18 Things That Slowly Lose Their Appeal As You Get Older

Getting older is a curious thing. Remember when staying up late felt like a rebellious act or when space-age candy was the ultimate treat? Times change! And if you needed more proof, we checked what some people online think and compiled a list of 18 things that may tickle your fancy now but may not age well.

1. The Five Day Work Week

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Except for the absolute workaholics, barely anyone likes the five-day workweek. It's not like an endless loop of your favorite song that's great at first but gets old quickly. Monday doesn't bring any blues; we're longing for the weekend by Wednesday. And between Friday and the following Monday, the two-day freedom fever feels more like 12 hours. Even young people are getting frustrated with five working days out of seven. And it gets more draining as you get older.

2. Social Media

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Back then, the internet was like the Wild West: unpredictable, free, and full of surprises. Then big businesses rode into town, saw the dollar signs, and now we're roped into their web version. Remember the joy of aimlessly wandering online, discovering hidden treasures without ads popping up? 

3. Being Trendy

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Being on trend is like catching a train that never stops. Today, it's this, tomorrow, it's that. One minute, bell bottoms are all the rage; the next, they're old news. The dance of trying to keep up is a lot of fun when you're young. It's cool to be fashionable, but as you age, you realize real style is timeless.

4. Socializing

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In your 20s, you think the old dude in the forest cabin is odd. By your 50s, he's looking like Einstein. You start to want more solo time, even though you're cool with people of different backgrounds. As you age, it becomes clearer that everyone's just winging it up as they go. However, even if you disconnect from society, just be careful not to lose all your friends/contacts. You don't need to be the most social person to keep a few people in your life.

5. Celebrity Worship

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Celebrity worship is like constantly craving junk food. It's tasty for a moment but lacking real substance. We're often dazzled by stars and put them on pedestals as if they're from another universe. But they're humans like us, navigating the same roller coaster called life. You might still admire and draw inspiration from a celeb in your 40s. Still, you'll also realize we all have a story worth celebrating, famous or not.

6. Gossip

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Gossip is the junk mail of communication. Some find it intriguing, and it's great as a pastime. But it's rarely useful. It's like that catchy tune you can't get out of your head, even if you're not sure you like it. With time, you start to wonder if it serves any real purpose. Life's too short.

7. Leaving The House

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Remember when leaving the house was fun? Eventually, it will start to feel more like an expedition. Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Mask, sanitizer, existential dread of forgetting something? Triple check. Stepping out for many starts to feel like gearing up for an unwanted adventure every time. All that just to get to work or pick the kids up. Most of your friends are busy with life anyway, that's if you have any friends at all.

8. Hangovers

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In case you didn't get the memo, hangovers evolve. In your twenties, it is a morning nuisance; by your thirties, it lingers till lunch, and by forty? It's like the worst part of last night's party refuses to end, and you're stuck with the uninvited aftermath.

9. TV Shows

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TV shows used to be the week's highlight — gathering with family or friends and waiting for the next episode. Now, with binge-worthy series dropping all at once, it's a race against spoilers. The days of anticipation are replaced with an all-night marathon. And many TV lovers feel like TV shows no longer prioritize quality. Every show doesn't have to have a hidden agenda or subtle message.

10. Unnecessary or Excessive Noise

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No one likes noise. But when you're young, blaring car horns, the hum of gadgets, and maybe even jumpy kids may not stop you from having a good time. But as you get older, you won't enjoy being in a place where everyone and everything is trying to hold a solo performance. Whatever happened to soothing silence or the whispers of nature?

11. Big Cities

New York City
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Besides all the dazzling steel and neon, big cities promise dreams, fast-paced life, and endless opportunities. But for the most part, they're like that loud party you can't escape. The constant hustle can be exhilarating, but the noise, crowds, and skyscraper shadows can be exhausting.

12. Ads

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What is more annoying than a pop-up interrupting you? Ads are uninvited guests but are now part of our daily content consumption. They pop up everywhere — while reading an article, watching a video, or scrolling. Some of us remember when browsing was less about being sold to and more about discovering.

13. Soda

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All that bubbly sweetness won't be enticing for too long. And it won't just be because the doctor said to reduce sugar consumption. Maybe it's because you'll no longer enjoy the sugar rush or need all those extra calories. But whatever it was about that carbonated kick that keeps us coming back for more loses its hold on us with age.

14. Politics

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Except you plan to start a political career, the power plays, passionate debates, and clashing ideals won't appeal to you forever. It may start to feel like a never-ending drama series with unexpected plot twists. The key players change, but the game remains. And the majority of us are simply spectators.

15. Responsibility

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Don't take this the wrong way. Adulting piles on a mountain of to-dos: kids, jobs, bills, you name it. The list never shrinks, only grows. And your get-up-and-go might just get up and leave as you age. You're not a child, but you will need much support in those days. 

16. Children

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One netizen shared candidly that children had become quite annoying to them over the years, citing an uptick in bad behavior. This has led to them avoiding places that tend to be overrun with kids, such as the zoo and museums.

17. Holidays

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The holidays are a blast when you're a kid and don't bear the responsibility of organizing get-togethers, cooking, or huge wish lists of gifts to buy. When you're an adult, however, the holidays are full of overwhelming to-do lists and chores. They're not nearly as fun.

18. Fast Food

Fast food yuck

All those greasy “treats” many of us enjoyed in our younger days aren't nearly as appealing now. We'd prefer to avoid them and the resulting indigestion altogether, thank you very much.

Source: Reddit.

Author: Boloere Seibidor


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