12 Little Things People Do on Friday To Start Their Weekends Properly

Our weekends often seem to be either too short or too rushed. Making the appropriate start to your weekend can make all the difference. People have recently discussed small habits they have on Fridays to prepare for a pleasant weekend. You'll find inspiration to maximize your weekends, from easy rituals to planning the coming week.

1. Read Only Fridays: IT Department

Read Only Fridays
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The first user states that in the IT world, they have a tradition called “Read Only Fridays.” This means they refrain from making any changes on Fridays to prevent the need to fix things on Saturdays. As for their personal routine, they like to end their Fridays by emailing themselves a list of tasks they are working on or need to complete in the upcoming week. This way, they can clear their mind and feel prepared to start off on a productive note come Monday.

2. Quality Time With Family: Weekly Tradition

Happy Family
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For the second commenter, the Friday night routine involves spending quality time with their two young children. They make beds on the sofas, watch a movie, and enjoy a nice supper. The user cherishes these moments because they know that their children will grow in a few short years, and their priorities will shift. This weekly tradition allows them to create special memories and bond with their kids.

3. Future-Focused Fridays: Preparing for Life Ahead

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Someone prioritize doing things on Friday that will benefit their future selves to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. They wrap up their workday by creating a detailed checklist for Monday and closing all browser tabs to check out mentally. They also do their grocery shopping online, start the laundry, and plan out logistics for any house or family activities for the upcoming weekend.

Although it may feel tiring sometimes, this user finds that doing these little favors for their future self pays off in the long run.

4. Different Routine: Friday in The Restaurant

Cheap Date Night Ideas
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This person's Friday routine differs significantly from most people's. They work in a restaurant and spend Fridays preparing for the weekend surge. They log in, prepare for the surge of diners over the next two days, and work hard to ensure everything runs smoothly. They do not, however, take their days off on the traditional Saturday-Sunday schedule but rather on Tuesdays. On a Tuesday, when most people are back at work, the user observes that others consider them jobless.

5. Pizza, Wine, Love: Friday Night Delight

Female holding piece of pizza on the fork at the restaurant
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A pizza lover mentions their Friday night ritual of having pizza and wine on the deck with their wife. He shares that although the habit or routine is simple, they constantly look forward to it. In fact, they have developed a special ritual for themselves, which includes a song and dance called “Pizza Friday” that they perform when getting ready for the day.

For them, starting their weekend off right with this simple ritual is a way to relax and spend quality time with one another.

6. Friday Finances: Taking Control & Assurances

Financial Responsibility
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Every Friday, a smart and frugal user makes sure to complete their budget, which may seem routine but is important to them. They are paid on Fridays, and reviewing their money gives them the illusion that everything is well for the day. It's a simple chore that gives people a sense of control and assurance about their financial status.

7. The “4 Fs”: Friday Therapy With Friends

Friends Having Fun
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Since March 2020, every Friday has been reserved for the boys, shares another commenter. This user and their friends gather at one of their places and order food or cook together to save some money.

They spend the evening watching silly videos on YouTube, playing games, and catching up on each other's week while discussing their mental health. They call this the “4 Fs”: Family, Fever, Firm, or Festival. It's like a therapy session for this group of boys; whatever is discussed in the circle stays there.

8. Clean on Fridays: Relaxation Ahead

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A person who loves cleaning has a slightly different and unique routine. Their Friday routine involves leaving work early and cleaning their home extra time. They enjoy cleaning and find it relaxing. Mostly by 9 pm, their entire home is spotless, and two sets of laundry are done.

This allows them to have a relaxing weekend without worrying about household chores. After the cleaning is done, they spend quality time with their husband playing games or watching a movie.

9. Busy in Retail Chaos: Friday Success

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Retail industry employees mentally prepare themselves to handle three times the amount of customers they normally deal with. To cope with the increased workload, they get enough rest the night before, have a healthy breakfast, and practice deep breathing exercises to stay calm and focused. Despite the challenges, they find it rewarding to help customers find their desired items and enjoy knowing they've contributed to a successful business day.

10. Coffee Date: Flavorful Midday Boost

Coffee Date
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A coffee lover has a “Fun Coffee Friday” routine where they allow themselves to indulge in flavored coffee with cream and sugar after limiting themselves to black coffee during the week. This minor change in routine is a mood booster that helps them change their mindset and pace during the afternoon wrap-up.

11. Pizza, Music, Joy: Friday Routine

Enjoying Music
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Friday rolls around, and one enthusiastic user proudly proclaims that their weekly tradition is a mouth-watering feast of pizza accompanied by the uplifting beats of “Good Vibrations” by the one and only Marky Mark. They don't elaborate on why this combination is significant to them, but it's clear that it holds some sentimental value.

Perhaps it's a nostalgic reminder of a fun time in their life, or maybe it's just a simple pleasure that brings them joy.

12. Singing Into The Weekend: Friday Bliss

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A lively user cranks Whitney Houston's infectious tune “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” in their car as they drive down Main Street while singing at the top of their lungs. This has been their Friday routine for years. It helps them release the stresses of the workweek and get into the weekend spirit. They find joy in the song's upbeat tempo and infectious lyrics, making it the perfect way to kick off their well-deserved time off.