The Trailer for ‘The Parish’ Dropped and It Brings With It an Unholy Secret

Some secrets are worth killing for and nun will survive in the new trailer for Mighty Tripod's new religious-themed horror feature The Parish. 

If you love a good horror film, look no further than this upcoming film. The plot centers around a widow haunted by the gruesome death of her husband uproots her daughter and moves them to a peaceful rural town. Then the real nightmares begin when she and her daughter stumble upon a long-buried scandal. They team up with the town’s priest after a close encounter with a creepy young boy, a hostile janitor, and a blood-thirsty nun who will stop at nothing to protect the deadly secrets of The Parish.

The Parish was written by Todd Downing and directed by David Hogan. It stars Angela DiMarco, Sanae Loutsis, Ray Tagavilla, Bill Oberst Jr., and Gin Hammond. The film is filled with a who's who of familiar faces. Bill Oberst Jr. is recognizable from his role in Scream Queens and a long list of iconic indie film roles. Director David Hogan appeared in the fan-favorite series Z Nation, his wife Angela DiMarco (who stars in The Parish) also appeared on the Syfy zombie series.

Check out stills from The Parish below!

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The indie horror film is distributed by Uncork'd Entertainment and is set to release on March 16th. To find out more about the film, check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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