Twitter’s Most Savage Brand Accounts That Don’t Hold Back

In the marketing world, social media is inescapable. To navigate the intricacies and lingo thrust upon our existence's dependence on ever-present access to the media, social media managers brave the daunting task and represent popular, distinguished brands. These valiant workers serve as the first line of defense against angry fans, and disgruntled customers, all while stirring the metaphorical pot between other companies.

Some social media accounts claim Switzerland status, regurgitating pre-approved tweets, following hum-drum marketing tactics, and rather bland impressions, but not Brand Twitter. With cheeky responses and salty retorts, Brand Twitter fuels beef between fast-food chains, acknowledges self-awareness of streaming platforms, and succumbs to coquettish obsessions with popular actors.

Here are some examples of the snappiest Twitter threads on Brand Twitter.

The Snarkiest Brand Accounts on Twitter

There’s Nothing Dry About Wendy’s Humor

Wendy’s Is One Brand That's Always ready to dish on other fast-food chains. This particular Wendy's vs. Popeye's duel proved that the saltiest asset of fast food establishments is its social media managers. 

Who Is in The Driver's Seat of The Amazon Prime Account

In 2019, Adam Driver was everywhere. With over 20 credits on Amazon Prime, the over-the-top platform self-appointed itself as the #1 source for thirst tweets directed at the Academy Award nominee. Either the social media manager understands the definition of thirst traps, or they applied to the position to showcase their niche as an expert Adam Driver collage maker.

Tinder Really Popped off on Pop-tarts

Who would've thought Pop-Tarts and Tinder would ever come up, together, on the TL? 

The social media manager behind the Pop-Tarts account seemed to run into an incessant doom swiping session on Tinder. Yet, the representative for Pop-Tarts' Twitter wouldn't let the dig burn the status of the dating app.

While this feud fizzled, Pop-Tart flavor preferences should be considered before you swipe right on someone who thinks Brown Sugar Cinnamon is the best flavor. 

Brand Twitter Is Gas

Even though we haven't forgiven Burger King for the German marketing scheme that accidentally spoiled the entirety of The Rise of Skywalker weeks before the premiere, the infamous whopper chain hit the mark with this campaign. For the most part.

The irreverent approach to capitalize on the internet's obsession with Mason Ramsey (the Walmart Yodeling Kid) certainly turned some heads. Arguably, the strangeness of the ad is what makes it work. Casting this viral talent to yodel about methane while strolling through a backdrop evoking middle school play vibes, this advertisement definitely opened up an essential conversation. 

Triple Frontier, More like Triple Thirst 

Amazon Prime isn’t the only platform that lusts over its talent. Let's be honest, no one watched Triple Frontier for the plot, but at least Netflix's social media manager recognized the highlights of this film. Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac. 

Netflix's brand Twitter account doesn't stop at thirst traps, though. Fan cams and sardonic tweets are among its other strong suits.

The Dictionary Would Like a Word With You

Merriam-Webster's Twitter account has a way with words. When a politician makes an accidental grammatical blunder, or an intentional one, Merriam-Webster always has the best response poised and prepared. 

Be careful, the dictionary account will make you second guess your literacy level.

Motivated by Moonpie's

The MoonPie brand isn’t just a delicious snack but a hilarious Twitter account to follow. Seriously, for a brand that screams “your grandparent’s favorite dessert,” this account is always prepped with snarky comments, relatable social commentaries, and otherwise wholesome content. 

Bottom Line

Social media managers understand the idiosyncrasies that fuel viral content. Internet 101 teaches us that controversy gets clicks. Think about clickbait. All we need is an alluring title to gauge our interest and we're in. Add a dash of controversy to that, and these gurus have mastered social media. 

Whether it’s keeping up with the latest internet trend, leaning into self-deprecating humor, or sharing wild and wonderful off-beat commentary, Brand Twitter is special.

Always remember, the snarkier, the better.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.