The Truth Revealed: What Americans Really Want You To Know

Recently someone in an online forum asked, “Americans of Reddit, what is something the rest of the world needs to hear?” Americans responded by delivering this list of top-voted answers.

1. America Is Huge

One user stated, “I used to work in Mt Rainier National Park. One summer, we had a girl from Romania work for us, and she started bawling her eyes out when she found out NYC was thousands of miles away. She thought she'd be able to go there on weekends.”

AudioFenix added, “People don't understand. I can start driving in Texas and go 12 hours in one direction and still be in Texas.”

2. A Lot of Americans Are Nice

FruitBat676 answered, “A lot of people here are actually pretty nice, financially struggling,  just trying to get by, and strongly object to the government's cruelty. There are some brainwashed extremists, of course, like I'm sure every country has. But overall, we're humans who would love world peace just like anyone else, with the ability to rationalize with compassion.”

3. Make Up Your Minds About Our Military

Redditor fastcat03 answered, “Please stop asking us to be militarily involved in world events and not militarily engaged in world events simultaneously.”

BulloxBaxter elaborated, “That's the most annoying thing. We get involved in the Middle East, and ‘America needs to stop policing the world.' We don't get involved with Ukraine, and ‘America needs to get involved in stopping Russia.' No matter what we do militarily, people get mad.”

4. Water Should Be Free at Restaurants

Go_Blue_ stated, “I remember when I was in Prague, we were out at a restaurant for dinner and a .5L beer was cheaper than a .5L water.”

ReneSmithsonian assured, “I'm in Canada, and it is illegal for places to charge for tap water. And if you ask, they have to provide.”

Another shared, “Fun fact: That's illegal in Germany. Water must be cheaper than the cheapest alcoholic drink.”

Finally, Iychee expressed, “I just got back from Oktoberfest in Munich – 10 euros for a liter of water vs. 12.50 for a liter of beer. It's cheaper but barely, lol.”

5. Animals in Yellowstone Park Will Kill You

Washingtonlass added, “Also, stay on the darn paths. I'm tired of hearing about tourists falling in the pools and dissolving.”

Another replied, ” Some of the springs in Yellowstone will also kill you if you try to swim in them. Just observe from afar.”

Another person added, “They have signs and video boards at every stop for a reason, guys. I know bison looks cool, but he will toss you 20+ feet into the air like nothing.”

Finally, rabid_erica shared, “I watched park staff when they had to shoot a momma because a tourist thought it'd be a great idea to try to pet her calf. I cried.”

6. You're Getting Fat Too

JoeMorgue said, “Y'all are getting fat too. We're not even in the top 10 anymore.

NWbySW added, “Can confirm, I went to a water park in Brazil. They are just as chunky as folks at an American water park.”

Finally, Appleparkfive stated, “Yeah, the Pacific Islands and the Middle East have high obesity rates. Kuwait is above the US. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and others are next to the US in the obesity rate.”

7. We Can't Afford To Travel Internationally

RHess19 shared, “It's not that we don't want to visit other countries – it's that for most Americans, Canada and Mexico are a day or two drive away. Also, paying over $1,000 to get a round-trip ticket overseas isn't something many people can justify buying.”

MultiRachel added, “Also, vacation time is a luxury, and most people can't get a week or two off at a time.”

8. We Drive Cars Because Public Transportation Is Non-existent for Most People

Redditor brokendowndryer elaborated, “I live 10 minutes out in the country from my nearest town and 30-45 minutes from the nearest city. So I have to have a car, or else I'm not getting anywhere.”

MayorSpaghetti agreed, “Not all Americans WANT to be car-dependent. Cities with streetcars often ripped the tracks up to make way for cars. Henry Ford being an American, had an interest in infrastructure, and furthering car dependence had a considerable part to play in how cities/towns were built in America.”

9. Charging for Public Toilet Use Is Weird

PacoMahogany shared, “I was in Vienna earlier this year, and the urinals were free, but every toilet had a charge. I felt terrible the girls all had to ask for change.”

Redditor kirschetorte said, “I'm from a European country that doesn't charge for a natural human need. So I find it weird too.”

Lauris024 agreed, “I'm from a European country that charges for a natural human need. I find it weird too.”

10. Our National Parks Are Breathtaking

TheRoyalWithCheese92 confirmed, “I'm from Ireland, and I went to Yosemite in July. I hiked up to El Capitan and Glacier Point. It was the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. Probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!”

Redditor underground_avenue added, “And a lot larger than most people realize. It's almost impossible in Europe to hike for days without seeing a town or crossing a road.”

MyNameIsRay responded, “We have National Parks bigger than some countries. For example, Luxembourg fits inside the Grand Canyon twice over. Yellowstone is bigger than Azerbaijan. Wrangell-St. Elias in Alaska is bigger than Slovakia.”

What do you think? Did Americans get this right?

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