50 Things To Get Rid of in the Next 50 Days

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Decluttering your home is a rejuvenating experience that can bring clarity and joy to your life. Over the next 50 days, challenge yourself to let go of items that no longer serve a purpose, don't bring you happiness, or simply clutter your space. This journey is about rediscovering the beauty of simplicity and making room for things that truly matter.

1. Expired Medicines

Man viewing medicine
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Start your decluttering journey by discarding any expired medicines. They take up valuable space and can also be a health hazard. Check the expiration dates and safely dispose of any medicines past their prime.

2. Old Magazines and Newspapers

Man reading newspaper
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It's time to part with those stacks of old magazines and newspapers you've been holding onto. They are likely collecting dust and are rarely revisited. Recycle them and enjoy the newfound space.

3. Unused Cooking Utensils

Pots and Pans
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We all have those kitchen gadgets we thought we’d use but never did. Whether it's a fancy slicer or an avocado pitter, it's time to let it go if it’s not being used regularly. I got rid of my melon baller because when do you ever really take the time to make cute little balls of melon?

4. Worn-Out Shoes

Shoes in Disrepair
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Shoes that are worn out, uncomfortable, or no longer your style should be the next to go. Donate the ones in good condition and discard the rest.

5. Clothes That Don’t Fit

Woman Viewing Clothes Closet
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Clothes that no longer fit, whether too big or too small, can make your wardrobe feel cluttered. Donate these items to make room for clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable.

I struggle with this, as I think maybe I’ll fit into these one day, or maybe I can repurpose the fabric into something new. In reality, I just need to get rid of them.

6. Outdated Electronics

Broken Phone
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Old phones, broken cameras, and outdated gadgets often linger in drawers. Recycle or sell them responsibly. You’ll appreciate the extra drawer space.

7. Unused Gift Cards

Discount Voucher
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Gather all those gift cards you’ve accumulated and haven’t used. Make a plan to use them, sell them online, or give them to someone who will.

8. Duplicate Kitchen Items

Kitchen Utensils
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Do you really need three spatulas or two breadmakers? Keep the best and get rid of the rest. Your kitchen will feel more organized and functional.

9. Old Paint Cans

Paint Cans
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Get rid of old paint cans from previous projects. They take up a lot of space and can be hazardous if not stored properly.

10. Unused Exercise Equipment

Gym Duffel Bag Equipment
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That treadmill or exercise bike that's turned into a clothes hanger? If you’re not using it, sell or donate it. Freeing up this space can be mentally and physically liberating.

I felt much better when I got rid of the old exercise bike, as I no longer felt guilty and like I was failing every time I looked at its dusty, unused saddle poking out from the clothes I draped all over it.

11. Broken Jewelry

Beaded Bracelet Jewelry
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Gather broken chains, mismatched earrings, and damaged bracelets. If you haven't repaired them by now, chances are you won’t. It’s time to let them go.

12. Old Bedding and Linens

Linen Bedding
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Evaluate your linen closet. Keep a set number of sheets and towels you regularly use and are in good condition. Donate or repurpose the rest.

13. Outgrown Children’s Toys

Toys in Storage
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If your kids have outgrown certain toys, it's time to pass them on. Donate to local shelters or family centers to give these toys a new life.

14. Unused Craft Supplies

Craft Supplies
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You can donate craft supplies you haven’t touched in years to schools or community centers. This decluttering will also reignite your creativity by highlighting the materials you actually use.

15. Excess Mugs and Glassware

Glassware Mugs Dishes
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Mugs and glassware tend to accumulate over time. Keep a reasonable number and donate the excess, especially those you never use. Why do we collect so many mugs and glasses and randomly struggle to part with them?

16. Expired Cosmetics and Skincare Products

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Skincare products and cosmetics have a shelf life. Using them beyond this can harm your skin. Discard any expired products to make room for items you actually use.

17. Old Spices

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Spices lose their flavor over time. Toss any that are past their prime and enjoy the fresher taste of your meals with new, vibrant spices. You could even grow your own.

18. Plastic Containers With Missing Lids

Plastic Container Used in Oven
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We all have them – containers without their matching lids. Recycle these to reduce kitchen clutter and make finding the right container easier.

19. Dvds and Cds

CDs CD Cases
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In the age of digital streaming, DVDs and CDs often go unused. Donate them to libraries or sell them online.

20. Old School or Work Papers

Files and Documents
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Sort through old papers, notes, and work documents. Keep only what’s necessary and shred the rest to protect your privacy.

21. Unused or Broken Kitchen Appliances

Waffle Maker
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That ice cream maker or waffle iron gathering dust? If you haven’t used it in the past year, it’s time to find it a new home.

22. Old Greeting Cards

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While some cards hold sentimental value, others can be let go. Keep a few special ones and recycle the rest.

23. Manual and Instruction Booklets

Assembling Furniture Manual
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Most of these are available online. Keep a digital copy if necessary and recycle the physical copies to free up space. The last time I sorted out the “junk” drawer, I found old manuals for appliances I didn’t have anymore.

