The Princess’ Plot Takes a Backseat to the Action

The Princess is one of those movies that will have action lovers earing out of their hands. It isn’t here to do anything but give viewers some fantastic fight scenes, that feature a couple of women kicking serious butt.

In this new Hulu movie, Joey King plays a princess who is betrothed to a man she barely knows. Her parents have no male siblings so therefore it is her duty to marry a man that will rule the kingdom and keep them safe.

Yeah, we said it’s her duty to do this. To be by his side as he rules, and in his bed at night. However, this doesn’t exactly sit well with her and when she refuses, she ends up kidnapped and locked away so she can remain pure until their wedding day.

The Princess has a few surprises up her sleeves, however, and within just a few minutes she is kicking butt and taking names as she goes on a murderous spree throughout the castle in order to save her honor, and her family, from this horrible fate.

Along the way the Princess finds herself fighting alongside a friend, played by Veronica Ngo (The Old Guard), and the two have some of the best action scenes in the film. They play off each other well through dialogue and heartfelt moments, but also when taking on the enemy. Either they have some great stunt doubles, or they spent a lot of time training – perhaps both.

So Good at Being Bad

Dominic Cooper (Preacher) portrays her betrothed, and while he is a great actor he is very much overshadowed by Joey King in The Princess. He has his moments, but the majority of the time is spent with her anyways, and when the two go head-to-head, it is her that all eyes will be on.

Cooper’s character has, to put it nicely, a screw loose, which is clear from the first moment we meet him. He is a sociopath that is willing to stop at nothing to get what he wants, and he certainly loves pushing people to their limits through torture of all kinds.

The fun of this movie is the massive fight scenes, the blood that is spilled, and the sassy remarks that are made as King’s character stands her ground. There is very little focus on the story itself, which takes a backseat to the action sequences.

When it comes to the plot is something that we have all seen before, many times over. It doesn’t give viewers anything new. To be honest, it feels like the filmmakers knew this, which is why it is a movie with a short runtime (just about 90 minutes) that is jam-packed with action pretty much right from the start. Within just a few minutes blood has been spilled, and it just gets more intense from there.

That isn’t to say there is no heart in this movie; it does poke through at the end. There is a flashback scene that helps to propel everything just far enough to make it feel like a story was actually told, right before things are wrapped up in a neat and satisfying bow.

The Princess isn’t a movie that is going to wow audiences, and it certainly isn’t going to win any awards. However, it is an entertaining watch, especially for those who enjoy strong female characters and action-packed sequences with just enough blood to keep things interesting.

Thanks to the quickly-paced storytelling, short runtime, and massive battles, The Princess flies by while providing just enough entertainment to make it worth watching.

Rating: 40/100

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