The Wildest Chainsaw Man Moments

Anyone who’s read or watched Chainsaw Man knows well that a heart-pounding moment lurks around every corner. The series never lacks violence, but moments of heartbreak and awe happen just as much. Time to pull the ripcord and look at the wildest Chainsaw Man moments.

1. Learning Chainsaw Man’s True Power

Chainsaw Man Prime
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

Aside from all the devils running around, Chainsaw Man’s universe felt close to ours. At least until the revelation that things like World War II and nuclear weapons never existed. Why? Because Chainsaw Man ate them. The reveal that Chainsaw Man’s true power lets him erase concepts from history by eating their devils puts the entire series in a new light.

2. Katana Man’s Intro

Katana Man
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

No moment went from 0-100 as much as this. Denji and Himeno get shot. The Fox Devil obliterates a building to eat the shooter. The reveals himself as a hybrid, just like Denji, and defeats the Fox Devil. All in less than one minute.

3. Aki Becomes the Gun Fiend

Aki Gun Fiend
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

Aki and Denji had a rough start, but by the end of their time together, they patched things up. No wonder it felt so brutal when the Gun Devil possessed Aki’s body to become the Gun Fiend. Denji had no choice but to kill the person who cared about Denji more than anyone else.

4. The Gun Devil's True Status

Gun Fiend
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

More of a force of nature than a villain, the Gun Devil hung over the protagonists’ heads as their ultimate goal. The hype peaked when Makima announced that the mission to destroy the Gun Devil would finally commence. But audiences got smashed back to Earth with the shocking revelation that the Gun Devil had already been defeated and his parts held in custody by several nations.

5. Public Safety Gets Ambushed

Public Safety Ambush
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

Fans already knew the abysmal survival rate of Public Safety devil hunters. But the revelation that they had more enemies beyond devils took it to a new level. The scene where gunmen assassinate Makima and her associates on the train will make any first-time viewer feel lost. It's one of the wildest Chainsaw Man moments.

6. Denji Becomes a Perpetual Motion Machine

Perpetual Motion Machine
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

When Denji discovered that eating the flesh of the Eternity Devil replenished his energy, the enemy’s ability to regenerate endlessly became a liability. Denji spent days fighting and eating nonstop until the effectively immortal Eternity Devil begged for an end to its suffering.

7. Makima Kills Power

makima kills power
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

Power’s character arc saw her gradually leave her feral and selfish ways behind. She showed up at Makima’s apartment to perform her first unselfish act of kindness: giving Denji a birthday cake. Seeing her instantly obliterated as soon as the door opened proved enough to break the minds of both Denji and the readers.

8. Himeno Kisses Denji

Himeno Kisses Denji
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

Denji’s teenage dream became a nightmare. The poor boy had no idea how to act when forced to balance Himeno’s romantic advances with his crush on Makima. But Himeno won out in the end when she kissed Denji in front of their coworkers. Too bad she had a bit too much to drink and ended up putting more than tongue in Denji’s mouth.

9. The US President Contracts the Gun Devil

The US President Contracts the Gun Devil
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

The price for a devil contract varies wildly depending on the devil and what the human wants in return. The President of the United States obliterated even the highest price. He paid for the Gun Devil’s failed assassination of Makima with one year from the lifespan of every American citizen. Talk about one of the wildest Chainsaw Man moments…not to mention one of the most disturbing.

10. The Zombie Devil Kills Denji

The Zombie Devil Kills Denji
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

The main character can’t die in the first episode, can he? In Chainsaw Man, he can. Denji's wretched life ended at the hands of his yakuza bosses and the Zombie Devil. But thanks to Pochita, his dismembered body repaired itself, and he reincarnated as Chainsaw Man.

11. Everyone Gets Sent to H*ll

Chainsaw Man H*ll
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

When Santa Claus summons the H*ll Devil to transport the public safety devil hunters to the underworld, all hope flies out the window. At the mercy of the Darkness Devil, the mighty hunters might as well have been insects.

