The Downfall of the Good Old Days: 10 Things That Have Lost Their Shine

Can you think of anything that used to be much better than it is today? I can – the Mc. Rib, for one, pickles? What were they thinking? Nonetheless, recently someone asked, “What isn't as good as it used to be?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Christmas

christmas tree

“Christmas. It doesn't help that stores start putting up Christmas items in October. By the time December rolls around, I'm so sick of it already,” admitted one user. Another agreed, “As an adult, we look forward to it being over with already. Feeling the pressure to buy gifts sucks. Somewhere between 25 and 30, it loses the magic it once had growing up.”

2. Entenmann's Desserts

coffee cake

“Entenmann's Desserts,” one suggested, “Their coffee cake used to be so good.” Another shared, “They were bought out years ago. Same with Stella Doro cookies – bought by Nabisco and started using all artificial ingredients.”

3. Home Appliances


Someone stated, “Home appliances designed to fail every five to ten years with the repair being unfeasible.” Another added, “Kitchen appliances. They used to last 20 years or more. Now you are lucky to get seven or eight.”

4. Toys


“Toys – most are plastic pieces of trash that fall apart after a week of use. Don't get me started on how EVERY girl's toy plays music now and needs batteries weekly,” shared one user.

Another argued, “I think there are more cheap toys available now, but you can also get more quality toys if you look and are willing to pay more. Unfortunately, good toys can be expensive, so everyone ignores them, and most stores stock cheap stuff. Just look at the price of Legos.”

5. Cable TV

cable TV

One person expressed, “Cable television. Back in the eighties and nineties, it was awesome! I remember at around ten o'clock or so, on Disney Channel, they had Vault Disney, and you got to watch all the Wonderful old World of Disney shows like Davy Crockett and the old movies.”

“Nickelodeon played excellent shows like Salute Your Shorts, Wild and Crazy Kids, and Double Dare; they even had Nick at Nite, where you could watch The MonkeesBrady Bunch, and I Love Lucy. MTV used to PLAY MUSIC! Now, most channels are just one big marathon of Law and Order episodes.” 

6. Music

music records

“At the risk of sounding like some stereotypical boomer, music. Most music in the top charts in the West is just trash nowadays,” claimed one person. Another added, “Couldn't agree more. There is still some good modern-day music, but it's like a treasure. You have to dig in to find it.”

7. McDonald's

mcdonalds MSN
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“I came to say this too,” one person said, “I went last night for the first time in many years. The fries were terrible. The burgers were bland and inedible. Two bites and I threw it all in the garbage.” Others mentioned that changing the oil to vegan ruined the fries and that the chicken nugget breading is garbage by comparison.

8. The Internet

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“The internet. It used to be a fun and novel thing, but now it's spilled over into every moment of every day, says the man typing this into his pocket internet device,” a user confessed.

Then they quoted Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator, “We have developed speed but shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little.” 

9. Electronics

old hoover vacuum

“The life span of electronics,” someone admitted, “I once had a Hoover that lasted nearly 20 years. Nowadays, a new Hoover will only last five years at most.” “Planned obsolescence is very real, and nowadays, is not just based on creating low durability but also in creating a feeling for needing a new version of the same product as soon as possible,” replied another.

10. Clothing

dress fitting designer clothing

One user shared, “Clothing quality has declined,” before another agreed, “That's the truth. I want basics that last. Unfortunately, everything now falls apart within a year. I'd pay more for higher quality, but even more expensive clothes seem poorly made.” Another user mentioned the real damage of excess clothing being trashed.

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