Going Through a Relationship Breakup? : 7 Positive Things To Do


Relationship breakups are one of those life events that almost everyone goes through at least once. The causes for this circumstance are subjective and unique to each person, and simply having a heart increases the likelihood of heartbreak.

So, what to do after a breakup? Suppose you're facing a situation like this. In that case, you may want to have activity ideas to help you navigate the wave of emotional struggle like most humans do to thrive in discomfort. 

Breakups are difficult to deal with, whether it's a friendship, a family, or a love relationship. This blog post will explore seven positive things to do after a breakup to feel better and help you move forward.

What To Do After a Relationship Breakup

Breakups can be tricky, and taking care of yourself during this time is essential. While it's natural to feel sad or angry after a relationship breakup, it's also an opportunity to focus on yourself and your well-being. 

Acknowledging these thoughts is the first thing you want to do after breaking up. The goal will never be to avoid what you genuinely feel because, as the saying goes, rain must fall before the sun may shine. 

Our emotional lives try to find a balance in a world of polarities. That's why “although breakups are stressful events, they have the potential to produce positive outcomes.”

According to author Lewandowski in “Promoting positive emotions following relationship dissolution through writing” for The Journal of Positive Psychology,”…research has established that positive emotions can occur following a breakup, particularly when the previous relationship did not expand the self, and when personal growth occurred after the breakup.” 

1. Focus On Self-care

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After a breakup, focusing on yourself and prioritizing self-care is essential. The science behind doing activities out of fun is that it will remind you how significant it is to build a personal space of confidence, love, and comfort, which will help you to feel better about yourself by having some “me” time. 

A list of self-care activities may include: 

  • Dine in a nice restaurant. 
  • Get new clothes. 
  • Thrift books and films. 
  • Have a night out by yourself. 
  • Go on a road trip near your home. 

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  • Walk under the morning sun. 
  • Do a particular skincare night routine. 
  • Dance to music you never hear. 
  • Take a relaxing bath. 
  • Embrace your feelings (or, to say it in a better way: cry a little). 

Setting goals for yourself is a healthy way to move forward after a breakup. It can be helpful to focus on something positive and productive, like a new fitness goal, a career goal, or a little personal project (as little as practicing a new morning routine).

By setting goals and working towards them, you feel more in control of your life and more optimistic about the uncertain future. 

2. Try To Avoid Their Social Media Profiles for a While

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This online relationship platform user believes that “the movies make us think that there's something our exes can tell us that will free us from our mind-prison.” While it could be like this in some relationships, breakups are not recipes that follow the same steps for everyone. 

This belief is like a coping mechanism for a search for answers or peace. That's why a no-contact rule can help you to move on, even if the split was a mutual agreement between the parties involved. 

The power of silence after a breakup does not imply avoiding your ex; instead, it focuses on reconnecting with oneself to reflect on what happened and move ahead. With this awareness, you may add new colors to your relationship painting and find previously unnoticed angles of the situation.

3. Reconnect With a Hobby

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Do you remember when you were a kid? Playful games kept you busy (not avoidant!) while you learned something new, thanks to your imagination. When you create something with your hands, whether it's a recipe, a painting, a sport, or a meditation activity, you're reconnecting with a part of yourself that your younger self has cherished forever. 

Engaging in hobbies will also help you to discover new passions, learn new skills, and connect with others. In today's fast-paced world, it's essential to take the time to prioritize your pastimes and make time for the things that bring us joy after feeling down.

“Leisure activities (e.g., vacations, siestas, coffee breaks) may serve as “breathers” that provide a chance to take a break, engage in a pleasurable diversionary activity, and consequently induce positive emotions and reduce stress,” researchers suggest, “enjoyable activities may also act as “restorers” that facilitate the individual's recovery from stress by replenishing damaged or depleted resources.” 

4. Keep Contact With Your Loved Ones

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When going through a breakup, isolating yourself and withdrawing from others can be easy. Don't be afraid to reach out to loved ones for comfort and support. The power of a kind word or a simple gesture can go a long way in maintaining your relationships alive. 

