The Top ‘Attack on Titan’ Moments That Kept Fans Mesmerized

Attack on Titan Moments

Attack On Titan concluded its eight-plus episode runtime on November 4. Many viewers rejoiced, cried, and even laughed at its slightly controversial ending. The show, in its entirety, invokes various emotions from beginning to finish. 

The anime implements several unique themes in the story. Instead of restricting itself to a single genre, Attack On Titan takes the best from several. Some situations terrify viewers, while others lead to an “Aha” moment. Plenty of action-packed sequences, unexpected twists, and grim realizations solidify Attack On Titan as the best anime ever for many viewers.

Several online forums and threads argue on the top moments and arcs from the show. Due to personal bias and the consistently high quality of the show, a consensus proves difficult. That said, check out this list of the best Attack on Titan moments arranged chronologically from seasons one to four. Beware of spoilers!

1 . The Colossal Titan's Second Appearance

The Colossal Titan's Second Appearance - attack on titan
Image Credit: MAPPA.

Attack on Titan's first season paints a bleak situation for humanity. As our heroes finish their military training, ripe with motivation, the Colossal appears behind Eren. Despite everyone's disbelief and shock, Eren attempts to attack, yet the Colossal mysteriously disappears. Before its disappearance, the cadets realize the Colossal has breached the wall again. This situation leads to more questions than answers.

2 . Eren Getting Eaten

Eren Gets Eaten AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

Many viewers consider Eren getting eaten as the defining moment of the anime, at least early on. Before Eren's supposed death, his entire squad gets wiped out in a gruesome manner. In a last-ditch effort to save his best friend, Armin, Eren pulls him out of a titan's mouth, sacrificing himself. This Attack on Titan moment solidifies the dark and violent themes of the earlier seasons.

3 . Eren Seals the Trost Breach

Eren Seals the Trost Breach AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

The Trost Arc begins with humanity in despair until Pixis forms a plan to seal the breach in the wall. He plans on Eren transforming into his titan form and closing the breach with a boulder. The cadets and military police attempt to defend him from the attacking titans, giving up their lives in the process. Upon filling the hole, the scouts save Eren and Mikasa from imminent death. This moment marks humanity's first victory in the anime.

4 . The 57th Scouting Mission

The 57th Scouting Mission AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

The remaining survivors join the scout regiment and participate in the 57th mission outside the walls. This sequence serves as a way for viewers to learn about the scout's exploration formation and usage of flares. What starts as a typical scouting mission becomes a high-octane chase. The Female Titan appears, attacking anyone in her way. Before getting to Eren, she gets trapped by Ervin, who reveals that he planned this out from the beginning. Also call it one of the most shocking Attack on Titan moments!

5 . Eren's Berserk Form

Erens Berserk Form AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

Eren battles Annie one-on-one, yet her experience in battle overpowers him. Before she escapes, Eren remembers his past and gets encapsulated by rage. His titan form becomes berserk, and he claws Annie, who gets cut off by Mikasa before she can escape. Manga readers, in particular, love this scene because the Manga handled this sequence more timidly.

6. The Warriors Reveal

The Warriors Reveal AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

Season 2 of Attack on Titan has fewer episodes than the first, yet they pack more punch. The second half, in particular, has arguably the most incredible twist of the entire anime. After barely surviving a titan attack, Reiner and Berthold reveal they are the Armored and Colossal. The greatness of this twist lies in how casually viewers receive this information. Reiner reveals all of this in passing, outside the frame.

7. Eren Controls the Titans?

Eren Controls the Titans AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

Season 2's finale proves Attack on Titan's most action-packed sequence, at least thus far. Ervin leads a group of raw Titans to Reiner, carrying Eren and Berthold in his fist. Chaos ensues over the battlefield; Ervin almost gets eaten, and Reiner catapults several titans to the scouts. Failing to transform, Eren punches a titan in his human form, leading all the other titans to attack it. 

8. Kenny's Ambush.

Kennys Ambush AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

Season 3 starts with a bang with arguably the most fluidly animated sequence of the show. Levi's squad gets cornered by Kenny's goons, forcing him to play every trick in his book to escape. This sequence has quick-paced action as the camera follows Levi zooming across the city. Several viewers praised the production studio for the considerable step up in animation.

9. Historia Deals the Killing Blow.

Historia Deals the Killing Blow AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

The scouts formulate a plan as Rod Reiss's gigantic titan inches towards the people in the walls. Upon reaching the wall's top, Eren throws dynamite into the Titan's mouth. Launching several different organs and pieces high in the air. Historia manages to find the nape and deals the killing blow. Thus solidifying the public's trust in her as Queen.

10. The Night Before the Shiganshina Operation.

attack on titan 1
Image Credit: MAPPA.

The first few seasons rarely showcase moments of happiness. Our heroes constantly undergo deadly situations and barely survive. The night feast before the Shiganshina operation marks the first time the scouts radiate joy. There's high morale at every table. In the morning after, the public rallies up in support of the scouts before they leave. Viewers especially love the scene when Ervin's scream matches the noise from the crowd, in one of the most iconic Attack on Titan moments.

11. Ervin Leads the Final Charge

Ervin Leads the Final Charge AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

Unfortunately for the scouts, the Shiganshina operation unfolds as a bloodbath. The Beast Titan appears with an army of pure titans surrounding him. He hurls stones at the scouts, wiping out most of the veterans. Ervin rallies the remaining recruits for one last charge, buying Levi time for an attack. The return to Shiganshina arc sees high praise for this sequence alone. 

12. Levi Fights the Beast Titan

Levi Fights the Beast Titan
Image Credit: MAPPA.

