The Five Best GTA V Mods for PC

Grand Theft Auto V is a fun game.

It has been and chances are it will stay that way for years to come. This isn’t because it’s constantly updated but rather because of the vast amount of GTA V PC mods that are created by the community. Since the game launched on PC back in 2015, it has been flooded with thousands of mods that add unlimited replayability and drastically raises the fun factor of the game but in a sea of so-so mods, it can be hard to find the best GTA 5 mods.

GTA V mods are a great way to revisit one of the best games of the decade and mods are even a great choice for players that have played GTA V religiously over the years. Therefore we’re here to bring you the  list of the best Grand Theft Auto V mods that we believe add a whole new level of fun, depth, and enjoyment to the game.

The Five Best GTA V Mods for PC

GTA V 4K Graphics Mod

GTA V has aged well but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a game from 2015. Unlike when it came out, the graphics today just don’t have the same WOW factor as they used to. With the Natural Vision Remastered graphics overhaul mod, you can give GTA V a major visual update that will quite literally change the way the game looks for the better.

Unlike other visual mods that change the lighting or add another layer of color using reshade, this GTA V 4k graphics mod overhauls the game graphics updating them with 4K texture, improving the lighting, enhances water surfaces, reflections and so much more. It even adds new weather cycles and all around makes the game way more visually impressive then it was at launch while having close to no impact on the performance even when compared with the vanilla version.

Be A Hero, Dragon & Anything Else You Want!

Living the life of crime is fun and all but have you ever wanted to play GTA V as your favorite Marvel hero or as a giant flame spewing dragon from Game of Thrones? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter because you can play as pretty much anything you want. A vast majority of mods allow you to play as different characters and beasts including Iron Man and GOT Dragons.

Mods like this aren’t just visual asset flips but rather are made to be fully playable. They have their own moves, attacks and features that allow you to feel like the character so you can raise mayhem and take over the city of Los Santos the way you like.

Gravity Gun Mod

Remember all the fun times you have had lugging around metal beams and barrels in Half-Life 2? Well, now you can do the same and a lot more in GTA V with the Gravity Gun Mod. This mod brings the iconic Gravity Gun from Half Life 2 to GTA V and that opens up a whole lot more possibilities for mayhem, carnage and goofy fun. Besides the Gravity Gun, you can mod in a wide variety of iconic weapons including the Just Cause 2 grappling hook and other accessories.

Be the Cop With LSPD First Response Mod

When it comes to the best GTA V mods it’s hard not to talk about the LSPD First Response Mod. This GTA Mod puts you in the shoes of the Los Santos Police Department to make you the cop that has to deal with the maniac that setting the entire city on fire. What makes this GTA Mod so special is the fact that it serves as a separate game mode that’s fleshed out, stable and incredibly enjoyable.

The LSPD First Response Mod is filled with unique missions that are detailed and tie in nicely with the overall game. There’s a sense of progression which coupled with the police-themed weapons and vehicles makes this mod its own unique game mode that is perfect for veterans and returning players to get more mileage out of the game.

Gang and Turf Mod

Love GTA V but wish it had the gang and turf war mechanics from GTA San Andreas? If yes, then you’re in luck. The Gang and Turf Mod brings a similar system to GTA V making it one of the best GTA V mods for anyone that wanted to add even more depth and challenge to the game.

With this mod, you can customize your own gang and defend your territory from opposing gangs. You can customize the color of the cars, call in back up and pretty much everything else you could do in the PS2-era and then some more.

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