The Ones Within Season 2: Everything You Must Know!

The Ones Within Season 2 has always been one of anime fans’ wishlist. It’s already been two years since the first season aired on our screen in July 2019. The Ones Within is actually one of the underrated anime that has so many elements to explore. We can see from the character development to good animation. If you are one of the anime fans that seek good unpopular anime or simply one to watch another mystery genre, The Ones Within us can be your choice.

The Ones Within, or known as Naka no Hito Genome in Japanese, is a mystery-comedy anime series. The Ones Within is actually a remake of Osora’s manga series that has the same name and was published by Pixiv Comic magazine in 2014. Studio Silver Link. (Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World, Baka and Test) is the one the published this magnificent anime. Directed by Shino Onuma and written by Kento Shinoyama, The Ones Within Season 1 gain a lot of fans around the world. So is there any possibility that The Ones Within will come for the next season?

The Ones Within Season 1: Recap Time

The Ones Within Season 2

This series started mysteriously when a lot of people started to disappear in Japan. Police have tried their best to investigate this crime but don’t get any clue yet. The common thing from those disappearances is that all the people were teenagers. The story later shows Akatsuki Iride, our main character. He is one of the streamers for uploading “Let’s Play” gaming videos. He also uploaded the game titled “The Ones Within – Genome”.

At first, Akatsuki doesn’t believe in the disappeared people until he suddenly teleports to another world. He also met the other seven teenagers that disappeared. He met Karin Sarayashiki, Kaikoku Onigasaki, Himiko Inaba, Anya Kudou, Yuzu Roromori, Zakuro Oshigiri and Makino Aikawa. They are all in the place known as 13th Avenue. The “host” man in this world, Paca, is wearing an Alpaca mask.

They are all welcomed into this world and informed, later on, they all must work together in this world game and clearing stages in order to get back to the real world. However, to get back, they have to face their own dark secret and hidden past. There are also a couple of dangerous obstacles waiting for them. That was pretty scary for teenagers, right?

The Ones Within Season 2: Released Date

The Ones Within Season 2

The Ones Within season 2 is actually one of the series that must have a sequel! It’s due to the previous anime adaptation only covering half of the manga. The Ones within the first season only have 12 episodes. Silver Link studio animated this series into enjoyable anime even though the main theme was mysterious. If there were any suggestions that we can give, this anime is not the best of the best. But that doesn’t mean this anime doesn’t deserve a second chance to make the production better.

The demand for this anime was still pretty high. In MyAnimeList, this anime series gained 6.88/10 in the overall score. The production company has fans and viewers worldwide and also has enough material to make the next sequel. Osora’s manga series has 10 volumes and half of them are in line for the next sequel of The Ones Within Season 2. People still waiting for next season because who can’t wait for the resolve ending in a mysterious genre.

The Ones Within Season 2: Confirmation

The Ones Within

The best guess that we can make is this series will return in late 2022. For everyone that is waiting for The Ones Within Season 2, we need to increase the demand and beg Silver Link to make the sequel. So the probability of the production will soon give us the green signal we are all waiting for. If there were any official announcements, we will soon confirm with you, so stay tuned!