The Only School in America To Offer a 4-Year Degree in Vintage Car Restoration Teaches How To Rebuild a Car From The Ground Up

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Tinkering on old cars is a talent that can be learned in many ways. Some car guys learn to rebuild engines by watching their dad, some have a natural hack, and others binge-watch YouTube tutorials and become self-proclaimed experts. 

In all seriousness, trade schools are a great option to gain the skills and knowledge needed to work on cars. Still, these types of programs typically only last 51 weeks, and they cover such a broad range of topics that it takes time to become an expert in one specific thing, like vintage car restoration. 

This is different with McPherson College in Kansas. This college is the only school in America that offers a 4-year bachelor's degree in automotive restoration. 

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Their degree plan covers historic automotive technology that dates back to the first horseless carriages in the 1900's. They also teach running your automotive restoration business, restoration design, restoration technology, and automotive communications. 

They also offer summertime workshops where students are invited to attend 5-day intensives concentrating on specific skill sets, like paintwork, brake systems, engine rebuilding, sheet metal restoration, and custom seat building. 

Their goal is for students to graduate from this program with the knowledge and confidence to work in high-end restoration shops, museums, and private collections. 

Their goal for years has been for their students to restore a car to enter Pebbles Beach Concours, and in 2023, they accomplished this goal, and the students competed with a fully restored 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300 S Cabriolet. They presented their car on August 20, 2023.

McPherson College attracted the attention of Jay Leno in 1997, who founded a scholarship program for the automotive restoration program to assist students serious about auto arts. 

Admissions to this program is limited to only 50 students a year, and the application process includes interviews and presentations. For those interested in this program, the college hosts visit days, where prospects can tour their facilities and learn more about the education that they offer. 

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