12 Little Things People Pretend No One Does Even Though We All Do It

We all have those little quirks and habits that we may not openly admit to but secretly know that everyone does them too. From hiding profanity to picking our noses, here are 12 little things we all do, even though we may pretend otherwise.

1. Hiding Profanity

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We've all been in situations where we want to curse or use profanity, but many people said we refrain from doing so out of politeness or professionalism. Instead, we replace curse words with milder expressions or keep them in our heads to avoid offending others.

2. Picking Nose

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Let's face it; everyone has picked their nose at some point. It's a natural human habit, although not something we usually talk about openly. Whether it's to relieve an itch or to clear our nasal passages, it's a little habit that we all do but often pretend we don't.

3. Reading Messages from the Notification Bar and Pretending We Didn't

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We've all received messages on our phones or other devices that we've read from the notification bar but chose not to respond immediately. According to some users, we pretend we didn't see the message to buy ourselves some time or simply because we're not in the mood to respond right away.

4. Reading Comments/Texts Multiple Times after Sending/Posting Them

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After sending a message or posting something online, we may find ourselves reading it multiple times to make sure we got all the mistakes and see how others are reacting to it. A commenter wrote that it's a common habit that many of us do but often keep to ourselves.

5. Making up Conversations in Our Heads Before Something Important

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Before a big meeting, interview, or meaningful conversation, we may find ourselves rehearsing what we want to say in our heads. A person stated that it's a way to prepare ourselves and boost our confidence, even though we may not openly admit to doing so.

6. Winning Fake Arguments in Our Heads

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Similarly, we may have imaginary arguments in our heads, where we come up with witty comebacks and win the debate. It's a harmless way to blow off steam or feel victorious, even though it's all in our minds.

7. Intrusive Thoughts Making Us Question If We're Secretly Psychopaths

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Sometimes, we may have intrusive or disturbing thoughts entirely out of character, making us question our sanity or morality. However, it's essential to know that intrusive thoughts are common and don't reflect our true character.

8. Farting in Public

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Let's admit it, we've all had that awkward moment when we've accidentally passed gas in public. It's a natural bodily function, but many users wrote that we try to pretend it didn't happen or blame it on something else to save ourselves from embarrassment.

9. Judging Other People

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Whether we like to admit it or not, we all tend to judge others at times. It could be based on their appearance, behavior, or other factors. An individual wrote that it's a human trait, but one that we may not openly acknowledged or discuss.

10. Procrastination

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We've all procrastinated, whether putting off a task or delaying a deadline. It's a common habit that we may only sometimes openly admit to, as it can be seen as unproductive or lazy.

11. Scratching Your Crotch

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According to many individuals, it's another natural bodily function we all do, but one we may not openly talk about or admit to. It's a private thing we keep to ourselves, even though it's common.

12. Telling Small Lies

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A final user commented that whether it's a white lie to spare someone's feelings or a small fib to avoid getting into trouble, we've all told small lies at some point. It could be about our whereabouts, opinions, or even a little exaggeration to make a story more interesting.

These are part of our human nature and are something that we can all relate to. So, the next time you catch yourself doing one of these things, remember you're not alone. We all have our little quirks and it's normal to indulge in these behaviors occasionally. Embrace your human imperfections and enjoy the little things that make us all unique.

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