12 Little Things Considered Normal That Really Creep People Out

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who did anything that made you nervous or gave you the heebie-jeebies, even though they seemed to believe it was entirely normal? Perhaps it was an extremely touchy friend or someone who disclosed too much personal information too quickly.

These circumstances can be awkward and uncomfortable, but they occur more frequently than you might imagine. In a forum, someone asked, What's something that's considered normal that creeps you out immediately? People had the following to say.

1. Companies Asking For More Information Than Required

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It irritates one respondent when a corporation establishes an ecosystem that demands their home address, credit card number, and birthday only to listen to music or use a software. “Not a shred of my identity is unsold at this point,” they lament.

2. Couches Without Washable Cushion Covers

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Someone finds it odd that most couches do not have washable cushion covers. They likened it to lying on an uncovered mattress with no sheets. If you thought the latter was strange, they believe we should mainstream having washable cushion covers. “I bought a couch with removable and washable cushion coverings for that purpose,” they explain.

3. Baby Instagram Profiles

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Some find it strange that parents create Instagram accounts for their babies and write captions as if the baby is writing them. A second participant expressed security concern, alleging that mischievous people use public-domain images of innocent babies without consequence since parents are uninformed.

4. Taking Pictures Without People's Consent

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A swimming pool care technician describes how their supervisor occasionally complains about them not taking lovely photos of the pool after cleaning it. The issue was that the pictures showed a sparkling clean pool, but they made sure not to capture anyone, child or not, utilizing it. The technicians admit that it creeps them out when someone photographs others without their permission.

5. Team Bonding at Work

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An individual wrote, “Employers rewarding us with an 8 hour staff retreat at work where we are expected to share personal info with each other all day.” Staff bonding that veered too close to intrusiveness, such as “showing everyone the last photo you took on your phone,” prompted more employees to express their unhappiness.

6. Pet Alarms

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A few people on the forum complain about their cats and dogs giving them the chills by raising alarms or being overly vigilant. One individual states, “When I hear something fall from the other room and I see my only two cats are near me, I clench up.”

7. Peeping People

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It is not just discourteous but also creepy When people come to a door and knock or ring the bell and then peer in the window. The right thing is to wait for a response and leave if you don't get one. I still wonder what the peering achieves. No one will come out if they don't want to see you.

8. Creepy Glass Doors on The Flip Side

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On the other hand, someone finds it creepy when people have glass doors that reveal the entire space behind the door. They despise the feeling of being watched within your home. It has an exhibitionist aspect about it.

9. Constant Fake Happiness at Work

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Some folks get the creeps when everyone is perpetually smiling at work. According to the replies, several employees admit to faking being happy at work to boost their spirits at the office. And It's not hard to see why! “We work too much of our lives to not find a way to enjoy it.”

10. Family Channels

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“Imagine having to live your entire life on camera, with little to no privacy without being able to consent for it,” someone asks in dismay. They imagine how miserable it must be, especially for the kids drawn into such a lifestyle.

11. Prolonged Eye Contact

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The majority of people can relate to this. It is difficult not to feel uncomfortable when someone stares “into” you. Somebody relates a date with a man who asked her if she was autistic because she kept averting her gaze. However, she felt as though he was going to absorb her with his gaze.

12. Giving Unsolicited Departure Hugs

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One woman says she despises the constant need to greet and farewell everyone outside of work with a hug. High fives and firm handshakes were cited as potential alternatives. In particular for those they have never shown any interest in touching. Hugs shouldn't be mandatory.

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