15 Memorable Quotes from The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian on Disney+ took Star Wars into an exciting new direction with the first live-action series for a galaxy far, far away. From the reveal of “Baby Yoda” to exploring the depths of the Mandalorian mythos, there is something for new and long-time fans alike.

The adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu have given fans many quotable moments. Here are some of the most meme-able and lore-delving quotes from the series.

1. This is the Way

Bo-Katan This is the Way
Photo Credit: Disney+.

It's incredible how such a short phrase can have such an impact on the series. It is the mantra of not just the Children of the Watch, which Din Djarin is a part of, but all Mandalorians, as Bo-Katan Kryze offered the same dialogue in “The Mines of Mandalore.”

While what exactly “The Way” stands up for debate for both fans and the in-universe characters, this is by far the most memorable piece of dialogue from the show.

2. I Have Spoken

The Mandalorian I have Spoken
Photo Credit: Disney+.

The first meme-able words from The Mandalorian came from Kuiil in the first episode of the series. “I have spoken” was everywhere online and quickly permeated amongst even the most casual fans. Despite Kuiil not surviving the season one finale, his three simple words forever impacted Star Wars.

3. It's a Creed

Mando Its a Creed
Photo Credit: Disney+.

The Mandalorian offers a new look at the lore of the Mandalorians with the introduction of Din's group, the Children of the Watch. Before The Mandalorian, fans were familiar with characters like Bo-Katan and Star Wars Rebels' Sabine Wren taking off their helmets. Din's introduction tossed what fans knew into the air in an uncertain place until “Chapter 8: Redemption.”

Pinned down by Moff Gideon inside a cantina, Din mentions he hasn't heard his name since childhood. Greef Karga asks if he heard it on Mandalore which Din replies he wasn't born there. Cara Dune clarifies what fans had been speculating that Din wasn't born a Mandalorian as she quotes, “Mandalorian isn't a race.” Din follows up with the iconic line, “It's a Creed.”

4. Where is Grand Admiral Thrawn?

Ahsoka Where is Thrawn
Photo Credit: Disney+.

If there is a single piece of dialogue that would give the most significant insight into where this series was heading, it was growled by Ahsoka Tano in the season two episode “The Jedi.” After besting the Magistrate in a duel and holding her foe at lightsaber point, Ahsoka asks, “Now, tell me. Where is your master? Where is Grand Admiral Thrawn?”

This confirmed that Thrawn was returning and gave fans an insight into what would come from both The Mandalorian and possibly the Ahsoka series.

5. That's a Joke

Greef Karga That's a Joke
Photo Credit: Disney+.

Taking place between the Original and Sequel Trilogy, The Mandalorian offers valuable insight into the state of the galaxy with the New Republic leadership and how the First Order slowly rose to power. In “Chapter 3: The Sin,” as Din questions Greef about why the Empire wants Grogu, Greef says, “The Empire is gone, Mando. All that are left are mercenaries and warlords. But if it bothers you, just go back to the Core and report them to the New Republic.” Din then scoffs, “That's a joke.”

It might seem like a throwaway exchange, but it's essential information. It shows the New Republic's weakness at this time. Not even the citizens it is supposed to protect take the new government seriously, setting the stage for the rise of the First Order.

6. You Are a Child of the Watch

Bo-Katan Child of the Watch
Photo Credit: Disney+.

“Chapter 11: The Heiress” confirmed a major fan theory at the time that Din was part of a splinter group of Mandalorians. Upon meeting Bo-Katan Kryze and watching her remove her helmet, Din immediately questions her status as a Mandalorian. Bo-Katan realizes who he is and states, “I am Bo-Katan of Clan Kryze. I was born on Mandalore and fought the Purge. I am the last of my line. And you are a Child of the Watch.”

Din is confused, asking what the Watch is. Bo-Katan follows up with, “Children of the Watch are a cult of religious zealots that broke away from the Mandalore society. Their goal was to re-establish the ancient way.” This moment was a shattering revelation for Din's character, and it also opened his worldview that there was more than one Way to be a Mandalorian.

7. Your Ancestors Rode the Great Mythosaur

Mando Kuiil Mythosaur
Photo Credit: Disney+.

