Prepare to Facepalm: 15 Things People Actually Brag About

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Have you ever read a social media post and thought, “Why would they brag about that?” You just sit there, dumbfounded, wondering why in the world they would even care to brag about such things. Recently, a popular online forum discussed this strange obsession, and the results will make you cringe!

1. How Long They Spend at Work

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This was the boast that upset the forum more than any other. One poster stated that we shouldn't glorify being overworking. Others pointed out that you may put all these hours in for a company that couldn't care less about you.

2. How Little They Sleep

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It's a brag that often ties in with the overworking element. The forum was not impressed. 

3. Spicy Food Tolerance

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This is quite a common boast, and it has called out one respondent. They feel that out of all the possible brags out there, this is a lighthearted one. 

4. Not Liking Anything Popular

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We all have choices regarding our favorite films and television shows. Nobody has to follow the crowd, but is that something to brag about? The thread finds this irritating, and one commenter was annoyed by a common dislike for Game of Thrones.

5. Liking an Artist Before Everyone Else

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This is a trait that irked many of the posters. One commenter hated those who liked a form of media before other people caught onto it. However, at this stage, I should point out that I was into REM way before anyone else.

6. How Much They Drink

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Forum members were united in their agreement that this is nothing to brag about. Sadly, social media users still think it's cool. 

7. Never Reading a Book

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This does seem an odd thing to brag about, but many do this. As one forum member pointed out, reading isn't even an achievement. 

8. Having a High IQ

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I'm always suspicious of these posts, particularly if the poster has their IQ “confirmed” by a word search game. You shouldn't have to tell anyone you have a higher-than-average IQ: it should be obvious. 

9. High School Sporting Achievements

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It's one thing to be super sporty in high school, but can that be carried forward into adulthood? One person laughed at the braggers who claimed they were great athletes in high school. 

10. Never Changing a Diaper

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A brag that comes exclusively from men, one forum member found this irritating and insulting. 

11. How Smart Their Kids Are

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It's annoying when anyone brags vicariously through their children or grandkids. One commenter is outraged by those who claim their grandchildren are smart even though they haven't started school yet. 

12. Being Related to Genghis Khan

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The poster was not entirely serious. Do people brag about this? 

13. Going Into the Office When Sick

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While one individual hated it when workers bragged about going into the office with a cold, another was far more forceful in their criticism, saying those who came into work while contagious were idiotic. 

14. Bad Driving

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Why do some people think it's OK to brag about how fast and dangerous they drive? One forum poster resented having their driving likened to that of a grandma, while others take mountain pass turns super fast and punch it through yellow lights.

15. Doing Good Deeds

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If you've done a good deed, the forum wants you to keep it to yourself. Feeding homeless people, for example, shouldn't be all about you. 

Source: Reddit.

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