Inter-Generational Conflict: Unpacking 14 Things Boomers Did That Infuriated Others

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The baby boomer generation, born between 1946 and 1964, has been widely criticized by younger generations for their actions that have led to inequality and economic challenges. 

1. Strong Middle Class

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Boomers grew up with a strong middle class and formed a lot of their opinions around that. However, due to how they've voted it has slowly eradicated the concept of middle class and shifted it downward. 

2. Cheaper Education and Housing

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Boomers also grew up with cheaper education and housing! As a result of their political agenda, they have inadvertently taken that away from the younger generations. 

3. They Took Away Opportunities

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A user comments that boomers grew up in a highly progressive tax and social services system with strong unions, a strong middle class, and affordable education and housing. As they aged, they voted to take all these things away from the younger generations to continue enriching their generation. Now boomers largely blamed younger generations for not being able to prosper the way they did, calling them “lazy and entitled.”

4. They Give Terrible Advice

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Another person replies that they talked poorly about millennials. Someone in the forum claims to have done the calculations and determined that boomers had to work less for more on an extreme level.

Many online had boomer parents who gave terrible advice based on their own experience and now that people are in their 30s, they are sick of hearing it.

5. Reaganomics

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Reagan borrowed from future generations to fuel the economic excesses and “greed is good” lifestyle of the 1980s (i.e., cut taxes, government incomes, and lowered interest rates while increasing military spending and national debts to cover the shortfalls). The bottom line, when you borrow money, you have to pay it back in the future.

6. They Still Live In Their Time

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People online say boomers are in a world that left them long ago but refuse to let go. For instance, a person online states that he is a member of a family-run enterprise, where his father is the founder, and he adamantly refuses to retire and continues working. However, the father declines to interact with clients, grow the business, utilize essential technology, and spend most of his time expressing dissatisfaction with politicians.

7. They Talk Bad About Millennials

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Someone shared that he’s an older millennial raised by two boomers. His biggest issue with boomers is them talking poorly about millennials when they raised us to be this way.

8. They Have the Wrong Expectations

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In addition to what others say, boomers expect the younger generations to act and live the way they did as if “life was simple!”

9. They Are Not Understanding

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A bunch of people share that the main problem is a lot of boomers aren’t acknowledging the frustrations and hardships of being a millennial or Gen-Z.

10. They Sold Industrial Manufacturing Jobs Overseas

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More people online shared that boomers are responsible for shipping all of our industrial manufacturing jobs overseas, which they did for immense profits.

11. They Failed To Save Money

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The next commenter says boomers earned record income levels, generated great wealth, and spurred economic growth. Still, they also spent at record levels, failed to save, and accumulated unprecedented debt.

12. They Created a Housing Crisis for Millennials

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Boomers influenced the housing market by buying homes at affordable prices, creating a demand for larger and more luxurious properties, and holding onto their homes for longer than previous generations, creating a housing bottleneck that has been driving up prices for younger buyers.

13. They Took the Loan

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They took out student loans for themselves or their children but struggled to repay them due to rising education costs, stagnant wages, job losses, health issues, or retirement. The boomers carry the most student loan debt in the US.

14. They Are Still in the Workforce

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A final viewer adds that boomers remained in the workforce for longer than expected due to financial insecurity or personal preference, reducing opportunities for younger workers which has been affecting labor force participation rates.

To many online, the boomer generation's actions have resulted in long-term economic challenges and inequality for younger generations. Acknowledging these issues and working together toward solutions can create a more equitable future for all.

Source: Reddit.

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