After seeing his comrades perish by the Beast Titan, Levi ambushes him from the side. Masterful animation and Levi's sheer strength make the coinciding battle a treat for viewers. Levi chooses not to finish the Beast Titan, hoping to find a surviving scout to steal the power. However, another intelligent Titan rescues the Beast, making Levi furious. Had he killed the Beast Titan, he would have avenged his friends and fulfilled his promise to Ervin.

13. Armin's Sacrifice

Armins Sacrifice AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

While the scouts battle against the Beast Titan outside the walls, the recruits must deal with Reiner and Berthold inside. Armin's intellect comes through when dealing with the Colossal Titan. He plants the hooks of his Omni-Directional gear into the Colossal's teeth. While Eren sneaks behind in his human form, Armin succumbs to the steam emitting from Berthold. A fantastic soundtrack elevates this entire sequence.

14. Levi Must Choose Who To Make a Titan

Levi Picks Armin AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

After capturing Berthold, Levi must choose between transforming Armin and Ervin, both on the brink of death. Fans of the anime love both characters, which makes this decision significantly emotional. While Eren and Mikasa fight for Armin, Floch and Hange believe Ervin should return. Ervin's last words ultimately persuade Levi to resurrect Armin as a Titan to steal Berthold's power. 

15. The Secrets of the Basement

The Secrets of the Basement AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

Almost all of the arcs in the first three seasons build up the secrets of Eren's basement. The truth about humanity and the Titans presents itself as a book left by Eren's father. Viewers learn that society has not perished outside the walls. The outside world despises the humans in the walls for possessing the power to become Titans. This realization sparked several discussion threads for weeks after it was revealed.

16. The Declaration of War

Declaration of War AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

In the fourth season, Tybur gives the world a speech, emphasizing the threat of the Eldians inside the walls. Under the stage, Eren hides himself, listening in with Reiner and Falco. The fourth season begins after a time skip from the previous one. The declaration of war showcases how different Eren has become. Rather than remaining an erratic teenager, he becomes a cold and distant killer.

17. The Table Talk

Eren Talks to Armin and Mikasa AOT
Image Credit: MAPPA.

The table talk signifies the first time Armin and Mikasa meet Eren after escaping Marley. Instead of finding a friend, Eren constantly insults them, and his uncaring attitude stuns them. A fight ensues between Eren and Armin, after which Eren has them jailed alongside their other friends. This scene, in particular, shows how Eren transforms into an anti-hero.

18. Zeke's Scream

Zekes Scream
Image Credit: MAPPA.

The most intense action scenes of the anime take place in Shiganshina. Zeke screams before Magath can shoot him, transforming every compromised Eldian in the vicinity into a Titan. Unfortunately, the scream also affects Falco, who eats Galliard and steals his power. The entire sequence resembles the gruesome nature of the first season.

19. The Attack Titan's Power

The Attack Titan's Power
Image Credit: MAPPA.

The anime never touches on the power of the Attack Titan in the earlier seasons. When Zeke takes Eren through his past memories, he unknowingly unlocks the Attack Titan's hidden power. Wielding this power, Eren can influence past Attack Titans. In this case, he forces the previous Attack Titan, his father, to murder the Royal Family and steal their power. This twist's unexpected nature and complexity marks it as one of the best Attack on Titan moments.

20 . The Rumbling

The Rumbling
Image Credit: MAPPA.

Rather than executing Zeke's plan, Eren initiates the Rumbling, intending to destroy humanity outside the walls. The Rumbling arc cements itself as one of the darkest of the series. A million Colossal Titans stomp several cities and eradicate entire communities. Most viewers have difficulty watching almost all of the scenes in this arc because of their violent imagery.

21. Hange's Sacrifice

Hanges Sacrifice
Image Credit: MAPPA.

As Armin and the gang prepare to fly off in a plane, Hange buys them time for refueling. After saying her goodbyes, she flies towards the Colossal Titans, trying to take them out one by one. Ultimately, Hangi succumbs to the steam they emit yet manages to save her friends. She literally goes out in a blaze of glory while a fan-favorite track plays in the background.

22 . Past Titan Shifters Rescue the Alliance

Past Titan Shifters Rescue the Alliance
Image Credit: MAPPA.

While the Alliance struggles to battle against the army of Titans, Armin and Zeke convince past shifters to help. Familiar characters like Berthold and Grisha save several Alliance members from imminent death. Their help allows Armin to transform and stop the Rumbling, at least initially. An emotional soundtrack and fluid animation skills enhance the entire sequence.

23. Zeke's Death

Zekes Death
Image Credit: MAPPA.

Zeke finally surfaces on top of Eren's Founding Titan after Armin convinces him life has value. While Zeke takes in the view before him, Levi seizes the opportunity and finishes him. In doing so, Levi fulfills his final order to Ervin. This scene holds much value due to how much Ervin and the scouts mean to Levi. 

24 . Eren's Final Moments

Last Coversation with Mikasa
Image Credit: MAPPA.

To stop the Rumbling for good, the Alliance must finish off Eren. Mikasa takes him out after seeing an alternate reality where she and Eren run away together. Eren's final moments reveal how he had planned everything from the beginning. He chose to go out fighting so that the world would recognize his friends as heroes.

25 . The Power of the Titans Disappears

The Power of the Titans Disappears
Image Credit: MAPPA.

After Eren's defeat, everyone learns that he wished for the power of the Titans to disappear. The Alliance reunites with their loved ones, and Armin convinces the Marleyans to let them go. Before the fog disappears, past characters like Sasha reappear. This sequence beautifully concludes everyone's arcs fittingly. Levi even cries.

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