12 Confessions That Men Will Instantly Reject Women Over

Many single people seek love, but where do people draw the line? In a recent online discussion, men came together to reveal confessions women make that would be a total turn-off for them. From being married to serving time in prison, the reasons range from logical to nonsensical!

The Married Woman

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There's nothing like the soul-crushing feeling men get when they find the woman they are bonding with is married. While a small minority of people see no problem with extramarital relationships, being married is a deal breaker for most men.

The Small Animal Killer

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One man shares a timeless story of realizing he must cut ties with a woman. “She was polite, pretty, had reasonable life goals and whatnot,” he reveals. “It all looked good until she told me that when she has a hard day, she likes to go out in her car and try and run over rabbits late at night. I lost her number right after that!” What a coincidence – I draw the line at “killing small animals,” too!

The Man-Hater

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Many men confess they've encountered seemingly-normal women who will dive into a man-hating diatribe without warning. While this brand of man-bashing is likely a red flag for any average person, most men may search for a woman who will never yell at them – obviously, man-hating women don't fit the bill.

The Adult Content Creator

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Unsurprisingly, finding out that a woman is an adult content creator online is a dealbreaker for countless men. Reasons vary by person – some men believe it's immoral, while others don't want the person they're dating to expose themself on the Internet. So even though there's nothing wrong with a person hustling and making money without hurting anyone, being an adult content creator is a flashing red light that says, “Stay away” for many men.

The Super-Religious Woman

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Being religious is typical for men and women in 2023, but when a woman ascends to being “super-religious,” most men choose to avoid pursuing a relationship.

“Super-religious to the point that she claims her man must adopt her religion and conform to her beliefs is something I'm not interested in at all,” says one man. But, of course, he's not wrong — being religious is one thing, but pushing your beliefs onto someone else is on an entirely different level.

The Sick Woman

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While many envision themselves as someone who can be by someone's side until the very end, the vast majority are only interested in this scenario if it comes at the end of a long and fruitful marriage. One of the most prominent turn-offs men discover is that their date only has a few months to live. It's sad but true. (Luckily, this is a scenario that doesn't happen often.)

The Vegan

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A way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and an incompatible palette is reason enough for many men to walk away. “If she's vegan — instant dealbreaker,” admits one man. “If I can't grill steaks for her, I can't date her.”

The Mother

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There's a reason why there are filters on dating apps that let you search by whether or not a person has children – there are men out there (and women, too, to be fair) who have no interest in raising someone else's children. Men aren't shy about politely declining to move forward with a woman once the woman reveals that kids from a previous relationship are part of the package.

The Polyamorous Woman


“Even if she was good with having a monogamous relationship with me, I could not date a polyamorous girl who has done it in the past and believes in it. I'm not sure if that's considered a sexuality or what, but that does not align with my morals whatsoever. I can't see how a couple could truly love each other while sleeping with other people.”

The Depressed Woman

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Avoiding relationships with people suffering from depression isn't a wholly male-centric trait, but most men are not in the market of “saving” anyone. Instead, they're looking for somebody who complements them in every way – a vital piece of the relationship puzzle instead of a part that needs to be whittled down to make it fit.

The Promiscuous Woman

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For some men, they stay away from women who have had – in their eyes – too many partners. “I avoid a woman with many partners,” one man explains. “You don't get to 50 without going out of your way. I've dipped my toe in the ‘I changed and want to live the family life now' pool before and would not recommend it.” But, you know what they say; different strokes for different folks.

The Criminal

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A word of advice to women: If you've served hard time and reveal that fact during a first date, most men will have a “hard time” seeing themselves in a relationship with you. Many people believe that's an unforgivable sin that is impossible to look past – even if you've served your time.

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