The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch ownership lawsuit and other loose ends

The big Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 3 review

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has now entered its third season on air, but the team has still not returned to some of their biggest finds.

Like most of the treasure hunting shows on television, it always feels like Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is just on the verge of a revolutionary discovery when some kind of bad weather, surveillance equipment, or now even a few claim jumpers interrupt the entire operation.

And while watching Duane, Chad, Charlie and the rest of the team investigate all of the property’s hidden secrets and puzzling mysteries is entertaining enough, there have been a few instances over the course of the show when it felt like the team just left their loose ends hanging, without another thought.

The unsolved mysteries at Blind Frog ranch

The most pressing example of this unexplained phenomena would be the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch ownership lawsuit, which was brought up in a season two episode (and once rather cryptically on the show’s Instagram page in September 2023). But it has never been explained or discussed again.

Other examples include things like the still-unopened box at the bottom of that pond, the supposed mine-shaft that Chad and Charlie found, the origins of those not-so pure gold coins, and many, many more.

And, now that the third season of the show has, once again, kicked off without so much as a mention of the lawsuit or its outcome or any of these other Blind Frog Ranch mysteries, thousands of loyal fans have been left with many unanswered questions and no real hope that Duane and the rest of the team will ever return to answer any of these questions in the future.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 3 so far

Since the Blind Frog Mysteries seem to be increasing daily, now is the perfect time to ensure that you are caught up on the season three episodes which have already aired, including:

Episode Title Premiere date
Episode 1 $3 Billion Heist November 15, 2023
Episode 2 Underground Tsunami November 22, 2023

Is there more iridium somewhere on the property?

It is not difficult to understand why Duane would be skeptical about spending thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars on a brand-new mining operation on Blind Frog Ranch.

But it is just practically impossible to let go of the memory of Eric’s XRF gun jumping to over 800,000 parts per million in the first season.

It is understandable that Duane and the rest of the team would spend most of their resources looking for the rumored $3 billion in Aztec gold which is supposedly hidden on the property.

However, it is difficult to understand why they have not mentioned this incredible more-valuable-than-gold find ever again, or why the team has not at least tested for iridium at their other dig sites yet.

What happened to Eric?

At this point, it seems like all of the time that Duane, Charlie and Chad have been spending at Blind Frog Ranch have made them just as secretive as the property itself.

Duane has been eager to introduce his brand-new team of experts for season three (including the team from Hidden World Quantum Imaging and James Keenan the ancient civilization expert).

But this ranch-owner has not been as forthcoming with information about why Eric Drummond, the team’s geologist, seemingly left the show. Eric has also not put out an official statement to explain his absence from the show, just yet.

Why is the team ignoring the caves that they discovered in season 2?

The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season two finale episode is still arguably one of the show’s best episodes to date.

But even though this episode ended on quite the cliffhanger, with the team finally making some headway in finding a dry entrance to the property’s ever-elusive underground cave system, only to have to abandon their mission due to safety concerns, they have not mentioned the cave system at all in this new season – and we are already two episodes in.

Duane has explained that the entire reason why he bought into the property to begin with was for this cave system, yet the team seems to have now switched gears entirely and has spent the first two episode of season three, once again, searching for a new entrance.

At this point, it seems like the whole operation is just right back where it started when they failed to retrieve the box from the pond in the first season.

This, in turn, brings up a few uncomfortable questions about whether the team is simply trying to drag out the show for as long as possible.