The Funniest Video Games Ever That Had Players in Stitches

Gang Beasts (2017) Video Game funniest video games

It doesn't matter who plays the game: the funniest video games can cheer everyone up. The script can teem with jokes, or the gameplay itself can leave its victims in stitches.

For example, hitting friends in Party Animals with a bat and sending them flying fulfills some stellar slapstick comedy. Gaming also presents the witty writing of The Stanley Parable as the player denies the narrator's wishes. For more, find here the funniest video games ever.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Video Game (2012)
Image Credit: 2K/Aspyr.

When a game doesn't take itself seriously, it becomes a breath of fresh air, and Borderlands 2 provides that. The menacing but hilarious antagonist, Handsome Jack, delivers some of the best zingers in gaming history. Get ready for a comedy spectacle. Other whacky heroes and villains, including Tiny Tina, Claptrap, and Face McShooty, carry great quips too and scenarios.

Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 is the funniest zombie game
Image Credit: Capcom.

Zombie games typically feature grey, depressing environments and lack any comedy. Thankfully, Dead Rising 2 steers fans in the right direction.

Protagonist Frank West creates ridiculous weapons like a Super Soaker, foam finger, vacuum cleaner, bowling ball, and wheelchair. The game doesn't take itself seriously and acts as a wonderful alternative in a genre steeped in dark storytelling. West can even fuse weapons that many don't expect and provides the same amount of goofs as the Austin Powers movies for one of the funniest video games ever.

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts throws you out of the arena
Image Credit: Boneloaf.

One mission in Gang Beasts calls for its players to throw pals (or soon-to-be enemies) off the arena. The characters are gelatinous creatures that struggle to run as players fight their way out of ridiculous situations. These creatures could appear on the highway on the top of trucks, on a blimp, or on a moving freight. Seeing friends flail and react will make everyone smile and laugh as each contestant attempts to win.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is hilarious
Image Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing.

Who knew that wreaking havoc in a city as a goat could be so fun?

This ugly goat rampages through the neighborhood as it headbutts humans and their belongings. The hilarious physics feature this goat ragdolling through the sky with its ridiculous face and tongue hanging out. It can even make things explode or licks objects to its heart's desire. Besides standing out as one of the best time-waster games, goat mayhem makes this title one of the funniest video games to date.

Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush is a comedic game
Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks.

A clumsy protagonist like Chai shouldn't star in an action video game, and yet it works. The other characters make hilarious jokes about him, yet he smiles like a champ. The cutscenes display over-the-top slapstick comedic moments, Spider-Man-like quips, and a cast of likable characters with flaws the script makes the most of.

Some of the overheard NPCs have funny dialogue as well, adding to the laughs and layers of context to the cartoony world. Oh, and the music selection slaps all the way through.

The Jackbox Party Packs

The Jackbox Party Pack (2014) Video Game
Image Credit: Jackbox Games, Inc.

The Jackbox Party Packs make groups laugh in different ways. Players use their phones, not a controller, to interact with the game. The Quiplash sub-series has contestants trying to come up with the most ridiculous answers to prompts like Cards Against Humanity, while Mad Verse City enables inspired writers to destroy their pals in a rap battle among giant mechs.

Other players also have to fool their friends into believing they're not an alien in Push The Button, making them participate in well-crafted mini-games that make everyone giggle. With a staggering 50 games featured among the ten packs released in the last decade, most of them hit.

Party Animals

Party Animals is 2023's funniest game
Image Credit: Source Technology.

Party Animals takes on the idea of Gang Beasts but expands it. Adorable animals slug it out in the ugliest way possible. Contestants utilize hammers to knock their foes out, throw off opponents from the top of planes, and freeze other cute animals to death.

When talented competitors make those successful saves, the game gets even funnier. Seeing these animals bunching up on American footballs trying to score a touchdown as teams also provides plenty of hilarity. It gets messy. 

Poker Night 2 (Poker Night at the Inventory)

Poker Night 2
Image Credit: Telltale Games.

Poker Night 2 has a simple concept. Four cult-classic characters play poker against each other. This sequel features Sam & Max‘s Sam, Borderlands' Claptrap, Brock Sampson from the Venture Bros., and Ash Williams from Evil Dead. The quips and subtle digs at their opponents give chuckles, and splendorous references show that developer TellTale Games as fans of the source materials. These unexpected characters somehow provide comedy gold. The concept should come back for a third entry. Unfortunately, Poker Night 2 has been delisted from Steam. 