12. The Cosmos Devil’s True Nature

Cosmo Devil
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

Sporting a goofy zombie appearance and never saying anything other than “Halloween,” Cosmo flew under the radar as just a gag character. But in the fight against Santa Claus, we get the mind-blowing reveal of her power as the Cosmos Devil. She saves the day by driving Santa Claus mad with her infinite knowledge of the universe.

13. Himeno Sacrifices Herself

Himeno Sacrifices Herself
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

In a series abundant in blood and gore, the absence of violence can hold even more power. When Himeno trades her entire body to the Ghost Devil so that it will save Aki, there’s no pain or graphic detail. Piece by piece, she just poofs out of existence until there’s nothing left but clothes.

14. Kobeni Stabs Aki

Kobeni Stabs Aki
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

The Eternity Devil’s curse weighed heavy on everyone, but Kobeni had the hardest time dealing with it. The shy and timid devil hunter revealed her vicious side when the Eternity Devil offered to free her in exchange for killing Denji. Tensions reached their peak, and she accidentally stabbed Aki instead of Denji.

15. The Bomb Devil Reveal

Bomb Devil
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

The Bomb Devil confirmed a pattern that’s stayed true ever since: every woman who gets romantically involved with Denji uses him for her own gains. And probably wants to kill him, too. The explosive nature of Denji’s romance with Reze went from figurative to literal when she revealed herself as a fellow human/devil hybrid on a mission to steal Denji’s heart (again, both figurative and literal).

16. Makima’s Devil Contract

Makima’s Devil Contract
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

If Makima’s miraculous revival didn't impress enough, she raised the bar again by showing off her personal devil connections. Makima picked her targets from miles away and crushed her enemies into a paste for the price of one prisoner's life per casting.

17. Makima's Intimacy With Denji

Makima is Intimate With Denji
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

After Denji's “reward” for saving Power's pet kitten leaves him in a funk, Makima opens him up to a new world. She winds him into a knot with only hand-holding and a nibble on his thumb. She only lets him get to second base, but by then, he’s so overstimulated he looks like he’s had a heart attack.

18. Kobeni Goes Berserk

Kobeni Goes Berserk
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

So many of Kobeni’s appearances revolved around her personality as a crying nervous wreck that no one suspected the beast that lay under the surface. She transformed into a combat savant to reap revenge on Katana Man and Akane in a performance so spectacular that fans wonder which devil contact gave her such power.

19. Asa Meets Nauyta

chainsaw man 1
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

The Chainsaw Man manga has a talent for shocking the audience right at the end of a chapter so they spend a week imagining what happens next. Nayuta meeting Asa and instantly blasting her in the forehead with a magical chain made for an explosive chapter-ender.

20. Denji Eats Makima

Denji Eats Makima
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

How to defeat an immortal enemy gets tackled differently in every piece of fiction. But instead of undoing a magical spell or destroying a cursed object, Chainsaw Man took a more gourmet approach. The solution Denji comes up with to keep Makima from reincarnating: slice up her body and eat her piece by piece.

21. Denji and Power Ambush Kishibe

Denji and Power Ambush Kishibe
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

When Denji and Power decide to use their smarts (complete with eyeglasses) to defeat Kishibe, it’s easy to predict miserable incompetence. But in a surprise, the two boneheads put together a well-coordinated ambush attack. Unfortunately for them, Kishibe effortlessly evades their single spark of brilliance.

22. Makima’s Plan for Denji

Makima’s Plan for Denji
Image Credit: Shueisha. Viz Media.

Makima manipulated Denji from the moment she met him. But the true extent of her plans turned out even more disturbing than anyone could have guessed. When Denji came to her in his lowest moment, she revealed that she intentionally gave him a life full of love, luxury, and camaraderie only so she could shatter his psyche by ripping it all away.