Tattooed Guest’s Dress Causes Bridezilla Meltdown at Lux Wedding

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows how stressful the process can be. The pressure can turn even the gentlest blushing bride-to-be into a bridezilla — especially if someone is intent on pushing their buttons.

u/Level-Tomorrow-7327 had been invited to a wedding where she's been asked not to wear tattoos. But, rather than follow the dress code, OP still wore a short-sleeve dress that left her left some of her ink showing.

Dress Codes

OP has a lot of tattoos on her chest, back, and arms. None of OP's tattoos are offensive, either; she has a few flowers, butterflies, and a Japanese-style Dragon.

People love flowers and tattoos and flower tattoos — just not at a wedding, I guess?

Regardless, the dress code for the event was “elegant,” so OP wore a black, full-length evening gown with off-the-shoulder straps. Not only was the dress hard to find, but it also cost a fortune.

It was just one month before the wedding that the bride called OP to make a change to the dress code. The bride told OP she wanted her to cover all of her tattoos. When OP told the bride she couldn't afford to buy a new dress, the bride told her she should've known her tattoos should be a no-show.

This request was a shock for a number of reasons, least of all the fact that OP knows the bride also has a ton of tattoos.

Still, OP did what she could to meet the bride's absurd request. She just couldn't find anything that worked.

The Day Before The Wedding

A good friendship is hard to find, a perfect dress even harder. So, treasure the ones you have and do your best not to rip them apart. Apparently, the bride-to-be didn't know this.

OP had decided she just wasn't going to go to the wedding. But, when she spoke to a friend's husband, he convinced her everything would be fine. So OP still went to the event. Turns out, like Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman, the decision was a, “big mistake. Big. Huge.”

To cover her tattoos, OP put a shawl over her shoulders. But for this bridezilla, this attempt wasn't good enough. Now OP is wondering if she should've just stayed home.


Reddit and I agree that this bride is a true Bridezilla.

u/FeedItAfterMidnight believes that OP's tattooes have zero impact on her friend's wedding — an opinion I agree with.

“NTA, your tattoos have no impact on her wedding day. And if she felt like they did, knowing you had tattoos, she should have either said it straight away when inviting you or should not have invited you if it bothered her that much, seeing as you can't just get rid of them for the day.”

Other Redditors u/Herplederple1 and u/Material_Positive_76 both agree that OP is NTA. The former thinks that OP's friend owes her an apology for treating her so horribly, while the latter states how Reddit has taught them how not to waste time on bridezillas and their ridiculous wedding rules.

u/fluffytheorc thinks that OP's friend is not totally wrong, just that she should have told OP ahead of time.

“NTA. The request to select a dress that covered your tattoos is not unreasonable, BUT that request should have been made at the time that the bride-to-be requested you select a full-length dress. It's no different than if she had told you months after picking your dress that it had to be green. It sounds like you tried to accommodate her anyway and went so far as to clear it with the groom, so certainly NTA.”

I'm on Reddit's side of the fence. There are many ways the bride could have gone about this, starting from timely communication to putting in equal effort when OP tried to find alternatives for the dress dilemma.

Though pressure can turn you into a version of yourself you don't even recognize, the bride-to-be could have done better and tried to be there for her friend, who was only trying to be there for her, too. Don't you think so?

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