The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague Episode 1 Warms the Heart With Blizzards and Snowmen

The quickest way to hook viewers for a new anime is to have a fantastic opening song. A song viewers can listen to on repeat that shows the tone of the series.

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague (Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi) delivers at the start with a sweet, catchy opening song that has viewers researching the lyrics to sing along. Trust me; I've already done it.

Additionally, the anime is sweet and cute, with comedy to boot. It's a fascinating tale of a yokai descendant entering the workforce and falling in love. With such a memorable premise, it’s a must-watch rom-com anime.

Opening Song Sets Up The Rom-Com

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague‘s opening song, “Frozen Midnight” by Takao Sukuma, is a catchy r&b tune about love. It's the kind of song that gets shoulders bopping side-to-side. After watching the opening images, it's apparent the “ice guy” in the title is literal.

This is not a man who is emotionally cold to those around him. His emotional state can cause light snow or blizzards around him, even freeze him. Combined with the visuals, the song makes the first episode worth viewing.

Cherry Blossom Meet-Cute

The first episode, “A Cherry Blossom Meeting and a Coming Blizzard,” establishes this lighthearted series that pulls laugh plus “oohs” and “aahs” over this adorable pair. Fuyutsuki (Yui Ishikawa) is on her way to her first job when she spots a man frozen in place from his knees down. She sees the phrase “frozen in place” play out literally.

Even though it's spring, Himuro's nervousness about his new job makes his legs freeze and snowfall around him. Fuyutsuki's calm response shows off her even temperament. But also, people with special abilities due to their ancestry are typical in this world. After all, no one is running to or from Himuro screaming.

After sharing tea, Himuro calms down enough, and the ice breaks. After thanking her, they both go their separate ways. The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague take a traditional, sweet meet-cute and put a unique spin, adding a layer of laughs.

Loves Blossoms Despite A Chill

It's no surprise that Himuro arrives at work to see Fuyutsuki already there. They are both starting the same job, and their work desks are beside each other. When Fuyutsuki greets Himuro and snow swirls around him, it's apparent that excitement and happiness also affect his abilities.

Himuro's response to Fuyutsuki, mainly listening to his internal thoughts, left me cackling. He tries to appear calm externally. No yelling or anything. Yet his thoughts scream, “I love her!” While not exactly a literal translation of “wearing your heart on your sleeve,” Himuro's inability to control his powers is pretty close.

In short order, it's clear Himuro likes Fuyutsuki. How she feels in return is unclear. Although, she goes out of her way to help him. He tells her he can't have flowers, no matter how much he loves them. So, she brings straw mulch for Himuro so he can protect flowers.

Of course, she could be looking for a solution because random wind and snow hitting her at work every time he looks at flowers and cats on his phone are stressful.

A Similar World With A Twist

Two other characters, Saejima, a human, and Komori (Yuki Uchiyama), a descendant of a fox spirit whose ears and tail pop out from time to time, also work there in desks behind them. They introduce each other and state whether their ancestry is spirits or humans. Descendancy from different kinds of spirits is so common that it's part of introductions. It will be interesting to see other types of people with abilities they encounter. It'll also be fun to see if anyone else can create something as cute as the tiny snowmen a happy Himuro makes.

Hints Of A Backstory

It's obvious Fuyutsuki has a caring heart, given how helpful she is to Himuro. A Cherry Blossom Meeting and a Coming Blizzard” shows glimpses into her school years, raising questions about what happened then and what changed. Her classmates described her as stoic, and Fuyutsuki herself says that used to be true.

There is no look at Himuro's past and how he navigated childhood, especially given the heightened emotions of youth. Hopefully, The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague will use future episodes to show a young Himuro dealing with his powers.

Sweet Without Feeling Like Sugary Overload

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague nail the sweet aspect of the series while setting up questions about the world and excitement to see how their relationship develops. Plenty of the humor stems from Himuro's reactions and his over-the-top screaming internal affection for Fuyutsuki.

Himuro's attempts to remain calm, especially around Fuyutsuki, made me laugh. I cannot wait to see more of them, plus Saejima and Komori. Seeing more of Komori's personality is essential as a fan of pointy ears and tails. This touching series will melt hearts.

Rating: 9/10 SPECS

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