The Mandalorian Season 3 Finale

The Mandalorian Season 3 has come to an end in a way that will be satisfying for fans – even those who have found issues with it.

Never doubt Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau is the moral of the story when it comes to The Mandalorian season 3 episode 8. This finale has a whole lot of action, some huge reveals, and quite a bit of heart.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 7.

The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7 set up for what we all knew was going to be an action packed, epic finale. And that is exactly what we got. Moff Gideon may have captured Din Djarin, but everyone who has been watching this show since the beginning knows he can get himself out of any pickle. And get out of this pickle he did.

Of course he had the help of Grogu, who was still hanging out inside of IG-12 at this point. After that, he enlists the help of R5 to get through the shields leading down the hallway that fans saw Moff Gideon go down last episode.

Star Wars has had some pretty epic hallway fight scenes, but watching Din take out two guards at a time as R5 strategically lowers each shield really takes the cake as one of the most entertaining.

The Clones Revealed

For those who have been wondering exactly what Moff Gideon had up his sleeve in regards to cloning, that plan was revealed in the finale. While Grogu and Din are hunting him down they come across a room filled with Gideon clones.

Later on, Moff Gideon reveals these to have been infused with The Force, the one thing that he lacks. He thought he was going to raise an unstoppable army, however Din Djarin had other plans. With a few clicks on the keyboard, he destroyed them all. Moff Gideon certainly was not happy about that, adding another reason for him to hate Mandalorians.

The Darksaber Is No More

All of The Mandalorians come together to fight Moff Gideon’s forces in the season 3 finale. There are multiple fights happening at once. When Gideon confronts Din Djarin and Grogu, it doesn’t take long for them to be separated. The Praetorian Guards force Grogu into another room, while Din is left to take on Moff Gideon.

However, once Bo-Katan arrives to help, he is free to go save his son – her words. Grogu and Din Djarin take down the Praetorian Guards in what should have been a much easier battle. Eventually Grogu uses The Force against them, but it takes him a bit longer than it should have to play that card.

Meanwhile Bo-Katan and Moff Gideon have a long overdue battle, in which he shockingly destroys the Darksaber. He absolutely crushes it in one swift action. While it feels like he shouldn’t be able to do this, it is a brilliant way to take that weapon off the table.

The Mandalorians join together to take down the rest of Gideon’s troops while Din, Gorgu, and Bo-Katan team up to take him on. Axe, who sent the Mandalorians down to fight, is alone inside the Starship they took control of. He crashes it, purposefully, into the ground where Moff Gideon is. Grogu uses The Force to protect himself, Bo-Katan, and Din Djarin, and Moff Gideon seems to be destroyed, yet again.

Finally True Family

With Mandalore successfully back in the hands of the Mandalorians, the forge is relit. Paz Vizsla’s son takes the creed in the Living Waters and Grogu attempts to. The Armorer stops him, claiming since he is not able to talk, he cannot move on from foundling to apprentice.

Din Djarin points out that a foundling’s parent can do that for them, and vows to adopt Grogu as his son so that he can be his apprentice. The Armorer allows this and says he shall now be known as Din Grogu.

The two travel meet up with Captain Teva so that Din Djarin can ask for work. He wishes to be a bounty hunter for the New Republic on a case by case basis. Next stop for the duo is Nevarro, where Greef Karga hands over the deed to the cabin he promised Din Djarin at the start of the season. The final shot of the season shows Din Djarin relaxing on the front porch while Din Grogu plays with a frog.

Overall Thoughts

This season of The Mandalorian has been very hit or miss. It has had a lot of high highs, and a lot of low lows. As it wraps up with an action packed finale, there are also quite a bit of heartfelt moments weaved in. That said, this feels like a solid ending for the series as a whole.

That isn’t to say there are not many adventures that could go on from here for Din Djarin and Din Grogu, because of course there are. It just also seems like things could come to an end here and fans would be satisfied. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, or just a fact.

Thankfully the season wrapped up on a positive note, with a fantastic episode. And I truly cannot wait to see what happens next.

The Mandalorian season 3 is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+.

Rating: 8/10 SPECS

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