The One Wedding Invitation Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make

Dresses and invites and guest lists, oh my! As we head into spring, wedding season is about to get underway, and every bride has a million questions about everything from color pallets to venue options.

Some Things Just Don't Matter

Weddings aren't called your “big day” for nothing. So much time and energy go into making sure everything is perfect that even the smallest detail can seem daunting when you start listing everything that needs to be done.

Women stress over the big things like venues, flower arrangements, colors, tuxes, and food menus. Then, when those larger items get ticked off, the little things start to creep up and often take on a life of their own. Things like where to seat Uncle Johnny because he can't sit next to his ex, Aunt Sharon, or anyone in her family.

It's so easy when you're planning a large event to get inundated with the sheer amount of parts to the puzzle that you forget to enjoy the process of putting it all together. Plus, if you can't afford a wedding planner, doing the job yourself can make even the smallest detail seem excessively important.

One Bride Begs the Question

Recently a woman used a women's forum to ask about the stamps on her wedding invitations, fearing that she'd be a laughing stock because the United States Postal Service didn't have stamps to match the color scheme of her wedding.

Commenters were quick to assure her that it really wasn't as important as she was fearing, with one telling a story about Disney villain stamps and holographic ‘save the date' cards that had absolutely nothing to do with their wedding but were ‘so on point' for who they are.

The reality that a soon-to-be bride would stress over the idea of stamps on an envelope for a wedding invite is heartbreaking. It's been a bit since I was working on my own wedding, but my husband and I did everything ourselves, with the help of family. Food, invitations, the venue, and even building a dance floor all came together with little complication. I can't ever remember having an issue about whether the invites had matching stamps.

Another commenter shared their own “stamp story” about only finding Arnold Palmer stamps when they went to buy them. She assured the bride-to-be that the only person who said anything was her dad, who was, by her own admission, “an avid golfer.”

Still another poster let this frazzled bride know that options are available outside the USPS and that many old stamp themes can be found on Etsy and other stamp-centered websites.

One Bad Apple

The old adage, one bad apple can spoil the bunch, can ring true for almost any occasion. Letting a minute, unimportant detail like what stamps go on the envelope for your wedding invites bring down the whole mood of planning such a joyous and happy occasion, to me, is about the saddest ‘bad apple' I can think of.

If you're planning a wedding, tick off the important, ‘big ticket' items and let the other things worry about themselves. Everyone will get an invite, they'll attend if they can, you'll be blissfully inducted into married life, and the rest, as they say, is history. No one will remember the color scheme you chose in six weeks, except you.

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