24. Old Receipts and Bills

Bill Receipt
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Old receipts and bills can be discarded unless needed for tax purposes or warranties. Going forward, try to maintain digital records to reduce paper clutter.

25. Excess Shopping Bags

Black Friday Sale Shopping Bags
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Accumulating shopping bags, whether plastic or reusable, can take up unnecessary space. Keep a few that you regularly use and recycle or donate the rest.

26. Souvenirs From Past Travels

Souvenirs Fridge Magnets
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Keep souvenirs that have significant sentimental value. For the others that don’t spark joy, it’s time to let them go.

27. Excess Decorations

Home Decor
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Seasonal decorations that haven’t been used in years or don’t fit your current style can be donated to make space for decor that aligns with your current tastes.

28. Old Prescription Glasses

Man holding glasses
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Donate old glasses to organizations that refurbish them for those in need. This is a great way to clear space and help someone else.

29. Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets

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Simplify your cooking by getting rid of gadgets you rarely use. This can make cooking more enjoyable and less cluttered.

30. Worn-Out Bath Mats and Rugs

Bathroom Baby and Mother
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Replace any bath mats or rugs that are worn out or no longer fit your decor. They make your space look tired and can also be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

31. Unused Diaries and Planners

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If you have a collection of old diaries or planners that you never used, it's time to let them go. Consider donating them to students or organizations that could put them to good use.

I have a small hoard of empty planner and notebooks that I just don’t use but also, strangely, don’t want to get rid of, “just in case”. Don’t be like me!

32. Old Prescription Bottles

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Gather any empty or outdated prescription bottles. Many pharmacies offer recycling programs for these, helping you declutter while being environmentally responsible.

33. Overdue Library Books

Stack of books
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Return any overdue library books. This clears space in your home and makes the books available for others to enjoy.

34. Excess Office Supplies

Stationery Drawer
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If your home office is cluttered with excess pens, paper, and other supplies, pare it down to what you actually use. Donate the surplus to schools or community centers.

35. Old Pillows

Woman shopping or pillows
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Old pillows can lose their shape and support over time, affecting your sleep quality. Replace them and consider donating the old ones to animal shelters.

36. Unused Luggage

Man with Fragile Luggage
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If you have luggage that’s gathering dust, it's time to sell or donate it. Keeping only the pieces that you regularly use can free up significant space.

37. Excess Gardening Supplies

Gardening tools
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Evaluate your gardening tools and supplies. Keep the essentials and donate or sell what you don’t use to fellow gardening enthusiasts.

38. Unneeded Chargers and Cables

Smart Plugs
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We often accumulate chargers and cables that no longer serve a purpose. Recycle these e-waste items properly to clear space and reduce hazards.

39. Outdated Textbooks

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Textbooks that are outdated or no longer relevant to your field can be sold or donated to libraries or schools.

40. Old Makeup and Beauty Products

Blush On
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Makeup and beauty products have a limited shelf life. Discard any old or unused items to make room for products that you actually use.

41. Broken Furniture

Man fixing chair
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If you have furniture that's broken and beyond repair, it’s time to say goodbye. This can free up space and improve the overall aesthetic of your home.

42. Unused Board Games and Puzzles

Board Game
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Board games and puzzles that no longer interest you or are missing pieces should be next on your decluttering list. Donate them to local community centers or family shelters if they're in good condition. It's time to create space for activities that truly engage you and your family.

43. Extra Blankets and Throws

Torn Quilt
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We often accumulate more blankets and throws than we need

. Keep a few favorites and donate the rest to homeless shelters or animal rescue centers. This declutters your space and brings warmth to others in need.

44. Old Phone Cases

Phone Cases
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That collection of old phone cases for models you no longer own? Let them go. Recycle or donate them if possible. I doubt you’re really that attached to a phone case for a phone you don’t have anymore.

45. Unused Vases

Woman Arranging Flowers
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If you have a collection of vases that rarely see the light of day, choose a few versatile ones to keep and donate the rest. This will make your floral arrangements more special and your storage less cluttered.

46. Excess Cooking Books

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Cooking books that you no longer use or that contain recipes you never try can be passed on. Donate them to libraries or sell them to fellow food enthusiasts.

47. Outdated Calendars

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Old calendars, especially those from previous years, serve no purpose. Recycle them to free up space and keep your workspace current and focused.

48. Excess Pet Supplies

Cat Litter
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Pet supplies that are no longer needed or are excess to your pet's requirements can clutter your space. Donate usable items to local animal shelters to help other pets in need.

49. Unworn Hats and Accessories

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Hats, scarves, and other accessories that you haven’t worn in years can be donated to charity or thrift stores.

50. Miscellaneous Knick-Knacks

Cluttered Storage
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Finally, tackle those miscellaneous knick-knacks that have accumulated over the years. If they don’t bring you joy or have a specific purpose, let them go. Donate, sell, or gift them to streamline your living space.