16 Things That Were Awesome As A Kid But Stink As An Adult

Growing up is fun, but sometimes, you realize the things you loved as a kid are now the things you hate as an adult. A recent online discussion erupted to deliver this list of childhood things that are no longer amazing.

1. Losing a Tooth

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Losing a tooth as a kid used to feel like winning the lottery, especially if your parents played the tooth fairy game. However, losing a tooth as an adult? Not so much fun.

2. 100 Bucks

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Back in the day, having $100 in your wallet was a game changer. Think of everything you could buy or save for! Nowadays, 100 bucks in your wallet is basically equivalent to one adult dollar. 

3. Summer

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It is used to represent freedom. The school was out, so you could stay up late and hang out with friends all day. As an adult, however, Summer is more of the same, only it's too hot outside.

4. Going to McDonald's

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When you're young, getting a Happy Meal is the best thing in the world.

However, getting McDonald's as an adult means you don't have time for a properly cooked meal, and you're choosing the quickest option possible.

5. Staying Up Late

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Being up past your bedtime used to be no problem. It was almost like a competition to see how late you could stay up. It didn't matter, either, because you'd wake up full of energy even if you slept two hours. Nowadays, it's harder and harder to stay up past 10 p.m.

6. Staying at Home Sick

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Being sick as a kid meant no school, and you got to watch The Price Is Right. It was like winning the lottery, even though you were literally sick. As an adult, you must go to the doctor, pay for medicine, and find ways to make up for the work you miss.

7. Having $100 in Your Bank Account

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Remember when you had $100 as a kid? You felt like the richest person in the world; how was that much money even fathomable? As an adult, having $100 in your bank account means you're struggling financially.

8. Losing a Tooth

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When kids lose their teeth, they get a visit from the Tooth Fairy and even some money for their trouble. When an adult loses their teeth, it's time for a trip to the dentist accompanied by a bill.

9. Waking up in a Different Place

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One person shared, “Not to get sappy, but I used to love when my dad would carry me into my bed after falling asleep in the car or on the couch. I would wake up when he was carrying me but pretend to be asleep. It was such a nice feeling.” As an adult, if you wake up in a different place, you may have done some things you'll regret.

10. Receiving Mail

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As an adult, I don't remember the last time I got mail that wasn't a bill or junk. It's to the point where I actively avoid looking at the mail.

11. Spinning in Circles

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Any parent will tell you that after a short time spinning around with their kids, they realize they can no longer hang out like when they were younger.

12. Having No Job

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Not having a job is lowkey fantastic: you can do whatever you want. You also don't have any money, so maybe it's not as great as we think.

13. Gorging on Candy

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Have you tried to overeat candy as an adult? You get a stomach ache, and heartburn, and feel awful. Adulthood ruined candy!

14. The State Fair

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Two slices of pizza and two sodas? That'll be $35, please. Enjoy the dangerous rides and overpriced games while your kids have all the fun you wish you were having.

15. The Thought of Being an Adult

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Being an adult means doing whatever you want, provided you finished your responsibilities. Work your job, do your laundry, fill your car with gas, buy groceries, clean, and maybe you can have fun.

16. Birthdays

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One person states that they no longer care about their birthday. “I occasionally forget how old I am. The other day I mentioned to my sister about being 37. She had a confused pause, and the conversation went on. It turns out I'm 36.”

Source: Reddit.