The LFA-Inspired EV Supercar Concept Shows Why Lexus’ “Future Is Electric”

Lexus made a splashy showing at the recent Japanese Mobility Show, debuting some stunning next-generation electric vehicle (EV) concepts. Anyone who visits the acclaimed luxury automaker’s website can see gorgeous, stylishly rendered animated clips highlighting these show stoppers. 

Above those clips is the text, “The Future is Electric,” accompanied by Lexus’ mission statement for their EV future. Their next-generation EV concepts and the website promoting them are done with a level of sleekness you’d expect from a brand built on it. 

Both set the tone for what Lexus post-electrification will be all about. 

One particularly crucial EV concept that has Lexus enthusiasts ecstatic is a proposed spiritual successor to their famed supercar, the LFA.   

Why the Lexus LFA Matters

For those unfamiliar with the original Lexus LFA — imagine the iconic luxury automaker doing their version of a Ferrari, and your mind’s eye will quickly get the gist of why this vehicle drives Lexus aficionados wild. 

Widely touted as one of the best-sounding road vehicles ever produced, the LFA was a halo sports car powered by a naturally aspirated 4.8-litre V-10 that was first introduced in the early part of the last decade. Its body was composed predominantly of carbon fiber composite, and its roaring V-10 produced 553 horsepower. (It was not a daily driver.)

Since then, it’s become a hot commodity for wealthy car collectors, with one collector paying over a million dollars to purchase one a few years back.

That’s the kind of reputation that gives birth to legends. 

So, the news that the Japanese automaker is unveiling a new electrified LFA in spirit is exciting for car enthusiasts. In supercar concept car form, it also serves as a mission statement of what the Lexus brand will strive for in the wake of the industry’s EV revolution. 

What To Expect From Lexus's All-Electric LFA-Inspired Supercar

Currently titled the Electrified Sport, Lexus has remained tight-lipped about many of the specs of this EV supercar concept. However, they did share that its expected 0 to 60 time will be in the low 2-second range. Its electric motors are going to give it some serious power. Powering this sleekly designed EV will be a solid-state battery, which is expected to have up to 430 miles of driving range. 

Speaking of sleekly designed, Car and Driver compared this EV concept’s bodywork to if a “McLaren 720s had a baby with a Toyota Supra.” In other words, it’s a supercar that will be super easy on the eyes. 

However, like its internal combustion engine (ICE) predecessor, don’t anticipate the Electrified Sport to be easy on anyone’s bank account. The 2012 LFA had a $350,000 price tag, so don’t expect its electrified successor to go for anything less than six figures. 

Source: Car and Driver.

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