In one of the earliest foreshadowing moments for Season 3, Din must learn to ride a Blurrg to complete the bounty mission that will lead him to meet Grogu. Coached by Kuiil, Din struggles and becomes frustrated.

Kuiil quickly challenges him, reminding him of his origins, “You are a Mandalorian! Your ancestors rode the great Mythosaur. Surely you can ride this young foal.” Picking himself back up, Din conquers the Blurrg, which could have been a peek at what was later to come.

8. Initiate Self-Destruct Sequencing

Mando IG-11 Self Destruct
Photo Credit: Disney+.

It started as a joke from IG-11 as Din forced himself to work with the droid to save Grogu in “Chapter 1: The Mandalorian.” As fans and Din got to know the bounty droid after Kuiil changed his programming, this line of dialogue became a gut punch. IG-11 uttered it while sacrificing himself to save our heroes, making it live well past his demise.

9. A Toast to Operation Cinder

Mando Toast To Cinder
Photo Credit: Disney+.

Migs Mayfeld quickly became a sympathetic character thanks to “Chapter 15: The Believer.” Opening one of the best scenes of season two with a toast to Operation Cinder, a significant plot point in Star Wars books and comics was brought on screen for more casual fans to discover.

It was a stellar piece of lore building to showcase the horrors of the Empire killing their own men, leaving only the most zealot Imperials to build the First Order.

10. I'm a Simple Man

The Mandalorian
Photo Credit: Disney+.

The Mandalorian is no stranger to Easter eggs, and the return of Boba Fett was no exception. “Chapter 14: The Tragedy” brought back the legendary bounty hunter in all of his glory as Boba and Fennec Shand teamed up with Din.

During their rocky introduction, Boba Fett calls back to his father Jango and a line of dialogue first said by Jango in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, “I'm a simple man making his way through the galaxy. Like my father before me.”

11. That's His Name

The Mandalorian
Photo Credit: Disney+.

After a season and a half of knowing him as “Baby Yoda,” one of the biggest bombshells in The Mandalorian occurred in “Chapter 13: The Jedi.” Meeting the ex-Jedi Ahsoka Tano, she converses with the little foundling as Din watches. The conversation ends, and Ahsoka tells Din, “Grogu and I can feel each other's thoughts.”

“Grogu?” Din asks. Here, Ahsoka answers one of the first mysteries of the series by saying, “Yes. That's his name.”

12. May the Force Be With You

The Mandalorian
Photo Credit: Disney+.

This is probably the most well-known phrase from Star Wars other than “I am your father.” It isn't that big of a deal by this point unless it comes from the surprise appearance of Luke Skywalker. Thanks to groundbreaking technology, fans could once more watch a young Mark Hamill grace their television screens in “Chapter 16: The Rescue.”

Coming to the aid of the heroes to save them from Moff Gideon's forces, Luke accepts to train Grogu and leaves with the foundling as he says the iconic, “May the Force be with you.”

13. He Means More to Me Than You Will Ever Know

The Mandalorian
Photo Credit: Disney+.

The penultimate episode of Season 2 ended with an extraordinary moment where Din did the ultimate callback to season one.

Warning Moff Gideon of his arrival, Din turns the villain's words back at him and swears, “Moff Gideon, You have something I want. You may think you have some idea of what you're in possession of, but you do not. Soon, he will be back with me. He means more to me than you will ever know.” It was a fist-pumping scene and the perfect setup for the finale.

14. Wherever I Go, He Goes

The Mandalorian
Photo Credit: Disney+.

The core of The Mandalorian is the relationship between Din and Grogu. Season 2 opened with this reminder in “Chapter 9: The Marshall” as Din meets in the fighting arenas with the shady Gor Koresh. Gor comments, “You know this is no place for a child.” Din rebuttals with, “Wherever I go, he goes,” thus stating their strong bond.

15. You Are a Clan of Two

The Mandolorian
Photo Credit: Disney+.

These six words spoken by the Armorer are the very thesis of The Mandalorian. The show is about Din and Grogu. As she puts the signet of the Mudhorn on his armor, she charges Din with the mission to take on Grogu as his foundling.

What stems from there is a deep, emotional relationship between these two beings that grow into a familial one. They are the show's heart, which is officially established with, “You are a clan of two.”


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