The Honor at Magic High School Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon?

It’s only a few months since the debut season and now fans are waiting for The Honor at Magic High School Season 2, otherwise known as Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. This is a fantasy and sci-fi anime that has been aired in Summer 2021. The anime series is a spin-off of the parent anime The Irregular at Magic High School or Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. which retells the parent story from the perspective of Miyuki Shiba, the younger sister of Shiba Tatsuya, and the other female characters. Now, are there any possibilities for the next sequel?

Unlike the parent story, the first season of The Honor at Magic High School is produced by Connect and Silver Link. Both of the studios have been working alongside each other from July to September 2021. The anime series is an adaptation of a manga under the same name written by Tsutomu Satou with Yu Mori being the illustrator. The manga was first published in April 2012. The Honor at Magic High School has a total of 13 episodes and fans can’t wait for more stories from The Honor at Magic High School Season 2

The Honor at Magic High School Season 1: Recap Story

The Honor at Magic High School Season 2

The season 1 finale focuses on the Mirage Bat final, which is considered the crown jewel of the Nine Schools Competition. The First High needs to win it to seal their overall dominance in the tournament. As the competition begins, Miyuki and the rest of the spectators are surprised that all the participants can fly. But none of them come close to Tatsuya’s sister in terms of speed and control. When the match ends, only Airi and Miyuki are left, after which a decisive final is played with just the two of them in which the protagonist emerges victorious.

Honoka, who has been in love with Tatsuya for a long time, will seriously consider opening up about her feelings to him. However, Miyuki’s relationship with her brother will stand in her way. Meanwhile, the responsibility of investigating the case of a massive explosion near Japan will fall on the shoulders of Colonel Angelina Kudou Shields, aka Lina, who has Shiba siblings as her target. However, when she joins the school, the brother-sister duo will completely outperform her in different competitions. But the newcomer is not the type to give up easily.

The Honor at Magic High School Season 2: Renewal Status

The Honor at Magic High School Season 2

These anime have a quite fast pace. Studio Connect used the source material in a way that the episodes felt pretty rushed. They skimmed a lot of story arcs. However, despite all that, the anime didn’t leave out any important moments of the manga. Throughout the run of thirteen episodes, Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousie anime exhausted all the source material. The anime’s first season finale found its stopping point at the eleventh volume of the manga series.

Therefore, now Connect animation studios don’t have enough source material to create The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2. The second season of the manga series was released earlier this year, but it only has one volume so far. As a result, the production studio can’t use them in the second season as well. 

However, the inaugural run of this sci-fi fantasy drama received an above-average response from the fans and the critics. However, since the pacing of the series was a bit fast, it spent very little time in world-building. Its structure was also relatively poor and was one of the main reasons Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei ended up being a mediocre show.

The Honor at Magic High School Season 2: Release Date

The Honor at Magic High School Season 2

However, the only issue is that its production studio has nothing left to create another full-fledged installment of Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. So, the chances are significantly less that The Honor Student at Magic High School Season 2 will receive a green light from the makers. For this to happen, they will likely have to create an original storyline for the sequel. 

So, the production studio won’t renew the anime unless they are willing to create an original storyline. If this happens, then the sequel will likely take some time to return to the screens. In this case, the fans can expect The Honor Student at Magic High School Season 2 to hit the screens by the end of 2023. However, it is only speculation, and to know its release date, we have to wait for an official announcement from the producers.