10 Ridiculous Things From Movies That Absolutely Never Happen in Real Life

What happens in movies that never do in real life? I'll go first. No one can be shot at 1000 times without being hit with a bullet. It's one of the most obnoxious parts of action films, especially in closed quarters. Yet, somehow, the good guy always escapes the barrage of bullets or gets away with a superficial wound. Here are some other “Yeah right” things about movies that were noted in a popular online entertainment forum.

1. Turning on The Lamp for Phone Calls

Have you ever noticed how often someone turns a lamp on before answering late-night phone calls in films? Neither had I. But it's the number one answer, and now I can't unsee it.

While some moviegoers suggest they no longer have landlines and their cell phones light up enough, others argue landlines are uncommon in bedrooms. Nonetheless, everyone agrees that when you are suddenly awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call, you're unlikely to turn a lamp on before answering it.

2. Breakfast Spreads

Why are there always magnificent breakfast spreads on the table in movies when the character is only going to take a sip from their glass of orange juice before running out the door? It doesn't go unnoticed. Film audiences are baffled with one fan clarifying, “And that orange juice always comes from a glass carafe, never the plastic bottle from the grocery store.”

3. No Hearing Protection

This one drives my veteran husband, berzerk. You can't shoot a gun without proper ear protection unless you plan to enjoy ringing ears and risk hearing loss. However, that reality doesn't prevent Hollywood from playing up that scenario. Also, there's never any smoke from the weapons in the enclosed space in the room.

4. Unlimited Ammo

There are several inaccurate portrayals of handling firearms in films, including this ridiculous one of never running out of ammo. In what world do you not need to stop and reload? Also, I don't know if this is inaccurate, but who counts bullets? How do these people always know how many bullets the other person has left when there's been nothing but gunfire without protective earplugs for minutes? I don't buy it.

5. Head Hits

Another common film theme is the old bonk on the back of the head. It always is a convenient knockout with severe repercussions. You will have a concussion if you are hit hard enough to be rendered unconscious.

There is also a pretty good chance of that killing you. One notes, “In real life, if a concussive knockout lasts more than ten minutes, some serious, often life-threatening head trauma is involved.”

6. The 1 on 5 People Fight Scenes

The idea that one man can take on five bad guys all at once and emerge as victor is too much for these moviegoers to entertain. One says, “And they never attack all at once.” Instead, everyone waits for their turn. As if this wasn't humorous enough, others note that it's even more absurd when it's a 100-pound woman annihilating a group of men. I concur. But it sure is entertaining.

7. Romantic Airport Scenes

Perhaps pre-9/11, there was a chance of this happening, but post-9/11, ain't no way, no how. As one puts it, running through the airport to prevent the love of your life from boarding a plane is unrealistic unless the romantic gesture you're attempting to make involves “getting tackled by airport security.”

8. Front Row Parking

Why is it that in every film and television show, the driver has a parking spot front and center to wherever they are going? One suggests they like to imagine that the main character has circled the lot for a significant 45 minutes before finding the front-row miracle.

9. Full Face of Makeup

It's an unrealistic wake-up for every woman in film and television when they awaken with a full face of perfect makeup and hair. And yet, they always do. Not a smear. I'm sorry. But I've fallen asleep with makeup on it. You wake up with what my mother affectionately referred to as “raccoon eyes.”

10. Minimum Wage Ballers

Finally, people called out these minimum wage employees with fancy 5000-foot lofts in New York City—their expensive cars, ridiculously costly wardrobes, and full refrigerators.

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