10 Weird Things Foreigners Think Every American Has in Their House

As an American, curiosity brought me into a wonderfully delightful thread of Non-Americans responding to this question, “Non-Americans, what do you think every American person has in their house?” Here are the best responses.

10. A Garage Fridge


“A garage fridge filled with beer and frozen boxes of food from Costco,” said one commenter. “Been fighting my non-American spouse to get a garage fridge. Or get a nice new fridge and an old one demoted to the garage,” a second commenter shared. A third said, “guilty as charged, and a garage freezer full of food from Costco too.”

9. Mountain of Pillows on Beds


“I'm convinced almost every American has a mountain of pillows on their bed,” one user stated. “Not a mountain but perhaps a small hill,” an American joked. Another added, “And our couches, too,” before a fourth commenter agreed, “Yup! Need back support, neck support, side support.”

8. Laundry Dryer


One Redditor stated, “Laundry dryer. Almost everyone dries their laundry on a wire outside in my country, so the concept of a dryer is baffling to me. I only see them in American movies and shows. Do the majority of you have it or not?”

“Most of us either have it or have access to one, such as a shared laundry room in an apartment complex. We also have laundromats. It's a room with a dozen quarters-operated washers and dryers. Almost no one, and no one I know, uses a clothesline to dry clothes,” a Michigander (American) answered.

7. Air Conditioning


“I think this is where the size of the U.S. comes in. Some areas would seem uninhabitable without air conditioning. But in some places, you wouldn't need one,” an American responded. “Yeah, definitely, but not just AC. Central heating too. So cold air in summer and hot air in winter. Worth it, especially if you have a larger place,” another replied.

6. Plastic Bags


One American replied, “A plastic bag filled with plastic bags. However, many stores are going plastic bag-free lately, depending on your state.” Another asked, “Do people in other countries not keep a plastic bag full of plastic bags?”

Finally, a Non-American responded, “No. We keep reusable bags inside a more oversized reusable bag.” Naturally, many other countries still have plastics, and people were quick to point fingers.

5. Garbage Disposals

garbage disposal

One person nominated, “That garbage disposal thing I always see in shows and movies.” “Bingo. Watch the Seinfeld episode where Kramer installs one in his shower for an extreme take. S9E9 – “The Apology,” a second commenter said. 

You know what? It scared and surprised me. America is where you can win a lawsuit after putting an explosive substance in a microwave because the warning letter didn't specifically say not to put explosives in the microwave. Yet somehow, they have put high-velocity sharp blades in their sinks.”

4. A Sofa Facing a Studio Audience


A Non-American answered, “A sofa that faces a studio audience.” “You've made me realize that the 4th wall is usually where the family's TV is, so we're looking through a TV portal at them… AND THEY, US?, replied an American.”

“What? No. The 4th wall is the 4th wall. When watching a TV show, they have three walls of the set, and the 4th wall is the camera/audience,” a user responded. “That's why most Americans don't acknowledge the existence of the rest of the world. We're the fourth wall,” another American suggested.

3. Ranch Dressing


“As an American, I was expecting guns, but ranch dressing hurt for some reason,” a Redditor commented. Many people discussed the possibility of American food as bland and needing the ranch for flavor.

Canadians weighed in about how they enjoy dipping pizza in ranch. However, one user argued, “The city of Buffalo, New York, disagrees. They only believe in Blue Cheese.”

2. Multiple Types of Weird Sauces

fridge full of sauces

“They take up 1/4 of my fridge. I didn't realize this is weird,” an American responded. “So many sauces. An entire refrigerator door with condiments,” another replied. Many other people weighed in, saying, “It's because we cook different foods from around the world, so we need them all.” Another joked, “I hope that doesn't become cultural appropriation. I'd have nothing left to eat.”

1. Peanut Butter


An American asked, “Do Europeans not like peanut butter? I assume it's sweeter over here because I watched a video of Europeans trying PB and jelly sandwiches, and none of them liked it.”

“It's available but not something everyone would have in their cupboards. I associate a PB&J sarnie (sandwich) as part of U.S. culture and grilled cheese, smashing sandwiches, to be fair. I'm partial to both,” a Non-American replied.

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