15 Shocking Things People Do in Public That Make Others Uncomfortable

It's a free world that encourages people to be their unique, crazy selves, regardless of what anyone else thinks. However, while one should do the things that please them, there are things they should never do in the company of other people. It doesn't mean one should be less authentic; it just means one should be considerate of others. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

People do shocking things, even in public; some are outrageous enough to make you scream. Among the things people do that make others uncomfortable, folks voted these top 15 as those that need to stop, like right now.

1. Arguing Loudly

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It's never a good look. Could you not do it? If a voice in your head is yelling at you to yell at someone in public, yell back at it. Nobody wants to know all the details about a fight between strangers. Still, they are forced to listen to it when you argue loudly instead of settling amicably like grown folks.

2. The Unholy Spit

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For the love of God, do not spit on the pavement, the street, or somewhere others can see. I mean — why? Discussing with a friend once they asked where they could spit if they couldn't do it on the pavement.

“Swallow it,” I said, and they stared back at me like I suddenly had four eyes. It's your saliva, people. It won't give you cancer, we promise.

3. Recording Videos

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This can seem like a harmless thing to do, but it can make others feel highly uncomfortable. People want to have meals, do grocery shopping, or walk on the street without having a random stranger shove a camera. In the famous words of Ludacris, “get out the way!”

4. Loudspeakers

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We get it; you're obsessed with Usher's new single and want the entire world to love it just as much as you do. But there are other ways to enjoy music than playing it on loudspeakers when there are a thousand headphones in the market, and you probably own a pair at home.

The same goes for making calls on speakers when in public. What are you, trying to cringe everyone out?

5. Coughing Or Sneezing Openly

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No one can resist nature's call to do the number one or two or to cough or sneeze. But there are respectful ways to do this. Always carry a handkerchief or pocket napkin or dab. Asides from the fact it is courteous, it is a healthy practice, too, and curbs the spreading of diseases.

6. Employee Burn

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As a customer, it can be frustrating when things don't go your way. But do not take it out on the employees, especially as things are often out of their control. Seek the manager or someone of higher authority, but don't burn the employees.

7. No Observance Of Space

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Everyone has the right to their personal space — use it. When you can help it in public, try not to stand or sit too close to strangers, as this makes folks uncomfortable. No one wants to feel you breathing down their backs.

8. Mishandling Pets

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Not everyone should be allowed to have pets, as some end up mistreating or abusing them to teach them to be obedient, submissive, or responsible. Animal lives matter, too, and those who are yet to understand this need to stay away from having pets.

9. Bullying Your Kids

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Not someone else's, your kid. There's no reason to do that; people can't stand by and watch it without their hearts breaking into a thousand pieces.

Asking your kid, “Do you see anyone else being stupid?” loud enough for strangers to hear says what a horrible human you are, putting the psychological effects it would have on your kid aside.

10. Kissing

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“Not like a show of affection or a quick kiss,” someone says. “I'm talking about those who look like one may swallow the other person's head if they kept going.”

No, we are not single, bitter souls. Just tone it down a notch, will you?

11. Herds of Bleating Teenagers

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This one may seem trivial but hear us out. High school kids clumped on “bewildered herds of sheep,” blocking off entire walkways and sidewalks is the definition of annoying. People need to get places but can't because a herd of teenagers is causing foot traffic.

12. “Smile”

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Not if I don't want to. It's the 21st century — please, stop forcing people to smile when they don't feel like it. If they felt like smiling, they would need to be told by a random stranger before doing so. Let them experience their different emotions and express them as they see fit.

13. Evangelism

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You may want to spread the gospel to everyone, but some people are not comfortable with a random person approaching them out of the blue to talk to them about their religion. Some preachers even apply pressure when they know someone is uninterested in their message.

14. Walking Shoulder-To-Shoulder

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It's a tiny walkway. I can see that, you can see it, everyone around can see it. So why would you insist on walking shoulder to shoulder with someone, closing off the walkway to others who are forced to walk behind you or jump into the street to cut you off?

Today be the day you change, amen?

15. Staring

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Some people are addicted to staring and would look at someone for minutes if they don't glare at them or give verbal or nonverbal warnings. Staring at people is rude and can make them uncomfortable.

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