14 Things Women Promise Will Help You Become The Best Version of Yourself

A group of women online are sharing how they made simple changes that greatly improved their overall well-being and we want to share these tips with you. To have a happy and healthy life, it's essential to prioritize your physical and mental well-being. Small changes can have a big impact on your life.

1. Eating Healthy Foods

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Taking care of our bodies is important and eating healthy foods over processed foods makes us feel better any day of the week. We know it can be hard, but if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

2. Practicing Self Care

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Taking time to get a massage, facial, or pet an animal are ways to get more Oxytocin — the love hormone. Do more of this to feel happy.

3. Daily Walking for Stress Relief

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Women swear by walking. One woman shares how she walks four miles daily while listening to podcasts or music. It gives her time to think.

4. Positive Relationships for Better Mental Health

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Another woman opens up about her conscious effort to seek out positive relationships with emotionally mature and like-minded people instead of just becoming friends with “anyone.” This change has positively impacted their mental health, as they are now surrounded by individuals who encourage them to be their best selves.

5. The Power of a Good Night's Sleep

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Following a sleep plan and getting to bed at a specific hour has improved another woman's quality of life. She stresses the value of getting a good night's sleep, even on the weekends, and how it can significantly impact one's general well-being.

6. Hiking for Physical and Mental Strength

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Camping, multi-day walks, and having to survive in the wild while climbing a mountain helped an adventurous soul to develop both physical and mental fortitude. As a result, she shares how she learned to be unconcerned with what other people think of her when she is filthy, sweaty, and stinky. She has also developed confidence in her own physique and cooking abilities.

7. Being Kind to Oneself for a Positive Mindset

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Another strong voice chimed in saying constructive self-talk and being gentle to herself have made her a better version of herself. This gal concentrates on the positive aspects of her experiences rather than the negative ones. For instance, she compliments herself for taking on challenging projects and putting herself out there rather than criticizing herself for making mistakes.

Because of this mental shift, she now feels more self-assured and robust in the face of adversity.

8. Martial Arts and Exercises for Self-Confidence

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One self-conscious individual started doing martial arts, eating better, and simply being more active to improve their overall well-being. She shares that despite feeling self-conscious about their height of 6'8″ in the past, they now have higher self-confidence and feel better than ever. She believes that incorporating some form of exercise into your routine can benefit anyone.

9. Healthy Habits After a Burnout

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Somebody experienced burnout during the pandemic and realized they needed to make some lifestyle changes. Previously, a self-described lazy person who didn't exercise used to sleep less than eight hours a night (and smoked). They now walk over 10,000 steps daily and prioritize getting at least eight hours of sleep per night. They also swear by drinking at least two liters of water daily and eating fiber to improve their overall health.

10. Yoga for Physical and Mental Well-Being

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Yoga has been a game-changer for one woman. Initially, she was skeptical but started practicing it as part of a fitness challenge. Even though the challenge is over, she still performs yoga three to four times a week and looks forward to it.

Besides the physical benefits, the routines and breathing techniques have significantly reduced their anxiety and made her a more patient person.

11. Investing in Reciprocal Relationships

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Put your effort where it is reciprocated. This is a hard-learned lesson as one individual shares. They used to put unnecessary effort into relationships where they did not receive the same effort. But now, they have learned to give their effort to those who make an effort toward them. This has gone a long way for them, as they used to be a people pleaser.

12. Starting the Day With a Walk Outside

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Prioritizing getting outside in the morning worked as a game-changer for another commenter. She makes sure to do a 50-minute walk every day before work and listen to relaxing music, podcasts, indie stuff, or simply enjoy the silence. She finds the fresh air invigorating.

13. Gratitude Practice for Peace of Mind

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Another woman says she benefits from focusing on what they have instead of what they lack. It makes them feel grateful and relaxed. They focus on things like their healthy kids, enjoyable work, a cabin in the woods, and positive relationships with family.

14. Work-Life Balance and Social Connection

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Another lady shares she is proud to have established a work-life balance. She emphasizes the importance of connecting with friends, even if it's just doing mundane everyday things together like grocery shopping. The woman believes that staying connected with people is crucial.

Source: Reddit.