14 Things America Does Better Compared to the Rest of the World

America is known for its entertainment hotspots and tourist traps, such as Hollywood, Disney World, and Las Vegas. Millions of people flock to visit its national parks as well. Here are things America excels at compared to the rest of the world.

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1. You Can Buy a House

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Well, historically, buying a house was an attainable goal for many. Today, depending on where you live and how much money you make, you can still buy a nice home in America.

2. Pickup Trucks

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In most place around the world, people don't drive pickup trucks around leisurely. In America, people have pickup trucks because they like them, not to be confused with using them as a work horse. 

3. Fast Food

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Americans love to eat out! From Chick-fil-A to McDonalds and Burger King; no one does fast food like the U.S.

4. Shopping

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Along with going out to eat, many Americans enjoy participating in “retail therapy” on the weekends. There is a wide range of stores and commodities, from in-store locations to online shopping. Many visitors to the U.S. are wide-eyed the first time they set foot in a three-story mall.

5. National Parks

Mount Rainer National Park Reflection Trail
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The National Parks system helps showcase the beauty and diversity of this great country. There truly is nothing else like it in the world.

6. Highway System

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The highway systems work well for the size of the U.S. It is nearly impossible to explore the U.S. without a car since the country doesn't have excellent access to public transportation. Still, you can get around most of the continental U.S. on its highways with a vehicle.

7. Blockbuster Movies

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Numerous countries have their form of Hollywood, but Los Angeles is the world's entertainment capital. The U.S. pumps out award-winning movies with A-list actors annually, generating billions in revenue.

8. Aviation

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Someone mentioned the U.S. as the aviation capital of the world. A few others agreed, stating, “Now that I think of it, I haven't seen that many airports in countries outside of the U.S., which are used for purposes other than commercial flights and military.”

9. Research

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Research is more prominent in the U.S. due to greater access to higher education. Multiple laboratories sprawl throughout the country in various biomedical, health, and technological fields.

10. Space

Entrance of NASA
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When thinking of space, what comes to mind? Is it the infamous blue and white logo for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)? NASA has several headquarters nationwide, and aerospace exploration in the U.S. beats other countries.

11. Higher Education

University Graduate
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Another user chimed in about access to higher education in America saying, “Not only do we have Harvard and Stanford, but there's a college of some kind within an hour of almost all of us. Far more opportunity and diversity of institutions than most countries can offer.”

12. Sports

American Football Players
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The U.S. is the best place for random sports. You can easily jump into games at public parks. Americans also love their pro-teams. There is nothing like American football.

13. Accommodation

Man in wheelchair checking into a hotel.
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The Americans with Disabilities Act makes the U.S. far more accessible than other countries. This is true. In London, I witnessed a woman trying to push a wheelchair on a narrow cobblestone street while traffic rushed by. The U.S. has separate paths and lanes for wheelchairs, scooters, and strollers.

14. Public Toilets

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In bigger cities, you must buy something to use a restroom, but the U.S. has many free public bathrooms nationwide. In Europe and the U.K., you have to pay to use the bathroom in public, and finding a bathroom to use is a chore.

Source: Reddit.