15 Things People Start To Enjoy as They Grow Older

Life changes as you get older – and the older you get, the more you enjoy things you didn't appreciate when you were young! Recently, men and women discussed this topic online, coming up with many things people only begin to enjoy later in life.

1. Being Polite for No Reason

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Be polite, compliment a stranger, and generally spread love. Many people confess to doing these things daily because it gives them some happiness. So who cares if some people think that's a little weird?

2. Afternoon Naps

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Nothing is better than a mid-afternoon nap. As someone who is 40, I know this is true. But, for some reason, falling asleep with the sun still shining reinvigorates a person like no other nap can.

3. Mustard

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Count me in as somebody who unabashedly loves the taste of mustard, even though I despised it as a child! “We used to hate when my grandmother put Coleman's mustard in ham sandwiches when we were kids,” reveals one ex-child. “Now, I wouldn't eat ham without mustard.”

4. Going To Bed Early

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People are shocked at how late they stay up early in their lives, and that's a sentiment I can relate to. I'm not ashamed to admit I do not look forward to New Year's Eve celebrations, simply because that means my finely-tuned sleep schedule will be affected.

5. Doing Nothing at All

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Many believe sitting in silence with their brain turned off is the best part of their day. I can't argue with this logic — I wish I could turn my brain off more often!

6. Learning About World History

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There's something about growing older that makes you genuinely appreciate topics like world history. “A few years ago, I hated history classes; I found them boring,” says one man. “Now, I wish I paid attention during those classes.”

7. Turning Down Invitations

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The simple joy of saying “no” means taking control of your life and happiness. Besides, when you reach a certain age, you've experienced most social situations already, making some of them easy to pass up.

8. Gardening

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From a kid's point of view, gardening is a punishment. When you're an adult, on the other hand, gardening is a treat! “Oh man, I love gardening,” confesses one woman. “It's like a never-ending art project that teaches you so much about patience.”

9. Reading

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What's more enjoyable than curling up on the couch or a favorite chair and immersing yourself in another world? While many children love reading, the ability to set aside time out of a busy day to enjoy a good book is an exclusively adult activity.

10. Feeding Birds

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I couldn't care less about birds as a kid. Fast-forward 20 years later, and I'm giddy when I spy a new bird species hanging out on my pack porch. I can't explain it, but countless others report these same bird-centric feelings as they age!

11. Single-Player Video Games

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Playing multiplayer games hits quite differently once you have more pressing matters – like a career, mortgage, and a family – to attend to. “I quit online multiplayer games over ten years ago in favor of single-player games, and it's made video games feel as fun as when I was a kid,” reveals one man. “Made me realize just how toxic online gaming can be and how trolls and griefers take all the fun out of something that is supposed to be just that: fun.”

12. Taking Care of Your Body

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Taking care of your body is necessary as you age, but the more you're in tune with your body, the more you enjoy keeping it running in optimal condition! “Seems like I took it for granted when I was younger because it naturally stayed in shape,” admits one man. “Now I am directly connected with how everything I do affects my body.”

13. Cleaning

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Many people confess that one of the simple joys in their lives is cleaning their house and taking pride in its appearance. After all, it's a nice feeling knowing your home will always be prepared for last-minute visitors.

14. Not Worrying About What Others Think

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There was a point in time for nearly everyone when it mattered what others thought of you. As you get older? Not so much! “I was always very insecure and still am in some ways, but as I've gotten older, I've become more comfortable with who I am,” says one enlightened woman. “So what others might think matters less and less all the time.” Amen to that!

15. Waking up Early

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Waking up with the sun gets easier and easier as you age, and the prospect of being awake before the rest of the world is an enticing proposition. After all, there's no pressure to do anything early in the morning – all you have to do is exist.

Source: Reddit.