15 Social Media Behaviors That Make You Look Desperate For Attention


Social media was invented for attention. Why would we sign on if not to see what other people are doing? However, some social media users take it to a ridiculous level, like that guy who marks himself as “safe from the (terrible natural disaster)” that happened 200 miles from where he lives. Or the woman who posts, “Anyone else notice how bad the smog is? Worried it will damage my new (model of sports car her friends can't afford).” 

Used properly, social media can be great. Unfortunately, its users too often embarrass themselves or maybe even cause harm to others. Members of a popular online forum recently tackled the question “what screams ‘I want attention' on social media?” After scrolling through more than 1,600 comments, we identified 15 of the worst offenders.

1. Using Kids as Props

Mother with child streaming online video of unboxing toys. Influencer occupation, mommy blog
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Social media is crammed with photos and videos of adorable youngsters wearing carefully curated outfits or enjoying a picture-perfect day at the beach. Well, as perfect as a day can be when a parent's phone is always in your face, or when the result is sometimes “embarrassing or inappropriate.” 

2. “Grief” Posts

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Whether mourning the end of a romance or the death of a relative, these social media pros look absolutely stunning. (Fake tears don't mess up your makeup, after all.) The camera angle is perfect, too. Nothing like monetizing your sorrow for clicks, huh? Another commenter said their sister does this when famous people pass away.

3. Public Generosity

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One forum member snarled about people pretending to be charitable just to post their interactions on social media for likes. Another commenter knows someone who gives away money every Christmas, but only if the recipient consents to be filmed for social media. We agree: That's exploitation, not generosity.

4. Posting Yourself Crying

Woman crying with tissue i hand
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Why is the latest influencer on your newsfeed crying? Let us count the reasons! A relative is sick. Poverty exists. They didn't get that promotion. They're having a bad day – leading us to another annoying and attention-seeking trend…

5. Hospital Photos

Woman taking selfie in hospital bed
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The IV in the arm. The hospital wristband. The blurred shot of the medical chart. These photos usually have a cryptic caption but no explanation for what's going on. 

6. Vagueposting

vague posting
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You probably know someone whose Facebook feed includes posts such as “going through a lot” or “every time I try, I fail.” But when well-wishers ask what's wrong, they won't answer. One forum user recalled a co-worker who posted this way and, when called on it, told commenters “that she didn't feel comfortable sharing.” Then why bring it up?

7. “Prank” Videos

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Pranks are getting out of hand these days, with many of them verging into “criminal activity” territory. And how about those jerks who disguise themselves as store mannequins or dress as killer clowns to frighten passersby? You don't know what the people you're pranking have been through, and you never know if your “harmless prank” could lead to a traumatic response. 

8. Nonstop Selfies

Duck Lips Selfie
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Also annoying: Those perfectly filtered photos with captions like, “I look terrible today” or “Why can't anyone date me?” If you want to share, just drop your selfie and go. 

9. Lying About a Relationship

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A friend who privately complains about a significant other may tell a different story on social media. One forum member hates posts about how amazing people's significant others are when the relationships they're in are clearly toxic

10. “Quitting” Social Media

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One forum member does not want to read a post about how someone is tired of social media and is planning on quitting it forever. Except that they invariably come back and continue posting updates. 

11. Capitalizing on Your Special-Needs Kids

Mom and special needs child
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In theory, online platforms can help parents to connect and share resources, and possibly educate non-parents. Unfortunately, way too many just seem to want those sweet, sweet social media “likes,” forum members say. 

12. Virtue Signaling

Young hispanic volunteer couple smiling happy make selfie by the smartphone at charity center.
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Why should we care how much money you give, and wouldn't a true supporter just give without expecting any attention in return? Even worse is “claiming to be pro-everything-that's-trending, but not actually knowing anything about the topic,” another commenter said.

13. Complaining About Fatigue

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One forum user can't stand those who constantly post about how tired they are. Bonus annoyance points for those who use hashtags like #busymomma or #girlboss or #stressedbutblessed. We get it: You're the hardest-working person who ever existed. Excuse us now while we plan your parade route.

14. Pictures of Food

The woman hand is using a mobile phone to take a picture of food on the dining table in the restaurant.
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Say it louder, for those in the back: Strangers don't care about your breakfast, your bento box, or your birthday dessert. Stop with the cupcake selfies, already. P.S. No one cares about your intermittent fasting, either.

15. “Body Positivity” Posts

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You know that friend who always complains about how “fat” they are, or the gym buddy who complains about how much work his abs still need? Too many of these folks pull the same stuff online. 

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