Things to Pack for Disney World That Might Not Be On Your List

So you're headed to Walt Disney World- congratulations! After the pixie dust sets in, the first thing on your mind is, what do you pack? Apart from the usual suitcase staples, including pants, shirts, socks, and every Mickey shirt you own, there are items that you probably still need to add to the list. From breath fresheners to keeping your tootsies in tip-top shape, here are 11 things to pack for Disney.

Things To Pack for Disney That You're Probably Forgetting

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom
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Since my daughter was nine years old (now 21), I've been taking my family to Disney parks multiple times yearly. And while I make a mental note of additional items to pack and unpack with each trip, these 11 items have become my suitcase staples. 

1 – Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer
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A small bottle of hand sanitizer is handy if you consider the average number of people visiting Disney World theme parks each year (roughly 58 million) and the amount that undoubtedly doesn't wash their hands after each ride. Yes, I know the folks at Disney sanitize as much as they can, but it's much more rewarding to see that I don't have to run for the bathroom every time I touch a handrail. I suggest getting a bottle with a bag clip or tie so you don't have to reach into it every time you need it.

2 – Sunglasses

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If you like Disney Park stats as much as I do, it could be more astounding that sunglasses are the most lost guest items every day. Additionally, the bright sun will cause you to squint and cause everything from headaches to eye pain. If you have room in your suitcase, take a pair and a spare- just in case. 

3 – A Phone Charger 

Phone charger cords
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Disney parks offer phone charging at every theme park, but if you visit on a high-crowd level day, the charging stations are probably filled. To save time, pop a charging cord and a battery pack in your bag before you leave for the park each morning.

4 – An Extension Cord

Extension Cord
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I'm sure you're thinking, “Wait, an extension cord?” But this item is for something other than the parks – the resort or hotel room. Resort rooms in and around Disney World properties, especially if they still need to be given a recent refurbishment, May not have the number of plugs you and your traveling party need. Pack a small extension cord to save both headaches and hassles, so there are plenty of places to charge tech devices. 

5 – Gum

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Here's another fun Disney parks fact: gum isn't sold anywhere on Disney property. And while the reason is for the sake of cast members not having to clean it up, you'll need to bring your own if you enjoy chewing gum. 

6 – Extra Walking Shoes

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There's plenty of online talk about the best shoes to wear to a Disney park, but my advice to save your feet is to take two pairs of walking shoes and alternate them each day. As a side note, make sure the shoes you take have extra wiggle room, as hot weather makes our feet swell. 

7 – Sunscreen

Beautiful Young woman with sun cream on face. Girl holding sunscreen bottle on the beach. Female in hat applying moisturizing lotion on skin.Skin care. Sun protection. Suntan
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Ok, I'm pulling the mom card here, but in addition to applying sunscreen before you leave for the park each day, make sure you pack some in your Disney park bag as well. I like fast walking (there's no running in the parks!) from shady spot to shady spot when I'm visiting, but for those visitors that love basking in the sun, you'd be surprised how many painful-looking sunburns I see every time I go. Additionally, if you do forget yours, it will cost you a pretty penny if you have to purchase on property. 

8 – Bottled Water

Bottled Water
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If you're planning on road-tripping to Disney World, grab a case of water before leaving it in the car to keep hydrated and save money. Bottled water, if purchased on Disney property, is just as expensive as buying a bottle of soda. Having written that, if you don't like bottled water, you can ask for cups of ice water anywhere fountain drinks are served- one of the best freebies at Disney World!

9 – Personal Fan

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I'm one of those folks that enjoy both cool air on my face while I'm sleeping and white noise to block out unwanted noise. For each Disney World trip, I make sure there's room in my suitcase for a small personal fan that provides both. If you don't necessarily need the air but still want the white noise, download a free fan app- I use mine when it's particularly noisy outside my room.

10 – Epsom Salt Foot Cream

Epsom Salt Foot Cream
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Going right in line with comfortable walking shoes, sometimes there's no way to avoid foot pain and swelling at Disney World. You can either submerge your feet in the tub with ice water or pack Epsom salt foot cream to combat both. I found my bottle at the store for only a couple of dollars. It not only provides a good foot massage when you're applying it, but it does help with sore, achy feet. 

11 – My Own Pillow

Neck Pillow, Travel, Airplane, Sleep, Rest, Comfort, Inflatable
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I have to sleep with a very thin, flat pillow for personal reasons. Sadly, most resorts like to offer the guests the hard fluffy type, which is a big no-no if you have head and neck issues. So I don't have to worry about what kind of pillow I will get when I check in, I always take my own. And so I don't forget mine when I'm checking out, I make sure to put it in a brightly colored or patterned case so it sticks out from the rest of the bed.