The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release Date + Visual

Will there be The King's Avatar Season 3? All of The King's Avatar anime fans question has been answered now. Ye Xiu has finally earned the starter 6 and can now register for the season 9 qualifiers, so the journey towards the championship begins. The third season of Quanzhi Gaoshou, also known as the battle god, finally comes back and the upcoming season will cover Team Happy’s competitive journey.

Team Happy debuted in the Season 9 qualifiers and eventually joined the Glorious Professional League in Season 10. However, it be interesting to see them in season 3 if they don’t get the winning trophy or not. For all those who can’t wait for a third season to be released, there’s a live Netflix show of The King’s Avatar.

Will there be The King’s Avatar Season 3?

On the official Weibo account of The King's Avatar (original: Quanzhi Gaoshou) it was announced that the series will continue with the third season, for which you can see a first visual below. However, a start date is still pending at the current time.

The first episode of season 2 aired on September 27, 2020, and had more than 1.3 million views on Youtube. The first episode was clearly successful, and the next few had the same ratings, but only after the sixth episode started to decline.

Views per episode averaged between 600,000 and 1 million, but when the series crossed the hallmark, the views started to decline. Some of the last episodes only get around three hundred thousand views and we all know that numbers aren’t that many. So, as the number of views declines, you’ve probably noticed the studio animating The King’s Avatar. Future episodes are all dependent on viewership and how much money it made last season, and The King’s Avatar’s second season doesn’t seem as successful.

The King's Avatar Season 3: Everything We Know

The King's Avatar Season 3

The twelve-part first season, produced under the direction of director Xiong Ke at the B.CMAY PICTURES studio, was released in China between April and June 2017. A three-part sequel OVA, created in the studio Colored Pencil Animation, followed in May 2018.

The twelve-part second season of Donghua was released between September and December 2020 in China as video on demand. Previously, The King's Avatar: For the Glory, a 98-minute prequel film set before the first season, was released in August 2019.

Tencent Video offers both seasons of The King's Avatar in the original Chinese sound with English subtitles on YouTube. The series is based on the web novel of the same name by author Hu Dielan, which was also published in printed form from April 2012 to May 2017.

The King's Avatar Season 3 Release Date

The popular Chinese anime The King's Avatar is getting season 3, but a release date has not been announced yet, But we can speculate a release date since The King's Avatar Season 3 was announced on August 2021, season 3 might be released on fall on 2022 or winter 2023. A key visual and a teaser trailer for the upcoming series are now also available you can see them here.

Visual of The King's Avatar Season 3

The King's Avatar Storyline

Due to his skills and contributions to the online multiplayer game “Glory” over time, Ye Xiu is referred to as “Battle God”. However, when he is forced to leave the team and leave his gaming career behind, he finds work in an internet café near him. However, he starts playing there again when »Glory« starts his tenth server.

Ye Xius' achievements on the new server are directly attracting the attention of many players and large guilds who wonder about the identity of such an extraordinary player. However, many challenges stand in his way without a team or sponsor, even though he brings ten years of experience with him. Together with new comrades, he wants to climb the summit of fame again.

The King's Avatar Characters and Cast

These are the main characters of the anime The King's Avatar, but details about the additional characters are not released yet.

Xiu YeZhang Jie
Chen GuoJi Guanlin
Su MuchengTong Xinzhu
Tang RouQiao Shiyu
Bao RongxingTeng Xin

Where To Watch The King’s Avatar

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The King's Avatar: Action

The King's Avatar is a Chinese donghua web series aired in 2017, based on the web novel of the same name written by Hu Die lan. The series depicted the fictional esports scene in China where the story revolves around a multiplayer online video game called Glory. The series was produced by Chinese internet company Tencent. A 3-episode sequel premiered in 2018, and a long delayed second season aired in 2020. A prequel film, titled The King's Avatar: For the Glory, had a 2019 release.

The “Unspecialized” character Lord Grim is infamous in the 10th server of the popular online game Glory. His reputation alone is enough to draw many curious players to his newly formed Guild Happy. Other competing guilds have enough to worry about with some of their own members abandoning them for Happy. However, they are also concerned by rumors that the person behind Lord Grim is really the retired professional gamer and “Glory Textbook” Ye Qiu, whom they have little chance of opposing.

Unsure of the truth, the powerhouse guilds attempt to suppress Lord Grim's growing influence, harboring differing motives for doing so. But regardless of what obstacles he faces, Lord Grim is determined to break into the cross-server of Glory—the Heavenly Domain—where characters, including himself, can reach even greater levels. There, he hopes to round out the team of rookies who will fight alongside him in the Challenger League, which would be only their first step toward the coveted Glory Championship.