Sometimes just having someone to talk to can make all the difference during a rupture. It could be a weekly phone call, a monthly video chat, a small gesture like sending a thoughtful message, or even just liking a post on social media. It will be enough to strengthen your bonds and make you feel supported by your loved ones. 

Your heart is crushed today, but being in touch with those who love you reminds you that you're not alone in this challenging time; even though a breakup is your suffering, you don't have to walk through this emotional journey alone.

Strong relationships with family and friends contribute to a sense of intimacy and fulfillment because showing your care for others in your life will result in the same kindness being returned to you. 

5. Give Yourself The Chance To Meet New People

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How to reconnect after a relationship break? The best trick to meeting new people is joining a club or organization that interests you. Whether it's a sports team, book club, or volunteer group, you'll be able to connect with people who share your passions and hobbies.

This shared interest is a great conversation starter, don't be hesitant to express your ideas and desires – it's an excellent opportunity to bond with someone through a mutual mindset.

If you're feeling like stepping out of your comfort zone, you can even try to attend events or activities that you wouldn't usually go to most of the time or dare to start conversations with people you encounter daily. 

Remember that everyone is in the same boat – most people are happy to meet up and make connections. Remember to be patient and creative – you never know who you might meet and what kind of unique opportunities and friendships could come from meeting new people! 

6. Journal

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“Early theoretical work suggested that expressive writing produced physiological release, thus reducing health risks and physiological strain associated with prolonged inhibition of the desire to disclose.”

As referenced in Mending Broken Hearts: Effects of Expressive Writing on Mood, Cognitive Processing, Social Adjustment, and Health Following a Relationship Breakup, “Writing also might facilitate organizing the event into a coherent narrative or story, which allows new perspectives, problem definitions, or coping strategies to emerge,” researchers discuss. 

Journaling is a helpful tool that can positively impact your mental health and well-being; all you need is a notebook, a pen, and a few minutes each day to write down your thoughts and feelings regarding your breakup.

As you train your brain to be more aware of what you're experiencing, you'll be able to detect patterns in your thinking and behavior that may be holding you back. If possible, you can reinterpret the split more positively. 

7. Ask for Professional Help

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It could be because of the fast-paced environment generated by social media, but emotions, including painful ones, have a suggested deadline in today's culture. It's common to believe that if you don't “notice” significant progress after a few months of attempting to move on, then something must be wrong with you. 

This is far away from reality. 

Don't try to suppress your feelings or rush the healing process. Everyone has their timeline for recovering, so be patient with yourself. We forget that grief follows its path, and things unfold how they're meant to be.

If you think that seeking professional support may be helpful to your process, it is time to meet with a qualified psychotherapist (especially if you want to learn how to move on after a breakup when you're still in love.)

Breakups are not easy for many people, but with time and new coping strategies that remind you to be kind to yourself and take things one day at a time, you can get through it. It hurts today, but it will get better tomorrow (and you will begin again.)

Now, after reading all of these positive tips, what do you think are the things not to do after a breakup? Have you regretted one of those things?


What to do after a breakup?

Give yourself time to heal and process the grief. Moving on after a breakup, especially if it was a serious enough relationship, is not always easy, and everyone has their own pace. Remember to cut yourself some slack and take all the time you need to move on.

What not to do after a relationship breakup?

You may feel the urge to constantly check your ex's social media and text them now and then in an effort to “remain friends” after a breakup. But do not underestimate the power of silence after a breakup. Take time and space away from your ex, if possible. This will help you consider the situation without being driven by feelings of longing and loneliness.

Should you go no contact after a breakup?

If possible, going no contact after a difficult breakup is ideal. It gives you time to think and process your feelings about the situation. This way, even if you do end up getting back together, you will do it for the right reasons.

How to move on after a relationship breakup?

It is essential to take things slow and give yourself all the time you need to process and heal. Get the support you need, be it from friends, family, or experienced professionals. Allow yourself to meet new people and explore your individual interests. Again, take it slow and try not to force yourself to move on.

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