You Won’t Believe Which Taboos Are Actually Good for You

Society plays a major role in the shaping of individuals, inspiring everything about them, including the morals/values they live by. It is the same individuals that makeup society, with a tendency to impose rules and standards on everyone.

Without prejudice, some things collectively considered bad may not be. And lately, especially with the uprising of woke culture, more people are speaking up against traditional methods and ways of thinking. A Redditor asked, “What is something society considers to be bad but really isn’t?”

These are Reddit top picks.

1. Admitting You Don't Know Something

Admitting you don't know something is never a bad idea. It saves one from a lot of confusion and misfortune that may follow the wrong action/decision.

“As a former retail manager, this is huge. We always trained our staff to say they don’t know something but say let’s find out by asking the senior staff or Google it to find the answer,” a Redditor shared.

Another posed a different approach. “TBH, saying “I’ll find out” is helpful as a sales technique. Customers often build trust with someone saying this as opposed to ‘I don’t know', which seems to signal they’ve given up.”

2. Failing

According to u/EldritchKoala, “Failing does not mean you are a failure. Just means you tried something and it didn't work out right. It is very possible that ‘Those who never failed also never tried' is true.”

On a different note, someone implied that failure is not always a function of virtuosity — or the lack of it. They said, “It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life.”

3. Making Mistakes

Many people fear making mistakes because of their upbringing or a strict boss or their expectations of them.

u/Taco-Dragon knows the feeling. They wrote about how much they've messed up in their lives, but they've, “learned from it, grown, and become a better person than I would have been if I'd never made those poor choices. Making mistakes isn't bad, choosing to not learn from them is.”

4. Having Disagreements

During disagreements, one may bite their tongue or even avoid expressing their true opinion to avoid offending the other person — especially a friend. But there are ways to objectively disagree without affecting relationships.

u/iglidante shared their opinion on this. “You can dislike something a friend loves without telling them they have s–t taste, or that the thing they love is garbage. You can joke with a friend for liking a ‘dumb' thing without actually hurting their feelings.

You just have to actually care about the way your words make the people around you feel, and not expect your relationships with people to ride in a completely separate layer from your conduct with people.”

5. Doing Things Alone

Solo activities can be very fun to engage in. However, people often see a problem with a person choosing to do things without someone to enjoy the experience with.

u/YourMomGiselle said it should be “pretty normal.”

“I believe it should be something pretty normal,” they wrote. “I love eating alone, just enjoying life in its most subtle state with myself, pooled in thoughts that could untangle the mess that composes me for a part of the day, at least. Embracing this mentality is self-healing and I enjoy it to the fullest.”

6. Enjoying Free Time

There's a reason it's called “free time.”

“I work and have chores. When I don't have those things, I don't feel like hiking or scuba diving or anything.

I want to do nothing. Leave me alone,” u/Val_Hallen said.

7. Changing Your Opinion

“We're all often wrong and having the ability to change your mind in response to new information or perspective is not the same as indecision or hypocrisy,” u/Chimpville posted.

8. Being Civil to People You Dislike

It may be hard to conceal your true emotions about someone you dislike and may be perceived as one being inauthentic, but users agree it is the right thing to do.

“A lot of people are quick to call you “fake” if you're polite to those you dislike.

It's not being fake, it's being civil,” one shared.

9. Not Participating in Hustle Culture

Hustle culture is one that seems to be sparking a lot of controversies lately. u/skatmanjoe said, “The 8-hour workday was invented for blue-collar jobs. All the studies show that knowledge workers are productive only for 3-4 hours a day.

What's worse is how unnatural all this is for human beings. Watching how apes behave all day or reading about hunter-gatherers should give a clue how much we have enslaved ourselves to the culture of work and production.”

10. Poverty

u/AnastasiaFrid explained this: “Have you noticed how most people treat those who make little money? Yes, there are some hard-core slackers who don't want to work, but most people work their asses off to make a living, and it's not because of laziness, but because of social or health reasons. It is worth remembering that one day you make fun of the poor, and the next day you are begging for your own bread. Be kind!”

Source: Reddit.

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