The New Way to Clarify Communicating in Spanish

Spanish, the official language in most Latin American countries, and the second most spoken language in the United States, is experiencing exponential growth globally.

Spanish has become indispensable for professionals seeking to work and grow in Latin America, Europe, and the United States.

Fluency in Spanish opens the door to a wealth of job opportunities and increases the possibilities for professional development.

Latin America has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with an increasing demand for job opportunities and professional growth.

This region has experienced an economic development that has opened the door to a large amount of foreign investment and the arrival of many international companies.

In the US, recent estimates suggest that there are more than 40 million Spanish speakers in the United States. One of the main challenges for many people is learning to communicate in Spanish – with impact and clarity.

Despite the number of people who speak Spanish worldwide, most people do not know how to communicate correctly, thus affecting the clarity of their ideas and thoughts.

Poor tone, structure, conciseness, and spelling are problems that affect many people in the modern world. Unfortunately, this can harm effective communication and the ability to express oneself clearly and effectively.

Correcto Helps

That's why Correcto, one of the most impactful start-ups of the last year in Spain and Latin America, is building an intelligent writing tool that helps millions of people improve their written communication in Spanish through artificial intelligence.

They seek to transform the lives of millions of people who want to access new professional opportunities and, at the same time, democratize the proper use of Spanish.

Correcto is a start-up that seeks every day to take the Spanish language to the next level, giving thousands of people the ability to communicate with impact and without errors in an increasingly competitive market.

The Value of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a valuable tool for the economy. It is used in the industrial sector, e-commerce, transportation, medicine, education, and financial services. As a result, this technology has significantly improved the productivity and efficiency of global industry.

Many technology companies work with artificial intelligence daily, among them Open AI, the creator of the infamous ChatGPT.

Open AI focuses on developing Artificial Intelligence technologies that can help people improve their lives. This includes the development of deep learning technologies, neural networks, and recommender systems. The company is also committed to developing AI technology that is safe and ethical.

Correcto has recently leveraged Open AI´s technology to convert itself into all things writing for Spanish: it improves the quality of written communication and generates text.

By creating a new product (Write for me), Correcto seeks to provide people with a solution that gives added value to everyone who uses it. They can create impactful and clear content in seconds, with the peace of mind that their content will be error-free, thanks to the union of both technologies.

A Brilliant Solution

It is the first time a start-up unites NLP technology with all of ChatGPT's generative AI, exclusively serving the Spanish language.

It is important to mention that apart from the first-class technology used by Correcto, the start-up also has a very qualified team from around the world. The founders are obsessed with working with people both smarter and more creative than themselves.

All of the team has a very clear mission: to improve how Spanish speakers communicate around the world.

The Value of Human Touch

Correcto's CEO and founder, Abraham López, describes AI as the foundation for all future tasks, but also admits that the human touch will make communication, interactions, and content special.

While earning his Master's Degree at The University of Cambridge, López studied ways to unlock career progression and economic development in Latin America. After researching productivity tools for months, he built Correcto as the tool “that everyone in LATAM should use to develop themselves from a social, professional, and even academic perspective.”

Ignacio Prieto, Correcto's co-founder, had previously worked for a fashion business, where he differentiated good applications from bad applications not only based on the quality of the candidate, but also the level of writing. 

Because he gave a lot of importance to writing, he, López and co-founder Antonio Triguero joined forces to change writing forever.

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