The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 7 Delivers One Of The Best Episodes Of The Series

The Mandalorian season 3 has been hit or miss. Many fans have taken to social media to proclaim that they have all but given up on the series, and hope it returns to its roots soon. Well, have no fear because the penultimate episode is easily the best of the season, and quite possibly of the entire series.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 7.

This episode wastes no time giving viewers exactly what they want – the return of Moff Gideon. This fan-favorite villain, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito, sends chills down even the most cold-hearted person’s spine. This man was the perfect choice for the role and in this episode of The Mandalorian, he shows us why once again.

Episode 7 opens with Kane being shady, per usual, until it is revealed that yes, she is working as a double agent for Moff Gideon. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. She tells him that the Mandalorians have seemed to put aside their differences in order to run the pirates out of Nevarro, to which Gideon replies that they must be doing so in order to retake Mandalore. He goes to the shadow council and requests a few things that can help him stop them, once and for all.

A Plan To Retake Mandalore

The Mandalorian factions know that this is going to be a daunting task and that banding together will give them the best chance. They meet on Nevarro to discuss their options. It is decided that volunteers from each tribe will form a scouting party.

Of course this party consists of the Mandalorians that viewers are most aware of – The Armorer, Din, Grogu, Bo-Katan, Paz Vizsla, Axe Woves, and Koska Reeves – as well as a few miscellaneous others. The fleet will remain above Mandalore, with the settlers, as they wait to be told it is safe.

A Vehicle For Grogu

Prior to coming up with this plan, Din and Grogu went to see the Grand Magistrate Greef Karga. He had a surprise for Din. Not only did he give him a nice bottle of liquor, but he was able to have IG-11 completely repurposed.

He now bears the name IG-12 and is more of a vehicle than anything else. There is a spot for Grogu to sit comfortably and operate him. This leads to several funny moments between him and Din, as he can make IG-12 say either yes or no.

The Truth Comes Out

As the scouting party explores Mandalore, they are quickly met by survivors who claim to still pledge themselves to Bo-Katan. They are hungry and have been wandering the planet after the war, doing whatever they can to stay alive.

As they feast, Bo-Katan explains the truth of what happened. She admits that she surrendered to Moff Gideon, as she felt that defeat was imminent. She handed over the Darksaber, which is how he came to possess it. In exchange, all of her people and the cities of Mandalore were to not be harmed. He betrayed her and destroyed everything, anyways.

There Is More To Mandalore Than Believed

Because many of the survivors are too sick to go on, The Armorer takes them back up to the fleet. This would have left the rest of the scouting party stranded, however the Nite Owls that remain on Mandalore have a ship and are willing to join them.

Not only that, they offer to take them to the Great Forge, which is where they are headed. The inevitable eventually happens, when Axe Woves and Paz Vizsla get into a fight over a game. The two argue over the rules and Paz challenges Axe.

The other Mandalorians know they are not to interfere, however young Grogu does not like fighting and steps in between the two while inside of IG-12. He presses the “no” button over and over until they both calm down and decide to let it slide.

Another fight comes about when a beast rises from the waters. There is a small action sequence, but nothing like what is about to come. The Mandalorians make short work of this creature, however they lose their ship in the process.

Once at the Forge, they are attacked again. This time by Imperial troopers with Beskar armor and jetpacks. It is nice to see the different tribes of Mandalorians come together to fight a common enemy, especially after the altercation on the boat. The troopers retreat, almost too quickly, and Bo-Katan takes the bait, ordering the Mandalorians to advance.

Giancarlo Esposito in The Mandalorian Chapter 23: The Spies (2023)
Image Credit: Lucasfilm LTD

They chase the troopers into an Imperial base that has been set up in the depths of Mandalore. This is clearly why Moff Gideon was so concerned about the Mandalorians trying to take it back. Din becomes separated from the others by a large door, where they are forced to watch him be attacked until he is completely trapped.

This is when Moff Gideon arrives, showing off the Dark Trooper armor that he has created with the resources of Mandalore. He orders that Din be taken away and the rest of the Mandalorians to be killed. When Bo-Katan speaks to him, he tells her to return the Darksaber to its rightful owner and tell the others to serve him.

Instead, she uses it to carve a hole in the wall so the Mandalorians can escape, while Paz Vizsla shoots at the enemies to keep them busy. Once they are all clear, Bo-Katan tells Paz to join them. Instead he closes the door, willing to sacrifice himself for the rest of his people. He certainly holds his own, taking out all of the Beskar-armored troopers.

However, when the Praetorian Guards that Moff Gideon requested from the council arrive, they take him out with ease. The final shot of the episode is of his dead body.

Overall Thoughts

The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7 is setting up for what is sure to be an epic finale. There is only one episode left, and Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau are not messing around.

Unfortunately, this season has fallen a bit flat, especially in comparison to the previous two. However, this episode really has turned things around. Not only does it deliver the return of fan-favorite villain Moff Gideon, it reveals where he has been hiding all along.

With Din Djarin captured and Paz Vizla dead, can Bo-Katan and the rest of the Mandalorians retake Mandalore? Or is all hope lost? Likely the season 3 finale will answer some questions, while leaving viewers on a cliffhanger since we know that more Mandalorian is coming.

The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7 is now streaming on Disney+.

Rating: 10/10 SPECS

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