The Price of Privilege: 14 Things the Wealthy Destroyed For The Rest of Us

Have you ever wondered why some things are so unaffordable? Well, the actions of the rich have played a big part in making them inaccessible to the rest of us. Many accessible resources have become almost exclusive. People talk about some things rich people have managed to destroy for the rest of us poor.

1. The Middle Class

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Several members lament that the middle class was essentially erased by wealthy people, and have sent those within it into financial struggle. 

2. Music Festivals

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Music festivals like Coachella and Burning Man have become social media photo spots, and as a result the prices of pretty much everything have become unaffordable… unless you're rich. 

3. Waterfronts

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Almost every body of water with accessible shorelines is now nearly exclusive. While some contend that public beaches are legally accessible, others argue it's not straightforward. They explain that the wet sand portion of every beach is open to the public. In contrast, dried sand can be privately owned, and some wealthy individuals employ private security to patrol “their” beaches.

4. Housing

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Until recently, the only individuals who purchased homes were those who intended to occupy them. Now wealthy individuals are considering real estate investments. Therefore, wealthy individuals purchase all affordable housing, increasing prices and generating scarcity.

5. Trucks

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Once upon a time, they were modest working-class vehicles for people who needed to be able to do things themselves; now, however, they are all luxury vehicles with enormous profit margins, making them unaffordable for anyone who required them for actual work. A user notes that Finding a decent “work truck” with a long bed and no extra features is nearly impossible. Almost all available vehicles have a crew cab and a limited bed! When what is genuinely required is a truck to transport lumber, not children to soccer practice.

6. Mount Everest

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More affluent people are climbing it, so it's not as adventurous or amazing as it used to be, not to mention how crowded it might be or the litter. Climbing used to be enough for most, but now you must have some sort of record, like being the youngest or thinnest. Another added that alpinists still do Everest. It's still a massive challenge. But Annapurna and K2 on sketchier* routes are taking Everest's place for those wanting to be the best.

7. Skiing

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One person said old-school ski mountains with family vibes used to be a thing. But today, those “ski patrol” movies they watched about big corporations coming in and making them “yuppieville” have become a reality.

8. Colorado

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A Lot of people mentioned how rich people changed Colorado. One individual said they've been “Forever priced” out of their hometown. They have had to move out because they couldn't afford to live there anymore. “I think rich people ruined all mountain towns, to be honest. I left mine after 12 years, even though I had a killer rent deal because I knew it was only going to keep getting worse,” Another said

9. Thrifting

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One person mentions that they have stopped thrifting altogether. Another person claims that they can go to a store and buy a piece of clothing brand new for only $5-$10 more than thrift stores. A third person stopped thrifting when they went to the thrift store and saw a $300 price tag on the most disgusting, stained, and busted couch they'd ever seen in a store. Everything was just so overpriced that there wasn't a point anymore. Similarly, dusty antique stores used to be fun. Now they are in antique “malls,” and “sterile,” one person discloses.

10. Concerts and Sporting Events

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One individual complained that even NASCAR tickets are expensive, noting that basketball tickets are three times more costly than pre-pandemic. Some have stopped attending professional sports because they can only afford cheap seats, which they say are not worth the effort anymore.

11. Pork and Oxtail

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“Why are pork shoulder and oxtail so expensive?” A user laments. It was the part nobody wanted. In response, a second user replied that the food network and food documentarians were responsible for that. Once people started learning how to cook them, they went nuts.

12. Chicken Wings

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Surprisingly, chicken wings with little meat have become pretty pricey. Back in the 70s, someone recalled, the wings were always the last pieces of chicken taken because no one wanted to feast on bones.

13. Brisket

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Another individual notes how unbelievably briskets are selling out fast, so much so that you might have to fill out an application and wait for the store credit department to get back to you. How something that used to be so cheap turned into gourmet! Nobody wanted it 15 years ago, and now many can't afford it.

14. Food Trucks

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This was formerly an inexpensive way to obtain decent meals, but today it's expensive and lacks any restaurant benefits. Not to mention, when they hand you food from a window, they all anticipate a 20% tip.

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