The Best Things To Do in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful countries in Central Europe. Prague is the Czech Republic's capital and one of the oldest cities in Europe. There are billions of things to do in Czechia, and not all are in Prague. There are so many beautiful cities in Czechia like Brno and Karlovy Vari with fun, interesting things to do. Here are the best things to do in the Czech Republic. 

The Best Things To Do in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic boat cruise on Vltava river - Best Things To Do in the Czech Republic
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Even though the country is landlocked and doesn't have the sea and beaches, there are many places you can visit and things to do in Bohemia, as Czechia was previously known. Let's go ahead and check out what to do in the Czech Republic without further ado.

1. Admire the Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock, Czech Republic
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This 14th-century masterpiece is a symbol of Prague. Created in 1380 by master craftsman Mikuláš, the clock still works. It is one of the things you must see when visiting the Czech Republic's capital. The clock displays astronomical time, Bohemian time, old German time, and more.

2. Visit the Prague Castle

Prague Castle, Czech Republic
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Another symbol of Prague is The Prague Castle. The castle's history began in the 9th century when a local prince made a fortification on the place where the castle stands today. As time passed, the castle grew; today, it is a landmark of the Czech Republic. It sits on the left bank of the Vltava River.

3. Pet the Dog at Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge, Czech Republic
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Charles Bridge, originally known as Stone Bridge, was constructed in the late 14th century. It was the main bridge in Prague for a long time. Now a pedestrian bridge, Charles Bridge stands over the Vltava River and has many intriguing statues. One of the statues has a bronze dog everyone pets, marking him “A good boy.”

4. Cruise the Vltava River

Vltava River, Czech Republic
Image Credit: European Commission – Audiovisual Service, Attribution/Wiki Commons.

Another of Czech's great attractions is cruising on the Vltava River. The river is relatively calm and is very good for having a drink or dinner on a boat while you look at the magnificent scenery around you. It's an attraction not to be missed.

5. Visit the Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague

Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague
Image Credit: smereka/Shutterstock.

If you are into magic and witchcraft, this place is for you. Alchemy was one of the most wanted skills in the Middle Ages. This museum in Prague lets you know the secrets regarding alchemy and magic that people from that time did or at least tried to do.

6. See the Scary Macocha Abyss

Macocha Gorge, Czech Republic
Image Credit: Roman Kybus/Shutterstock.

Located at the Vilémovice, this is one of Czechia's most beautiful pieces of nature. It is the largest known sinkhole in Central Europe. The deep gorge, deceivingly crystal waters, and the mesmerizing thick forest make this place stunning. The old tale regarding a stepmother and her stepson in this gorge earned it the scary nickname that translates into “The Stepmother Abyss.”

7. See the Not-So-Well-Known Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, Czech Republic
Image Credit: Fotokon/Shutterstock.

Adršpach-Teplice Rocks are located in Adršpach, as the name suggests. While it isn't the most famous attraction in Czechia, it's quite interesting. These unique rock formations are a sight to be seen, and if you are into mountain climbing, you should test your skills on them.

8. The Czech's Capuchin Crypt – For the Brave Ones

Capuchin Crypt, Czech Republic
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Not only Egypt has mummies. The Czech's Capuchin Crypt in Brno is home to several of them. The bodies of the mummified monks lay in the church and are available to see. The bodies weren't mummified on purpose, but rather warm and dry air currents in their coffins prevented the decomposition and mummified the bodies.

9. Go on a Trip to čEský Ráj

Český ráj, Czech Republic, Cesky raj
Image Credit: DavidF Prague/Shutterstock.

Český Ráj, or Bohemian Paradise, is the Czech version of paradise. Czechia is a landlocked country, and while you will not see beaches, you will see beautiful landscapes with interesting rock formations and mesmerizing Bohemian castles. This all awaits you in the Bohemian Paradise.

10. Release Your Inner Child at Sky Walk

Dolní Morava Sky Walk, Czech Republic
Image Credit: The Sky Walk.

Dolní Morava Sky Walk is one of the newest attractions in the Czech Republic. This incredible structure allows people to climb high up in the air and sit on the mesh, looking down on beautiful Bohemian scenery. And the best thing is you can slide to the bottom.

11. Get the Chills at Brno Ossuary

Brno Ossuary, Czech Republic
Image Credit: posztos/Shutterstock.

This creepy place is located in Brno. It was discovered in 2001. The ossuary has over 50,000 human skulls, and it is not a place for people with weak stomachs. The skulls belonged to people who passed for various reasons, and it is said that the yellow skulls belonged to the people who died of cholera, and the ones with the red hue belonged to people who died from plague.

12. Yet Another Creepy Place – The Devil Heads

The Devils Head, Czech Republic
Image Credit: Michaela Jilkova/Shutterstock.

