed a scene that ended up getting cut.

The biggest call of all was in the original A New Hope, in which most of the character Biggs Darklighter's scenes were cut.

Directors and editors have to do what's right for the movie of course, and it's well known in Hollywood that even though you have filmed scenes, there's no guarantee they will make it into the final production.

Fun Fact, Star War's own Harrison Ford was cut from a small role in Steven Speilberg's E.T.!