The Short History of the Blue Skywalker Lightsaber

Please note that this story of Luke's blue saber is the story of it in the movies – it doesn't cover any other elements of the expanded universe, Legends, or current canon outside of the movies.

The history of Luke Skywalker's saber is as long as the Star Wars saga itself. This makes sense, as Jedi Knights with electric swords are what Star Wars is all about (not exactly, but you know what we mean).

We call it Luke's saber, but it was Anakin's. Obi-Wan Kenobi picked it up as he left Anakin to die, having just bested him in their duel on Mustafar in Revenge of the Sith. He held it for many years until he gave it to Luke in A New Hope, so fans often think of the blue saber as Luke’s.

But if the sword was originally Anakin’s, what is its story? You may recall in Attack of the Clones that Anakin lost his arm in the duel with Count Dooku, thus continuing (or starting!?) the tradition for characters to lose their limbs in Star Wars movies.

Given the loss, Anakin required a second saber. And it is with this saber that the real story comes into play. This is the saber that Anakin used when he became Darth Vader.

Thus, the saber massacred the Younglings in Revenge of the Sith. It is the saber that he executed Count Dooku with. It is the saber that killed all those he found in the Jedi Temple, and it is the saber with which he lost his duel with Obi-Wan.

So the blue saber had a tough start to life – it was initially used by one of the most promising Jedi that had ever been, and then it ended up being used by a Sith Lord. Talk about duality.

By the time it is passed to Luke, the sword has seen a lot of blood spilled, including that of Jedi and younglings. No wonder Kylo Ren wanted it so badly.

This weapon has been a part of some significant moments in Star Wars history, but in A New Hope, Luke doesn’t get to play swashbuckler; rather, he gets to train with it on board the Millennium Falcon. It was not until the events of The Empire Strikes Back that the sword entirely became a part of Luke's legend.

In that movie, Luke used it to free himself from the ice trappings of the wampa, and then it was used by Han Solo to carve up his tauntaun so that he could place Luke’s frozen body inside it to protect him from the cold.

The next time it gets used is a dark moment. Luke has undertaken training with Yoda on the swampy plant of Degobah. There is a moment when Luke comes across a cave. Effectively warned not to take his weapon in with him, Luke has a strange dream-like experience where he must draw his saber to protect himself from an advancing Darth Vader.

It is the first occasion we see Luke actively use the saber to protect himself. That it is a dream experience of a kind does not diminish that Luke used the saber, believing he was facing Vader.

Of course, Luke eventually faces Vader at Bespin’s Cloud City, where they have an epic fight and get the measure of each other – so much so that it’s a fight Luke can't win and loses his hand for his trouble (just like his father had years before – on two different occasions!).

At this point, it is the stuff of movie legend that Vader reveals himself as Luke’s father. Imagine that!

But in all that excitement, Luke’s saber is lost down a shaft somewhere – and that was the end of that one.

In Return of the Jedi, Luke fashions a saber of his own (while not mentioned in the movie, it is a Jedi tradition to do so), and he uses that saber when he destroys Jabba’s sail barge and, of course, when he fought Vader aboard the Death Star, returning the favor by cutting of Darth Vader’s arm, an indignity he’s now suffered through three times!

But what of that lost blue saber? This is where the saga of the saber begins to play out even further than any fan may have ever imagined.

30-odd years since it was lost both in movie time and real-world time, it turned up again in The Force Awakens.

The sword was found to have been in Maz Kanata's possession. Maz is a strange being who appears to be sensitive to the Force or at least has a profound understanding of it. She sets Rey up to find it as she knows the Force is calling her to it.

Why? We do not know, but Maz knows the sword must find its way into Rey’s hands, so she gives it to Finn as a placeholder until Rey is ready.

Finn gets to dance with a Stormtrooper with the sword and then holds his own for a time against the father-killing Kylo Ren, at which point Rey gets her hands on the sword and has an epic battle with Ren.

Ren, of course, is the grandson of Darth Vader, the man who used to own the sword that Rey fought him with. The sword has oddly come full circle.

But Rey didn’t want the sword from Maz in the first place. The dream sequence spooked her – so much that, even though she knew she must find Luke Skywalker, she still handed him the sword when they first met at the top of the “Jedi Steps” on the island where Luke had hidden away. It’s a poignant moment – Luke’s blue saber has been returned to him after so many years.

One can only imagine the feelings running through Luke’s mind at that moment – the last time he saw it, his father had just cut off his arm and revealed himself.

What happened to the saber in The Last Jedi?

Rey gave it to Luke, who casually threw it behind him down the cliff. Rey then trained with it on Achto Island. Kylo Ren then used it to kill Snoke and the Praetorian guards.

As Rey and Kylo then Force duel for possession, the saber snaps in half, ending its legacy.

rey duels for saber with ren
Image Courtesy of Lucasfilm

And then we get to The Rise of Skywalker

Rey's skills are complete, and she has repaired the split saber (or perhaps Leia has). Luke shows Rey where Leia's saber is hidden on Achto Island, and boom – Rey has two sabers on her person when he confronts Palpatine.

The Force Dyad is now so strong between Rey that she can pass Ben Skywalker Anakin's saber to him so he can fight the Knights of Ren, who have turned on him. It's space magic, indeed.

But it means that the last Skywalker to wield the saber is the grandson of Anakin Skywalker. A long history for a small piece of metal.

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