We get it; the Czech Republic tends to be creepy. The Devil Heads is the work of an artist, Vaclav Levy. They were created in the late 1800s, and while they did deform a bit from that time, they are still a very creepy sight to see. The heads are located at Želízy.

13. Behold the Beautiful Pravčická Brána

Pravčická Brána, Czech Republic
Image Credit: Pudelek – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0/Wiki Commons.

The Pravčice Gate is the largest natural bridge in Europe. This mesmerizing stone bridge is over 90 ft long and over 50 ft high. Near the bridge, there is a castle built into a bedrock. The sheer beauty of this place earned it the nickname “The Bohemian Switerzland.”

14. Climb the Spiral Tower

The Spiral Tower, Czech Republic
Image Credit: chrisontour84/Shutterstock.

The Spiral Tower is located in the village of Krasno in the Czech Republic. It was built in the 1930s by the unemployed locals of Krasno. The tower has 120 steps that spiral to the top. The view from the top is beautiful, and it's a great opportunity for landscape photographers to improve their game.

15. Visit the Demons at the Houska Castle

Houska Castle, Czech Republic
Image Credit: lukaszemanphoto/Shutterstock.

Houska Castle is located around 20 miles from Prague in Blatce. It is a castle built in the middle of nowhere, with no strategic importance whatsoever. The randomness of this castle spread, and so did the rumors. It is said that this castle was built on top of a portal to the underworld so the demons could be trapped below it.

16. More Passed People – Klatovy Catacomb Mummies

Klatovy Catacomb Mummies
Image Credit: Klatovy Catacombs.

As we said, the old Bohemia is a creepy place. In Klatovy, catacombs contain over 200 bodies of Jesuit priests and local noblemen. Due to intelligent engineering, the bodies were mummified naturally, and they still wore the clothes and jewelry that they had on the day they died.

17. Visit the Spaceship-Looking Hotel Ještěd

Hotel Ještěd, Czech Republic
Image Credit: Peteri/Shutterstock.

Hotel Ještěd is located in Liberec. This interesting structure was built in 1973, and it resembles a UFO. Or at least it resembles what we humans perceive a UFO might look like. We highly recommend climbing to the top of the hotel as you can see the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland.

18. See the Tunnels – Pilsen Historical Underground

Pilsen Historical Underground in Czech Republic where beer was stored
Image Credit: Radoslaw Maciejewski/Shutterstock.


See the tunnels where beer was kept from the 13th century in Bohemia. Explore the extensive network of these tunnels and find out how Pilsners were created and what the tunnels have to do with their creation. The tunnels are located in Pilsen City, as you might have guessed.

19. Pay Your Tributes at the Lidice Children's Monument

Lidice Children's Monument, Czech Republic
Image Credit: Michal Ritter – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0/Wiki Commons.

The Lidice Children monument is dedicated to the children who lost their lives in WW2. The memorial is located in the small village of Lidice, just shy of Prague. The monument contains bronze statues of 82 children.

20. Sleep Tight in a Nuclear Shelter 10-Z

10-Z Bunker Hotel, Czech Republic
Image Credit: 10-Z Bunker.

Do you ever feel that today's hotels all look no substance? Well, if you do, then what better way to have a good and safe night's sleep than to spend your night in a nuclear bunker? Well, if you go to Brno, that's what you can do. Visit the Nuclear Shelter 10-Z, a former Soviet nuclear bunker now turned hotel.

21. Experience the Healing Powers of the Unfinished Gothic Church

The Unfinished Gothic Church, Czech Republic
Image Credit: Photo Nature Travel/Shutterstock.

The Unfinished Gothic Church is located in the Panenský Týnec. The construction stopped in the late 14th century, but the legends didn't stop. This is said to be the holiest and most magical place in the Czech Republic. The foundations are reportedly in the shape of a cross, and whoever comes to this church can be cured of depression and head injuries.

22. Climb the Panská Skála

Panská Skála, Czech Republic
Image Credit: Vojtěch Mikel, CC BY 3.0/Wiki Commons.

Panská Skála sits tightly in Kamenický Šenov. This unique rock formation is true to nature's wonder. It was formed from the basalt rock and rainwater dropping down on its edges. It can be freely climbed, so if you are an adventurer, make sure to try it.

23. Explore the Beer Scene

Czech Republic beer
Image Credit: dimbar76/Shutterstock.

The Czech Republic is famous for its beer. There are so many varieties and brands of beer that you can try while visiting the Czech Republic. We recommend Kozel, Staropramen and Pilsner Urqel.

24. Try Czech Cuisine

Bright and black pudding, sausage on plate, lard and greaves, bread, pork offals, blood, spice and groats, traditonal Czech Republic cuisine, food, eat
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The Czech Republic has some interesting cuisine where everyone can find something they like. If you are into savory food, we recommend Kielbasa. For the lovers of sweet food, we recommend Tvrdlo.

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