The Spookiest Pokémon To Catch for Halloween

Mimikyu spookiest Pokémon

With over 1,000 Pokémon to date, so much variation exists in the Pokémon series. While some fans may often think of cute and cuddly creatures like Pikachu and Eevee when they think of the franchise, the series also has some creepy and disturbing Pokémon as well. 

Pokémon typings like Ghost and Dark often have some of the weirdest and spookiest Pokémon that almost feel out of place in a series meant for all ages. For players who love Halloween and that spooky time of year, these Pokémon represent the season the best in terms of visual design and lore. 

1. Gengar

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Released with the first games in the series, Gengar cemented itself as one of the original creepy Pokémon. Its haunting design feels nightmare-like, fitting in well with the idea of its ability to possess and scare people. 

2. Poltchageist

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Released in Generation 9, Poltchageist shot through the ranks in terms of creepiness. Though it resembles Generation 8’s Polteageist, Poltchageist takes its spookiness to a new level. It saps the strength out of people using its matcha powder to heal itself and the strange smiling container it possesses. 

3. Mimikyu

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Mimikyu stands as the antithesis of Pikachu. While fans may never see what it looks like underneath its horrifying Pikachu costume, they don’t have to, as it eliminates anyone who happens to see its true form. Despite this, Mimikyu charms in an intriguing and even tragic way with its intense jealousy of the series’ mascot. 

4. Guzzlord

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Generation 7 Ultra Beast Guzzlord rivals other creepy Pokémon on this list by bringing about the apocalypse wherever it goes. Its hunger never satiates, causing it to hunt down buildings, people, and entire worlds to devour. 

5. Mawile

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Mawile’s actual face draws prey in with its adorable appearance. However, its true horror comes from the massive steel jaw in the back that rips its food apart. Pokedex entries even state this jaw used to be horns, which adds a devilish layer to the otherwise unassuming Pokémon.

6. Drifloon

Image Credit: Nintendo.

A ghost balloon might not seem like that scary of a Pokémon, given the others that exist. Its lore makes this quite cute creature so menacing. Drifloon picks up children who hold onto it and lifts them up into the sky, forming them into another ghastly balloon creature. 

7. Cubone

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Cubone’s life both terrifies and saddens. The story behind the Ground-type Pokémon remains the same across all of them: they wear the skull of their mother, who passed away. While tragic on its own, the creepiness intensifies when players think about how every single Cubone loses their mom in some fateful, unknown way. 

8. Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark

Hisuian Zoroark and Zorua
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Zorua and Zoroark stand out as some of the best Generation 5 Pokémon. However, their regional Hisui forms go in a unique direction, opting for a Normal and Ghost-type form. They exist because the people of Hisui rejected them, leaving them to perish in the harsh cold, which resulted in their vengeful ghost forms. 

9. Parasect

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Parasect’s entire existence relies on a parasite that’s taken over its body and mind. It no longer has a will of its own, with the parasite controlling everything it does. The empty white eyes of the creature amplify its pitiful state. Fortunately, it remains the only Pokémon taken over by this parasite so far. 

10. Sliggoo

Image Credit: Nintendo.

At a glance, the Dragon-type Pokémon Sliggoo seems quite cute and friendly. But its love for people contradicts its slimy body, which melts away anything it touches. If a Sliggoo hugs someone, it wraps around them with love until they disintegrate into nothing. At least it doesn’t mean to do this. 

11. Hatterene

Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Forest Witch Pokémon wants nothing but peace and quiet. If someone gives off a hostile presence or makes a loud noise, Hatterene hunts them down and lets its claws tear them apart. Good luck to any Pokémon Trainer who adds this Pokémon to their team. 

12. Malamar

Image Credit: Nintendo.

What if you took the mind control aspects of Parasect’s parasite and expanded it to a massive level? You would get Malamar. This Dark and Psychic-type Pokémon hypnotizes its prey, controlling their actions. To make matters worse, rumors say Malamar had its hand in various historical events. 

13. Froslass

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Whenever a woman becomes lost in the frosty mountains, she has a chance of turning into a Froslass. Beautiful in some ways, this appearance fools her targets, which she freezes and turns into decorations for her cave home. 

14. Phantump

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Phantump looks pretty harmless, but it has sinister motivations. Lost children who pass away in the forest become Phantump, but the horrors don’t stop there. Phantumps want revenge for their death, luring adults to get lost and pass away in the forest as they did.

15. Palossand

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Who would have thought a ghost sand castle could be so terrifying? Palossand’s spookiness has two parts to it. First, it lures in people to possess them to continue building its sand castle structure. And when it finishes its creation, it drains the life force of those servants and hides their bones underneath it. 

16. Spiritomb


While some Pokémon come from a real person, Spiritomb has the unique status of being made up of a whopping 108 different dead people and spirits. Worse still, players who try to catch this Pokémon play a part in this sacrificial process, requiring them to talk to non-playable characters to integrate their spirits into the Pokémon‘s keystone body. 

17. Annihilape

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Primeape eliminates itself and its life force to turn into the hateful Annihilape. The only way to evolve Primeape into this Generation 9 Pokémon requires you to use Rage Fist 20 times in battle. However, Rage Fist only powers up when the user gets hit by an opponent. Given that Primeape goes from Fighting to Ghost and Fighting as Annihilape, it implies some deadly consequences from using Rage Fist so many times. 

18. Mr. Mime

Mr Mime
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Mr. Mime wins in this series for the most disturbing visual appearance of any Pokémon. The Generation 1 Pokémon features a mime appearance, which has some clown elements to it. Everything from the creepy smile to the outfit gives off unnerving vibes. 

19. Brambleghast

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Generation 8 Grass and Ghost-type Pokémon terrifies with its somewhat hidden smile. Brambleghast looks like a desert tumbleweed, but it hides a sinister smile if you look closely enough. Worse still, Brambleghast trap targets in their vine-like cages and sap the life out of them. 

20. Gourgeist

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Gourgeist fits the Halloween time better than any other Pokémon since it’s based on a jack-o-lantern. While this may seem cute, people should not mess with Gourgeist. They torture their enemies and sing with glee as they punish them. 

21. Bloodmoon Ursaluna

Bloodmoon Ursaluna
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Ursaluna gained a new form with the Bloodmoon Ursaluna in Generation 9. This form has a zombie aesthetic to it with a torn face and red moon symbol on its forehead. While it may not have the Ghost-typing, despite needing it, it has a strong undead-like appearance.

22. Banette

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Banette has the scariest appearance for any Pokémon in the series. The twisted smirk and haunted doll design gives Chucky a run for his money. Banette becomes even more horrifying with its Pokedex entry, which notes it came to life after its owner abandoned it as a doll. It now has the unbelievable goal to find that child and get revenge.