The shocking reason why Amanda Hayes left Incredible Tiny Homes

The shocking reason why Amanda Hayes Incredible Tiny Homes

Amanda Hayes, who has been a beloved part of the Incredible Tiny Homes community for years, may have left the show for a very unexpected reason.

With the cost of everything from food to fuel, continually increasing all across the world, chances are – most of us have considered packing it all up and moving to the middle of nowhere.

But Randy Jones and Amanda Hayes’ business, Incredible Tiny Homes, provides an alternative to this, which involves moving to a community of highly affordable tiny homes.

However, it seems like even their idyllic village of quaint and affordable tiny homes is not always as positive as it seems to be.

The Incredible Tiny Homes drama

Longtime followers of the Incredible Tiny Homes YouTube channel will likely know that Hayes suddenly disappeared from this channel and everything else Incredible Tiny Homes-related at the end of 2022.

And although both Jones and Hayes have declined to comment on the reasons why she left, the answer may have been hidden between the lines all along. Jones briefly discussed Hayes’ absence in a video in December 2022.

Although Jones did not reveal the reasons why Amanda had left the business in this video directly, he did mention that Hayes had always been the one to go through all of their comments and that he was too sensitive to do that on his own.

And while this seemed like a fairly insignificant comment at the time, one of Hayes’s first videos when she returned to the business in 2023 which was ominously titled “Tiny Home Community Drama” saw her and Jones asking viewers to try and keep their comments positive.

So, it seems like Hayes left Incredible Tiny Homes because the negative comments and the pressure of their content simply got to her.

Fortunately though, it seems like spending some much-needed time with her family, disconnected from everything Incredible Tiny Homes related, did the trick. She has now returned as one of the biggest driving-forces behind the business.

Incredible Tiny Homes’ social following

Hayes would certainly not be the first social media star to be pushed away from what she loves by social media hate.

And when you examine Incredible Tiny Homes’ large internet following, it is not difficult to see how even a few negative comments could have inspired her departure from the business.

The business’s following on varying platforms is:

Social media platform Following
YouTube 185,000 subscribers
Facebook 70,000 followers, 600 likes
Instagram 38,400 followers

How Incredible Tiny Homes got started

When Jones first moved to Knoxville in 1987, he did not harbor any secret dreams of one day changing the way that locals thought about homeownership.

But after he spent about 20 years developing the Brother’s Cove resort, only to lose the entire $12 million dollar property during the 2007 economic downturn, all his plans for the future changed and Jones found himself having to live in a friend’s camper to get by.

Though this entire situation was quite unfortunate, it did spark the idea for a new business that could offer an affordable living solution, and Incredible Tiny Homes was founded just a few years later in 2014.

Now the business has grown tremendously, with multiple different tiny home communities spread out all across the country, including Tennessee and Nevada, and a thriving online presence.

An update on the Incredible Tiny Homes television show

If you have been following along on the Incredible Tiny Homes journey via the business’s YouTube channel, then you may know that Jones and Hayes have been teasing the idea that their home-grown show may be making the leap to television soon.

However, they explained in a recent Live Stream on October 11, 2023, that unfortunately, all plans for a possible Incredible Tiny Homes television show have now been halted.

This is because the network wanted them to focus on modular homes which were around 400 to 500 square feet, and Jones refused.

Incredible Tiny Homes’ plans for the future

Although the plans for a full-fledged Incredible Tiny Homes television show have not quite worked out, this has not stopped Jones, Hayes and the rest of their incredible team from forging ahead.

For a start, Jones and Hayes certainly have plans to expand their Incredible Tiny Homes community to even more places all around the country.

Jones even mentioned that he is looking to hire new carpenters and to move out of their current warehouse to expand the business even more, very soon.

Until then, though, it seems like the Incredible Tiny Homes team will continue to do what they do best – build high-quality tiny homes and bring communities of tiny home enthusiasts together.