12 Big Things Men Learned After They Started Dating Women

As a woman, I admit we're a bit of a puzzle. The journey of getting to know us and figuring out who we are is filled with many pleasant surprises. A community of men was discussing these surprises, and they came up with an interesting list.

1. Love Is Not Enough

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We tend to think that love is all it takes to make a relationship work, but several men disagree. Both of you may be great people who love each other truly but have incompatible lifestyles. For example, one partner could want a child-free home while the other wants kids.

2. Women Love Cuddling

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A commenter says women use cuddling to suck all the warmth out of men’s bodies. They'll always want to hug you to heat their bodies.

3. Hairless Legs

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Are you a woolly mammoth who needs to shave every other week? Someone states that he's often shocked at how soft women's legs are since they don't have excessive hair. When women tell him, “I haven't shaved in like a week, and my leg hair is so long, and my legs aren't smooth,” he assures them, “Unless your legs are like mine, I think they're clean and smooth.”

4. They Decorate Life

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True love rocks. One man admits that a good woman will make a considerable difference in a man’s life. When you find your right partner, you'll know it.

5. Countless Hair Ties

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I always buy a pack of hair ties but can't find any of them after two weeks. The only reasonable explanation is that every household has a hair-tie-eating monster.

Somebody complains about how women have hair ties at every spot. They'll leave one in the shower, countertop, television, and couch cushion, then complain they don't have any.

6. Women Eat

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Am I the only one who doesn't unleash their full appetite on the first date? I don't want to scare anyone off by eating a whole box of pizza by myself. A contributor discloses that most men think women don't eat, but it's just a first date ploy. They pull out the mac and cheese as soon as they get comfortable.

7. They Make Everything Fun

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Have you ever gone out with your girlfriend to get Starbucks? Another man expresses how fun it is to watch his girlfriend prepare for the short trip and talk about random things as they walk. She then orders for both of you and customizes the order in ways you didn't even know you liked it. He gets the most basic drink when he goes alone, and the trip is just another errand.

8. They Use Tons of Toilet Paper

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A married guy with two daughters indicates he has to buy toilet paper at Sam's Club, or they'll run out. During his single days, a four-pack could last him a month.

9. How Much Stuff Women Have

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An individual explains that he has five women's products around his sink. The stuff is ten times more around their sinks, all in gigantic bottles.

10. The Fakeness

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Female and male friendships have different dynamics. As one man puts it, comparison happens a lot in female friendships. Right from appearance to salary, women always compare themselves to their friends. After realizing they were in toxic female friendships, his girlfriend has had to break it off with two of her closest friends.

11. They're Overthinkers

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Women need a couple of days to process their emotions and decide how they feel about a situation. One guy declares that now he knows he will always underestimate how much women overthink.

12. There’s a No-Make up Makeup Look

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Finally, a respondent reveals that the women you don't think wear makeup probably do. One night, he slept over at his girlfriend's and woke up earlier than usual. He found her in the bathroom putting on makeup. Until then, he had no idea she used makeup because she always did a well-done subtle look.

Source: Reddit

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