Make This ‘Mandalorian’ Baby Yoda Embroidery (Easy Star Wars Crafts)

Hi! Alicia here from Sew What Alicia. I have a house full of Star Wars fans, so I am continually making new Star Wars crafts.

When my boys found out about the Mandalorian, we had to get Disney+ right away! They absolutely love the show. I think we can all agree that baby Yoda is the star of the show.

Although my husband would argue that we don't yet know enough about his ancestry to give him that name, can you tell I have some real geeks around here?!?!

I am excited to be here today sharing this baby Yoda embroidery pattern and tutorial with you.

What you need:

    • DMC Embroidery Floss
    • 5″ Embroidery Hoop
    • Embroidery Needles
    • Fat Quarter of White or Off White Fabric
    • Watercolor Pencils or Crayons (optional)
    • Baby Yoda Template [sdm_download id=”24364″ fancy=”0″]

Baby Yoda embroidery

Place the fat quarter into your embroidery hoop.

Tighten the fabric so that it is taut and bounces back like a drum when you tap your fingers on it. Place the hoop right side down onto your pattern image.

Trace the image onto the fabric. If you can't see the image through the fabric, you can use a light source like a lightbox or just use the window during the day.

baby yoda embroidery 7

You can embroider right in this hoop, or you can transfer your fabric to a lap stand. The stand helps reduce hand fatigue.

See the stand and the rest of my must-have embroidery supplies HERE.

Baby Yoda embroidery design

Backstitch to outline the images. If you are new to embroidery, check out THIS post, where I will walk you through all the different stitches.

The Child

Fill in the outlines with a brick stitch, as I have done with the pink ears. OR fill in the details with watercolor pencils or a crayon, as I have done with baby Yoda's robe.

The Child

Use a satin stitch to fill in the pinwheel. You can outline the pinwheel first, as I have done with the blue. Or simply start your stitch along the pencil line, as I have done with the red/orange.

Baby Yoda Embroidery

Use a darker shade of green to fill in the details of the face. Then use a satin stitch to fill in the black of the eyes.

baby yoda star wars

To fill in the head, I used a modified satin/brick stitch to create texture.

To achieve this look, I started with brick stitch and then added even more stitches to cover all the white and all the areas where the stitches met.

baby yoda embroidery 13

Use a long running stitch to gather the fabric in the back. Pull the stitch tight so that the fabric folds in on itself and is hidden in the back.

You can then add a piece of felt or paper to cover the back. Lastly, add a ribbon or string to the metal on top to create a hanger for the piece.

baby yoda embroidery 14

Now your baby Yoda is all done! Isn't he adorable?

IF you can't get enough Mandalorian, you might like THIS free Mandalorian cut file.

baby yoda embroidery 3 2 scaled