Ratchet & Clank Series

Ratchet & Clank (2002) PS 2 Video Game
Image Credit: Drilnoth – Fair use/Wikimedia Commons.

The Ratchet & Clank series, especially the initial PS2 trilogy, hosts a charming sense of humor. Players should expect a mix of slapstick, innuendo, and pop culture references that will leave many laughing. Courtney Gears provides a funny parody of Britney Spears, and one of the best antagonists, Doctor Nefarious, has the best lines.

When his robot brain breaks down from anger and plays audio from a romantic scene, Ratchet and whoever is standing next to Doctor Nefarious respond in shock, providing laughs. One of Ratchet's pals Qwark takes on the comedic relief role too as he tries to play the hero but fails spectacularly. The various weapons, like the Groovitron and Mr. Zurkon, make this game even quirkier.

Saint's Row: The Third

Saint's Row 3 is still funny to this day
Image Credit: Deep Silver.

Volition didn't care. If designers could add a funny gag to the game, it went in Bats look like phallic objects, a big naked dude escapes from prison and helps the protagonist's team and a crazy Japanese-inspired man in a catsuit named Genki takes players through twisted trials. Saint's Row: The Third has plenty of fun, especially with a pal, offering a funny ride from beginning to end. This sequel definitely fared better than the original two games.

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable gives you an idea of what it feels like to disappoint your parents
Image Credit: Galactic Cafe.

Fair warning: expect an odd change of pace in The Stanley Parable. The protagonist starts in a silent office with no workers and a voice speaking in their head, narrating their journey. If they follow his directions word-by-word, they'll get his version of the story.

However, if players stray from the path the narrator plans out for them, it gets interesting. The hilarity arises from the narrator's discontent and how far players can stretch him. This produces a genuinely funny take on the developer's feelings when players stray from how he wants the audience to play his games. It's a fascinating, yet goofy insight into how games interact with their players.  

Trover Saves the Universe

Trover Saves The Universe leaves you in stitches
Image Credit: Squanch Games, Inc.

Trover Saves the Universe provides one of the best VR experiences fans can play, and it so happens that they'll laugh on every level. It takes the random comedic style of Rick & Morty and brings those awkward vibes into this title. Characters talk to each other constantly, and the whacky, unexpected moments supply joy. This game gets very crude; the best kind of humor can be sourced from that. Play this one after the kids go to bed.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse is fail city
Image Credit: Clever Endeavour Games.

‘Twas the night before exams, when all through the house
Not a creature was sleeping, not even a mouse.

That's because of the laughter this game caused. Players must find their way to the exit of this platforming challenge. However, the obstacles in front of them appear from everyone in the group. They can make impossible levels as each player adds more items each round.

Eventually, saws spin around, arrows throttle toward foes, and honey-soaked ground sticks players' feet to the ground, making it difficult to jump. It can infuriate players, but because of friends' failures, everyone will laugh throughout the night. 

Uncharted Series

UNCHARTED Video Game (2022) Legacy of Thieves Collection
Image Credit: PlayStation PC LLC.

The Uncharted series simulates what an Indiana Jones game would be like. There's the blockbuster action set pieces, and then the witty jokes that keep fans amused for a long time. Nathan Drake (played by Nolan North) provides pure charisma, and his jokes and jabs at his foes will make many chuckle throughout the series.

The immense comedic chemistry with the rest of the cast, like Sully, Elena, and Chloe, also steals the show. Add top-notch graphics, and players should rejoice in this treat.

Worms Series

Worms W.M.D (2016) Video Game
Image Credit: Team17.

Whenever a developer mixes little worms, bombastic weapons, and funny quips, a great time awaits those who play its game. A smile crosses a player's face when these bugs say, “I'll get you,” in an evil yet cute voice. The aim of the game is to instruct everyone to take out all the opposing team's worms. It sounds morbid, but the developer Team17 lightens up the gameplay concept with ridiculous weapons. The Holy Hand Grenade, when thrown, sings “Hallelujah!” before it explodes.

Worms fans can even throw an Old Woman at foes, who also oddly explode on impact. Another hilarity provider comes friendly fire, so a player can laugh at their friend for taking out two or three worms from their squad by accident. 

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