The Price Is Right: Is Adam Sandler the director?

How it works when you win a car on The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right fans were surprised when Adam Sandler was dubbed as the show’s director, mistaking him for the Hollywood star, but this is not the case.

The Price Is Right is one of the longest-running game shows on television and is regarded as the longest running game show to air on CBS. This is as the show has been airing since 1972, meaning that in 2022, it is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary.

Recently, fans of the show were surprised when the credits were rolling and the name of Adam Sandler appeared as a director.

The credit sparked interest as many believed that it was the Hollywood A-lister. However, this is not the case, despite the fact that the A-lister does have a history with the show.

Was The Price Is Right rigged?

In 2021, Drew Carey, who currently hosts The Price Is Right, explained that he feared he would face jail after it seemed that the Plinko game was rigged.

The show had been shooting a commercial with the Plinko game and had set it to ensure that the actor in the advertisement would win.

However, the game had not been reverted back to its original setting, which resulted in the contestant winning $30 000.

Although, upon recognising the mistake, the show reshot the segment and awarded the contestant the $30 000 that they had initially won.

Carey and the show have been insistent that the game is not rigged as there are legal implications to rigging games on a televised show which can result in imprisonment.

The Price Is Right: Is Adam Sandler the director?

If you have watched The Price Is Right recently and have seen the end credits, there is always the surprise of seeing Adam Sandler credited as the director of some of the series’ episodes.

In fact, Sandler has been credited as the director of the show since 1995, as well as of The Price Is Right At Night since 2019. Moreover, Sandler is touted as one of the co-executive producers of the ongoing CBS game show.

Seeing the name is jarring as it is associated with actor, producer, and co-owner of Happy Madison Productions, Adam Sandler.

But this name and surname is merely coincidental, as The Price Is Right’s Adam Sandler is an entirely different person. Instead, the namesake is an American director and producer, whose biggest credits are from CBS’ The Price Is Right franchise.

CBS’ Sandler has been the director of The Price Is Right since 2019, and his first directing credit was in 2018 for the television series Matter of Fact with Fernando Espuelas.

Besides working as the director and co-executive producer of The Price Is Right, he has worked on other projects from the franchise including 2021’s documentary before the show’s fiftieth anniversary.

What else has Adam Sandler done?

Adam Sandler, the director and producer, has earned most of his credits working on The Price Is Right shows and specials from the franchise.

This is as most of the credits he has on IMDb are from his work on shows that are a part of the franchise, but Sandler has also been credited as the director of the video game, Granny Simulator, from 2019.

Moreover, another credit he has earned includes directing the first episode of the television series which premiered in 2020 titled Going to School.

Hollywood’s Adam Sandler’s association with The Price Is Right

Fans of The Price Is Right could believe that Adam Sandler is the director and co-executive producer of the show due to the association between the Happy Madison Productions’ owner and the show.

When Sandler released his 1996 hit comedy film, Happy Gilmore, it featured a cameo from the original The Price Is Right host, Bob Baker.

Since Baker’s appearance, there has been an association between the A-lister and the show, which made it more credible that the actor could be the director and co-executive producer of the show.

Has Adam Sandler been on The Price Is Right?

In 1996, as part of the promotional campaign for his 1996 comedy, Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler did make an appearance on The Price Is Right.

The appearance was off the back of Bob Baker’s cameo appearance in the movie. As such, the actor made an appearance on the show.

Sandler, the actor, did not feature as a contestant, but his cameo on the show was to host a showcase. Sandler “featured” on The Price Is Right again as Jill in his film Jack and Jill, with Drew Carey playing himself as the host of the show in the movie.